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Ruby Gloom

The adventures of an eccentric young girl and her offbeat friends living outside of Gloomsville.

Premiered: September 11, 2014

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Last Train to Gloomsville Part 2 Season 2, Episode 14 Jan 13, 2008 $1.99

The train is still running away - Iris is now riding atop the train in daredevil style and Misery's cough continues despite the bag over her head. Ruby is thrown from the train, POE IS STILL MISSING, and there is a mysterious man lurking in the shadows carrying a Poe sized box!!!!. Who will solve the mystery? Will it be our gal RUBY (wearing a stylish trench coat and appearing in black and white). or zee Inspector? (Skull boy, inspired by a baguette has assumed the role of a French inspector.) This adventure unfurls with a nod to Agatha Christie, Film Noir and pretty much every train adventure ever written. The gang is involved in an action packed half hour as they search for their friend Poe, retrieve Doom from the spa, stop the runaway train and get some color back in this film.

Last Train to Gloomsville Part 1 Season 2, Episode 13 Jan 6, 2008 $1.99

Its time to pick up Doom from the Kitty spa. What better excuse to take a "family vacation"? The gang embarks on a relaxing family trip ?( despite Misery's apparent illness and Poe's fear of trains). It promises to be a perfect family vacation full of travel games and fun - even though Frank and Len can't ever find the elusive Wocca Wocca bird (or their seats), Iris can't keep still, Misery's illness is in full throw and Ruby has trouble getting either R of R&R. Things get ramped up when a mammoth Misery sneeze knocks the engineer off the train and they are all at the mercy of a runaway train. Not to mention, as Scaredy points out "Where is Poe"?

Disaster Becomes You Season 2, Episode 12 Dec 30, 2007 $1.99

It's Friday the 13th in Gloomsville. Not only that but it is Friday the 13th with a full moon during the day. This rare event results in a good luck day for Misery, and a series of mishaps for everyone else. As Misery tries to adjust to the presence of good fortune, happy birds, sunshine and sprouting flowers, the others have to be on keen alert or their bad luck will have disastrous results.

I'll Be Home For Misery Season 2, Episode 11 Dec 23, 2007 $1.99

Misery hosts a family reunion and invites all her relatives through the ages. As it turns out, a houseful of Misery's makes for - well, a houseful of Misery, and Mayhem and Mildew (to name a few family members). The gang rally to help Misery make this event a memorable, yet not catastrophic occasion.