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Ruby Gloom

The adventures of an eccentric young girl and her offbeat friends living outside of Gloomsville.

Premiered: September 11, 2014

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Seeing Eye To Eyes Season 1, Episode 24 Sep 23, 2007 $1.99

When Ruby suggests that fearless, thrill-seeking Iris joins forces with fun-loving Mr. Mumbles to build the ultimate amusement park, they look like the ideal ride-making match. That is, until they disagree on what makes for the perfect ride, a "thrill-a-second" roller coaster or a "laugh till-you-stop, funhouse" When their friendly contest almost turns disastrous, then ends in a draw courtesy, it's up to Ruby to prove that Iris and Mumbles did create the ultimate amusement ride. And, that there are actually three "eyes" in team.

Tooth or Dare Season 1, Episode 22 Sep 9, 2007 $1.99

Scaredy Bat is terrified at the prospect of losing his wisdom tooth for fear of losing all his wisdom. He's even more terrified of a scary tooth fairy coming in the night to snatch his tooth. The gang try to convince him things will be okay, and try helping him get rid of the aching tooth. Finally, the tooth comes out and Scaredy is nervous to go to sleep. The tooth fairy does visit that night - but turns out, she's more timid than he is and never wanted to be in the tooth exchange biz to begin with. Eventually the two become fast friends and "Milly" and soon Scaredy helps her to realize that her fairy job really is a worthwhile vocation - and as Milly gets ready to return to her fairy post, she points out that Scaredy couldn't have lost all his wisdom along with his wisdom tooth, because how else would he have been able to help her come to this discovery?

Ruby Cubed Season 1, Episode 13 Jan 7, 2007 $1.99

When Skull Boy thinks he's a descendent of Shakespeare, he spouts his own love sonnets making Iris and Misery instantly crush on him. Skull Boy is embarrassed by the attention (and stalking) and gets Ruby to help him be "less attractive" to the girls. But Iris and Misery misinterpret all this time Ruby and Skull Boy are spending together as "loooove" so think Skull Boy must like the "Ruby type" better. Soon, they dress and act like Ruby and before you know it, Ruby's cubed. Ruby has to find a way to get them to stop being Ruby and start being Iris and Misery again.

Quadro-gloomia Season 1, Episode 9 Dec 10, 2006 $1.99

Frank and Len are writing a rock opera for everyone in the house to star in at the Gloomsville Music Hall. But they experience writer's block and just can't seem to get a handle on the opera's four star characters: Misery, Iris, Doom, and Ruby. Ruby suggests they just need to imagine what its like to be them. You know "get inside their head" more. Frank and Len try this to no avail. But when they slip and bump their heads, they wake up, inside Misery's head, (literally), then Iris's, Doom's and finally, Ruby's. In this crazy dream that shows them what it's really like to be in everyone else's shoes, Frank and Len grow to appreciate the differences in each other. And as a result, when they finally wake up, they're able to write the best rock opera ever.