Route 66

1960, TV Show

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May 04, 1962 Season 2 Episode 28 watch on

Buz attempts to rescue a young woman who gets her foot stuck in the rocks of a Southern California beach, with the high tide coming in.

Two On the House

Apr 20, 1962 Season 2 Episode 27

A young boy pretends to be the target of kidnappers in order to get attention from his business-obsessed father.
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Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn

Apr 12, 1962 Season 2 Episode 26

An international fugitive risks recapture by returning to the U.S. to visit his daughter.
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Even Stones Have Eyes

Mar 30, 1962 Season 2 Episode 24

Buz contemplates taking his own life after a construction accident leaves him without his sight.
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Blues for a Left Foot

Mar 09, 1962 Season 2 Episode 22

Tod helps a dancer and his first love, get a tryout with a major television network.
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Shoulder the Sky My Lad

Mar 02, 1962 Season 2 Episode 21

Tod and Buz come to the aid of a young Jewish boy, who has a crisis of faith after his father is killed in a mugging.
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You Never Had It So Good

Feb 23, 1962 Season 2 Episode 20

As part of a power play, a female executive promotes day-laborer Buz to a high administrative position.
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How Much a Pound Is Albatross?

Feb 09, 1962 Season 2 Episode 18

Free-spirited motorcycle rider Vicki Russell arrives in Tucson and turns it and the lives of Tod and Buz, upside down.
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A Long Piece of Mischief

Jan 19, 1962 Season 2 Episode 15

A rodeo clown nurses a love for a trick rider while fending off sadistic cowboys.
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The Thin White Line

Dec 08, 1961 Season 2 Episode 11

Tod goes on a one-man rampage through Philadelphia after inadvertently drinking a beer spiked with a powerful hallucinogenic drug.
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Some of the People Some of the Time

Dec 01, 1961 Season 2 Episode 10

Tod and Buz work for a fraudulent beauty contest promoter and become hucksters in the process.
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A Bridge Across Five Days

Nov 17, 1961 Season 2 Episode 8

While working at a shipyard, Tod and Buz try to help a woman recently released from Spring Grove State Hospital readjust to normal life.
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Once to Every Man

Oct 27, 1961 Season 2 Episode 6

Tod seems ready to finally settle down and tie the knot with the daughter of a Gloucester, Massachusetts shipyard owner.
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Good Night Sweet Blues

Oct 06, 1961 Season 2 Episode 3

A dying jazz singer enlists Tod and Buz to search out and reunite her old combo.
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Blue Murder

Sep 29, 1961 Season 2 Episode 2

Tod and Buz attempt to recapture a wild horse that apparently killed its new owner.
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