A superior 1960s series about friends Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock driving across the U.S. in a Corvette. Along the way, of course, they encountered and helped plenty of interesting (often troubled) people. Among the guests who appeared were Robert Redford, Alan Alda, Rod Steiger and Ethel Waters (in an Emmy-nominated performance as a dying blues singer). Nelson Riddle composed the series' classic theme. The show was revived unsuccessfully in the summer of 1993.

Guest Stars

Edward Asner
Carl Selman, Custody Officer Peers, Lt. Tegeler, Scully
Lois Smith
Anna, Dana, Drycie Koseloff, Lucy Brown
Nina Foch
Autumn Ely, Lillian, Semantha
Al Lewis
Gym Owner, Joe, Walt
Anne Helm
Janie, Lorre, Sweet Thing
Conrad Nagel
Dr. Claridge, Father Prior, Mr. Pavis
Frank Overton
Cord, Hanson, Peter Graham
Harry Townes
Daniel Wylie, Frank, Jason Palmer
Jack Warden
Adam, Barben, Sandor
Janice Rule
Charlotte Duval, Prudence, Sidney Brookes
Lois Nettleton
Isabel, Jahala West, Susan
Lon Chaney
Colby, Himself, Poppa
Robert Duvall
Arnie, Lee, Roman
Susan Oliver
Claire/Chris, Joan Maslow, Willow
Guy Raymond
Arty, Constable, Monty Knight
Albert Salmi
Aaron Kronberg, Ollie
Beatrice Straight
Elena De Smundo, Kitty Chamberlain
Bert Remsen
Higgy, Police Officer
Betty Field
Maggie Carter, Mrs. Purcell
Crahan Denton
Amos Devereaux, Charley Praeger
Dan Duryea
Jay Leonard Ringsby, Mike McKay
Edward Binns
Donald McTaggart, Durant
Herschel Bernardi
Dr. Arthur Reisman, Gerald War
Lee Marvin
Glenn Ryan, Woody Biggs
Leslie Nielsen
Doc Duncan, Mark Christopher
Marion Ross
Ann, Nora Belden
Martha Scott
Mrs. Watson, Ruth O'Brien
Michael Conrad
Deputy Sam Harris, Jenkins
Mike Kellin
Hannibal, Lt. Calder
Pat Hingle
Frank, Thayer Faxon
Peter Graves
Lee, Peter Hale
Phyllis Hill
Frances Swanson, Mrs. Nickerson
Robert Emhardt
Jackson Harris, Mr. Beale
Susan Kohner
Katy, Midge Pierrepont
Suzanne Pleshette
Blossom, Lotti Montano
Thomas Gomez
Andre Cabateau, Miguel Delgado
Warren Kemmerling
Chief of Police, Fred Capper
Bibi Osterwald
Mrs. Foglesong, Mrs. Hunter
Dick Thies
Deputy Keefer, Waldo
Alan Alda
Doctor Glazer
Chad Everett
Heiss Horgal
Jack Lord
Gabe Johnson
Jane Rose
Lieutenant School
Soupy Sales
Harlan Livingston III
Tom Bosley
Dr. Sumner Klein

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