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Mar 20, 2000 Season 1 Episode 44 watch on Crackle (Free)

At the beginning of a mission, Lt. Razak ignores a standing directive and orders the saturation bombing of a landing zone.


Feb 22, 2000 Season 1 Episode 43

During a drop against a well-defended bug position, Rico's Drop Suit is struck by a plasma blast, knocking him out of his landing trajectory. rescues Rico, just as his air supply runs out.
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Propaganda Machine

Jan 14, 2000 Season 1 Episode 42

Unhappy with the negative news being reported from the field, SICON orders Fed Net reporter Bob Higgins to create a positive, upbeat piece about the war.
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Pluto And Beyond

Sep 17, 1999 Season 1 Episode 41

Fed Net reporter Bob Higgins hosts a half-hour Fed Net news special looking at the first weeks of the war on Pluto and Tophet--focusing on the battles, the bugs, and the heroics of the Roughnecks.
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Spirits of the Departed

Mar 14, 2000 Season 1 Episode 37

The ROUGHNECKS, with RICO as their new Lieutenant, are re-routed to SICON HQ in OAHU to help defend the island against an expected BUG attack.
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Funeral For a Friend

Mar 13, 2000 Season 1 Episode 36

The Roughnecks are being split up.
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Mar 10, 2000 Season 1 Episode 35

When it is discovered that the bugs have a vast network of tunnels and colonies beneath San Francisco, SICON decides the only way to ensure victory is to nuke the city.
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Hide N' seek

Mar 21, 2000 Season 1 Episode 34

SICON officials discover a massive bug mound outside of Buenos Aires. Believing the bugs are mobilizing for another assault on the city, SICON tries to bomb the hill from the air.
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Among Us

Mar 03, 2000 Season 1 Episode 32

SICON forces move into peacetime duty after the Bug Queen and her transport are presumably terminated. But Carl insists the Queen is still alive and here on Earth.
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Mar 17, 2000 Season 1 Episode 31

Dozens of Fleet Ships are hunting for the Bug Queen, after she somehow escaped during the M.I. showdown on Klendathu.
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Feb 28, 2000 Season 1 Episode 30

After a long day of battling Bugs, the Roughnecks are called to a mission briefing only to find themselves in the presence of Sky Marshall Sanchez himself.
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Letters Home

Feb 07, 2000 Season 1 Episode 29

The Roughnecks are facing a "Battle of the Bulge" situation on the Bug home planet of Klendathu. They have been ordered to hold the line against an inevitable (and overwhelming) Bug siege.
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The Mission

Feb 25, 2000 Season 1 Episode 28

While at a temporary camp on Klendathu, the Roughnecks are attacked by a new and dangerous form of arachnid, an IMPOSTER BUG that approximates the size and shape of a human.
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Feb 17, 2000 Season 1 Episode 27

As the squad prepares for the D-Day invasion of the bug home planet of Klendathu, Dizzy receives an official notice from SICON that her brother, Eddie is presumed dead.
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Feb 18, 2000 Season 1 Episode 26

Aboard the Valley Forge on a long trip to their next campaign, the Roughnecks have drawn watch as most of the ship's crew rests in suspended animation.
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