Aliens lived secretly among humans in this sci-fi and soap hybrid set in Roswell, N.M. (the site of a fabled 1947 UFO sighting). The drama focused on three teen aliens who quietly resided in the area. Their secret was jeopardized when Max used his powers to save the life of Liz, a girl he had secretly admired for years. That led Liz to discover the truth about him, his sister Isabel and their friend Michael, endangering all of their lives. Based on books by Melinda Metz.


Former Cast

Colin Hanks
39 Episodes (1999-2001)
Emilie de Ravin
28 Episodes (2000-2002)

Guest Stars

Mary Ellen Trainor
Diane Evans
8 Episodes (2000-2002)
Julie Benz
6 Episodes (1999-2000)
Diane Farr
Amy, Amy Deluca
5 Episodes (1999-2001)
John Doe
Jeff, Jeff Parker
5 Episodes (2000-2002)
Desmond Askew
Brody, Brody Davis
4 Episodes (2000-2001)
Devon Gummersall
Sean, Sean Deluca
4 Episodes (2001-2001)
David Conrad
Agent Pierce, Pierce
3 Episodes (2000-2000)
Steve Hytner
Milton, Milton Ross
3 Episodes (1999-2000)
Adam Rodriguez
Jesse, Jesse Ramirez
3 Episodes (2001-2002)
Gretchen Egolf
Vanessa Whitaker
3 Episodes (2000-2000)
Jack Donner
Clayton Wheeler
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Morgan Fairchild
Meris Wheeler
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Clayne Crawford
Billy Darden
2 Episodes (2001-2002)
Erica Gimpe
Agent Duff
2 Episodes (2001-2001)
Robert Katims
Judge Lewis
2 Episodes (2001-2001)
Ashley Johnson
Eileen Burrows
1 Episode (2002)
Eve Brent
Jane Covendall
1 Episode (2002)
Gavin Fink
Samuel Turner
1 Episode (2001)
Joe Pantoliano
Kal Langley
1 Episode (2001)
Woody Brown
Major Carlson
1 Episode (2002)
Sean O'Bryan
Warren Turner
1 Episode (2001)
Navi Rawat
Shelby Prine
1 Episode (2001)
Nelly Furtado
1 Episode (2001)
Richard McGonagle
Gen. Edward Chambers
1 Episode (2001)
Missi Pyle
Windy Sommers
1 Episode (2001)