Miami pathologist Dr. Rosewood, with a knack for seeing clues others miss, teams up with a Type-A detective to solve crimes.

Rosilla: It’s Complicated
01:02 — Rosie and Villa are at it again! Watch as Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz tease where their relationship is heading this season.
Inside Look
01:27 — Get an inside look at the new medical procedural ROSEWOOD, starring Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz.
Pippy Does Not Want to Talk About Feelings
00:50 — Pippy tries to avoid talking about TMI's situation.
Villa Offers Advice to Her Brother
01:06 — Villa says she was just like her brother so she has advice to offer to him.
Ira's Son Visits the Office
00:46 — Ira, his son, and The Captain all go out to get burgers.
Ira Gets Real in an Interrogation
01:04 — Ira gets feisty in order to pull information.
A Jewelery Store Has Been Robbed
01:17 — The team tries to pull information from the jewelery story owner.
Rosie and Team Open Fire
00:44 — Shots are fired and a car gets blown up as the team tries to take out a suspect.
Pippy Gets Emotional About Rosie's Return
01:15 — The team celebrates Rosie's return.
Your Rosie Thought for the Day: Our Only Regret
00:10 — Eternal optimist Beaumont Rosewood Jr. has some inspirational words for us to live by.
Your Rosie Thought for the Day: You Don’t Smile Much
00:15 — Eternal optimist Beaumont Rosewood Jr. has some inspirational words for us to live by. Always challenge yourself to do new and exciting things.
Naegleria & Neighborhood Watch Trailer
00:48 — Rosewood and Villa go to Little Havana to investigate a vigilante suspected of murder.
A Small Town Murder
00:15 — Rosie, Villa and TMI head to a small town to investigate the murder of its former mayor in the all-new episode, "Calliphoridae & Country Roads."
A Team Building Exercise in the Elevator
00:58 — Villa and her boyfriend get intimate in the elevator.
Rosie Gets Ready for Cuba
00:50 — Rosie gets ready for Cuba like he's getting ready for a vacation.
Earth Day: Morris Chestnut
00:15 — Morris Chestnut shares the benefits of having properly inflated tires.
Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths Trailer
01:20 — A woman's body found frozen solid tests Rosewood and Villa's ability to solve a new kind of cold case. Meanwhile, Villa's brother meets the important (more…)
Radiation & Rough Landings Trailer
00:15 — A female astronaut's death turns into an investigation of the U.S. space program. Meanwhile, Rosewood tries to work around a new health issue and Vill (more…)
Tawnya Surprises Rosie at His Lab
00:32 — Tawnya shows up and asks to talk.
Badges & Bombshells Trailer
00:57 — Rosie and Villa are caught in the middle of an explosive investigation Rosie discovers information that forces him to start his own investigation behi (more…)
Bloodhunt and Beats Trailer
01:08 — Rosewood and Villa are thrust into the underbelly of the everglades when they team up with Hornstock's ex-partner-turned-bounty hunter, Floyd Butters, (more…)
Ballistics & Bffs Trailer
01:01 — Rosewood's partnership with Villa faces an uncertain future when she's paired with a recent transfer to the East Miami PD, with whom she shares a past (more…)
Necrosis And New Beginnings Trailer
01:08 — Rosewood and Villa make it their mission to seek justice for a murder victim who is an ex-con with ties to a Little Haiti gang.
Fireflies And Fidelity Trailer
01:11 — When an unexpected piece of evidence surfaces in the 305, Rosewood and Villa attempt to solve a serious crime involving a very well-off Miami man.
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