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Latest Episode: Roseanne's Nuts: Homeschooling

Sep 09, 2011 Season 1 Episode 14 watch on VUDU (Paid)

When Jenny needs a break from her rambunctious kids, Grandma Roseanne offers to take them off her hands and homeschool them for the day. Having raised four kids of her own, Roseanne assumes it will be a breeze but is in for a rude awakening when things start to get out of hand.

Camping [HD]

Sep 02, 2011 Season 1 Episode 12

Roseanne and family decide to go camping at a local Hawaiian campground, but of course, Roseanne isn't prepared! Roseanne goes home to pick up forgotten supplies, only to confront Jenny about her smoking habit. The mother and daughter get into a heated altercation that brings the two of them down to the ground.
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Weed is Wack [HD]

Aug 24, 2011 Season 1 Episode 10

With a trip back to Los Angeles looming on the horizon, Roseanne is starting to feel the familiar anxiety that has plagued her most of her life. To alleviate the stress, Roseanne visits a doctor who can help her get a medicinal marijuana license in Hawaii.
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Food Truck

Aug 10, 2011 Season 1 Episode 9

Roseanne has long had the dream of taking the surplus food from her farm and donating it to those in need. To make the dream a reality, Roseanne buys a truck, fills it with her fresh vegetables and hits the streets of Hawaii. The only problem: where are the hungry people?
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Roseanne's Nuts: Grannies Night Out

Aug 10, 2011 Season 1 Episode 8

Comedy icons Phyllis Diller and Sandra Bernhard arrive at Roseanne's farm for a "Girls Night Out." The titanic trio drinks, dines and dances the night away, but the hijinks take a toll on Roseanne. The next morning she awakes with a horrible hangover and spends the day looking for a cure.
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The Curse

Jul 13, 2011 Season 1 Episode 2

Roseanne uses farm work to help curb her uncontrollable temper. When Johnny and Jake confront her about it, she places the blame on an age-old curse. So she visits a local spiritual healer to help lift the curse and free her from her anger.
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