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May 20, 1997 Season 9 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

The family talks about their life after winning the lottery, glad that part of their lives is over. They order out for pizza and Roseanne suggests saying grace to thank God that Harris beat the odds and that they're all together. Everyone comes by to welcome Harris home: Bev, Leon, Scott and Nancy. They're all pleased when Leon and Scott announce that they've adopted a threeyear- old Romanian girl, and it's revealed that Becky has just learned she's pregnant but has yet to tell the family. And as the extended family gathers around the kitchen table for take-out food, Roseanne looks at each one of them and reflects.

Fights and Stuff

May 21, 1996 Season 8 Episode 25

Dan returns home from the hospital but Roseanne finds out he's not sticking to the doctor's orders.
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Heart and Soul

May 14, 1996 Season 8 Episode 24

Dan is rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack and Roseanne tries to pull herself together while she's stuck in the waiting room.
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The Wedding

May 07, 1996 Season 8 Episode 23

Darlene and David get married. Dan suffers a heart attack during the ceremony.
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Ballroom Blitz

Apr 30, 1996 Season 8 Episode 22

Bev is smitten with her charismatic ballroom-dance instructor until he starts putting the moves on a newly divorced Jackie. When Jackie agrees to a date with the instructor, jealousy takes hold of Bev.
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Morning Becomes Obnoxious

Apr 09, 1996 Season 8 Episode 21

During a man-on-the-street interview on "Wake Up, Chicago," Roseanne speaks her mind. The producers love her opinionated blue collar outlook so much, they invite her to Chicago to be a guest commentator on the show. But just as she's about to go on the air, a bad case of stage fright overcomes her, and Jackie must come to the rescue with an encouraging, last-minute pep talk.
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Another Mouth to Shut Up

Mar 26, 1996 Season 8 Episode 20

Now that David has a job in Chicago, he and Darlene discuss living together. Then Darlene suggests maybe they should get married...since she's pregnant! Although Dan is very upset, Roseanne takes the news surprisingly well. In fact, she's got it all figured out. Darlene is going to have a baby roughly the same age as her youngest brother, and she's marrying a boy Roseanne and Dan consider to be their "son." That makes the Conners the "white-trashiest" family in all the world!
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Springtime for David

Mar 12, 1996 Season 8 Episode 19

David moves out when he gets a job at a strange local theme park. Soon, David is transformed into "Hans the Hare", a hyperactive and perky park employee. Roseanne steps into action in order to get the real David back.
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Disney World War II, Part 2

Feb 27, 1996 Season 8 Episode 18

Magic, wonder, and whimsy surround the Conner family on their tour of Disney World. The only person not amused is Darlene...until she meets Winnie the Pooh.
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We're Going to Disney World, Part 1

Feb 20, 1996 Season 8 Episode 17

The Conner family decides to throw caution to the wind by spending Dan's last paycheck from the garage on a vacation to Disney World.
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Construction Junction

Feb 13, 1996 Season 8 Episode 16

Dan is torn between the security of his job, and the possibility of making big bucks as part of his friends' construction crew at the new prison being built just outside of town. He turns to Roseanne to help with his decision. David helps an intimidated Jackie set up her new computer, and finds out the next day she hasn't turned it off yet. Jackie's addicted to "surfing the Internet!" Later, it's time for celebration when Dan and the guys learn they've won the bid for the construction job.
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Out of the Past

Feb 06, 1996 Season 8 Episode 15

Scott complains to Roseanne that since they've been married, Leon has become lazy and they have no social life, so Roseanne invites them to Dan's poker party. A visit from Nana Mary and a box of toys from Jackie and Roseanne's childhood leads to reminiscences and accusations. Becky and Darlene cook a birthday dinner for Bev, and she confides that she feels like an outcast in her own family. And conversation at the poker party turns to a debate on whether gays or blacks are more discriminated against.
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The White Sheep of the Family

Jan 09, 1996 Season 8 Episode 13

Bequeathed several hundred dollars from her Aunt Harriet, Roseanne takes the whole Conner clan out for a very fancy dinner. There she learns that D.J. has been willed an even larger legacy, which he's using to buy a trombone to impress a girl in his class! Showing up just in time to share this special dinner with her family, Darlene casually announces she's turned down a thirty-thousand dollar-a-year job in order to finish school. Struggling with feelings of resentment, Dan believes that maybe Darlene is starting to feel superior to her blue collar family.
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The Thrilla Near the Vanilla Extract

Jan 02, 1996 Season 8 Episode 12

Jackie discovers her hidden talent as a salesperson when she and Roseanne take jobs at a grocery store handing out samples. Envious of Jackie's success, Roseanne starts a food fight and the two of them get fired. At home, Dan is miffed when David suggests that Mark isn't a good role model for D.J. David concludes that maybe he should move out of the Conners' home, and much to his surprise, Dan quickly agrees.
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December Bride

Dec 12, 1995 Season 8 Episode 11

A cast full of special guests appear for the campiest, wackiest wedding of the century! Scott is about to marry Leon, even though Leon left him at the altar five years ago, and Roseanne is going to be the wedding coordinator. Enlisting everyone's help, Roseanne creates an outlandish spectacle, and Leon is so appalled, he angrily cancels the ceremony. Offering to redecorate, Roseanne has a heart-to-heart talk with Leon and learns he actually has 'cold feet' again!
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Direct to Video

Dec 05, 1995 Season 8 Episode 10

Feeling it's important for the new baby to know what the family was like when he was born, Roseanne makes a video to give to him on his 16th birthday. Becky and Darlene clean out old boxes and discover Dan and Roseanne's teenage love letters! David is cleaning up as well, and finds Darlene's and Becky's baby books. Of course, D.J. wants to know where his baby book is, and Dan has trouble giving him an answer.
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Of Mice and Dan

Nov 28, 1995 Season 8 Episode 9

Dan is regretful and depressed when his old band comes to town to play a gig. Roseanne talks the band mates into giving Dan a chance onstage, which he enjoys to the fullest.
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The Last Thursday in November

Nov 21, 1995 Season 8 Episode 8

DJ's teacher lets the class design their own Thanksgiving pageant, which turns into a Pulp Fiction spoof that offends many parents. Roseanne invites some new Native American friends over for Thanksgiving.
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The Getaway, Almost

Nov 14, 1995 Season 8 Episode 7

Roseanne and Jackie's shopping trip turns into a road trip when they pick up a hitchhiking teenage girl. Dan gives Mark relationship advice that severely backfires.
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The Fifties Show

Nov 07, 1995 Season 8 Episode 6

Roseanne tells the audience that they are about to see the original pilot for the "Roseanne" show. It's the Conner family, '50s-style, with the addition of little brother "Stinky" Conner, Mark as Rebecca's boyfriend, and David as Davide, a French Canadian exchange student. The plot centers on Rosey helping "The Deej" achieve his dream of playing the guitar in his own rock band while convincing Dan, who has wanted "The Deej" to become a football star, that it was all his idea.
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Halloween - The Final Chapter

Oct 31, 1995 Season 8 Episode 5

During a seance, Dan evolves into the spirit of Elvis. Jackie and Roseanne take turns terrorizing each other with scary memories from their childhood. And a bizarre parade of trick-or-treaters, including Ed McMahon, begin appearing at the Conners' doorstep. Then right in the middle of the festivities, Roseanne is rushed to the hospital. The baby is about to arrive, but first, in a drug-induced haze, Roseanne is contacted by the spirit of Jerry Garcia.
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The Last Date

Oct 24, 1995 Season 8 Episode 4

Dreading the prospect of "baby jail," Roseanne insists Dan go out with her for one last Saturday night "date" before their baby arrives. But while waiting to be served dinner at a fancy hotel, they wander into a Bar Mitzvah celebration and have a fabulous time. Even Uncle Sol (the only one who's discovered they're party crashers) is having fun chatting with the Conners. Meanwhile, back at the Lunch Box, Becky and Darlene re-establish their sisterly bond over a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps!
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Roseanne in the Hood

Oct 17, 1995 Season 8 Episode 3

A new restaurant opens up across the street from the Lunch Box and, while Jackie is worried sick, Roseanne seems unconcerned -- that is until she learns they have a luncheon special that's a direct rip-off of her loose meat sandwich. Then it's all-out war! Heading out in the dark of night, Roseanne drags Jackie into their competitor's place after hours for a little 'redecorating!'
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Let Them Eat Junk

Sep 26, 1995 Season 8 Episode 2

Roseanne sparks a fight with Jackie when she feeds Andy junk food against Jackie's orders. Dan spends some "quality" time with DJ to show his son that he does more than watch television and drink beer all day.
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Shower the People You Love with Stuff

Sep 19, 1995 Season 8 Episode 1

As the baby's birth approaches, the Conner family makes plans for the new arrival. On a shopping spree with Jackie, Roseanne schemes a way to buy an expensive new crib. While painting the baby's room and making plans for Roseanne's shower, Darlene and Becky wind up in a hair-pulling fight. And David's attempt to have a 'guy shower' for Dan and his friends doesn't turn out quite the way he expected.
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