A family tries to overcome the hardships of slavery to survive and build a legacy.

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The Complete Miniseries: Episode 8 Season 1, Episode 8 Jun 2, 2016 Paid

1865: The Civil War and slavery ends while the system of sharecropping is born. Chicken George returns allowing the family to safely leave and settle on their own land in Henning, Tennessee.

Part 4 Season 1, Episode 7 Jun 2, 2016 $1.99

After more than 20 years in England, Chicken George is given his freedom and he returns to the Lea farm..

The Complete Miniseries: Episode 6 Season 1, Episode 6 Jun 2, 2016 Paid

1824. Kizzy's son becomes skilled at cock-fighting earning him the name "Chicken George". George's eventual loss in the ring results in his being sent to England to pay off a debt.

The Complete Miniseries: Episode 5 Season 1, Episode 5 Jun 2, 2016 Paid

1806. A teenage Kizzy, well-versed in Mandinka history and able to read and write, is forced to reveal her role in Noah's escape which prompts her sale to the rough cock-breeder Tom Moore.

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Cultural Connector
01:32 — Go behind-the-scenes and find out more about the highly anticipated miniseries.
Roots Season 1
A four-night, eight-hour event series, "Roots" is a historical portrait of one family's journey through American slavery and their will to survive and (more…)
The Civil War and Its Legacy
02:58 — Historians and experts look at the role of slavery in the Civil War and its effect on the U.S. from Reconstruction through the present day.
The System of American Slavery
02:43 — Historians and experts examine the American system of racialized slavery and the hypocrisy it relied on to function.