Roots: The Next Generations

1979, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Part 7

Feb 25, 1979 Season 1 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Alex Haley (JAMES EARL JONES) is now a successful magazine writer; his latest assignment: an interview with Malcolm X.

Part 6

Feb 23, 1979 Season 1 Episode 6

Alex Haley (DAMON EVANS) joins the Coast Guard after leaving college. He meets and marries Nan Branch (DEBBIE ALLEN) before being sent to the South Pacific during WW II.
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Part 5

Feb 22, 1979 Season 1 Episode 5

12-year-old Alex Haley (CHRISTOFF ST. JOHN) learns his family history from grandfather Will Palmer (STAN SHAW).
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Part 4

Feb 21, 1979 Season 1 Episode 4

Simon Haley (DORIAN HAREWOOD) spends World War I with the 92nd Infantry, Colored, in France. On his return to the States, Simon and his buddies Doxey (CHARLES WELDON) and Haywood (BERNIE CASEY) are greeted by a lynch mob in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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Part 3

Feb 20, 1979 Season 1 Episode 3

Seventeen years later: Will Palmer (STAN SHAW) prospers as the owner of the lumber company.
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Part 2

Feb 19, 1979 Season 1 Episode 2

Tom Harvey's daughter, Cynthia (BEVER-LEIGH BANFIELD) falls in love with Will Palmer (STAN SHAW) a railroad worker who soon lands a job at the lumber company.
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Part 1

Feb 18, 1979 Season 1 Episode 1

Tom Harvey (GEORG STANFORD BROWN) assumes the leadership of the black community in Henning, Tennessee from his aging father, Chicken George (AVON LONG).
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Roots: The Next Generations

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