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Latest Episode: The Old and the New

May 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Mark and Katie examine their love lives, while Hope and James explore their new relationship.

The Trash 'N Treasures

May 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 12

The gang attends a Trash 'N Treasures party with mixed results.
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The Mother of James

May 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 11

The roommates help James' mom get ready for her big date.
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The Tickets

May 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 10

Mark buys Katie theater tickets in an attempt to woo her after she returns from her business trip with David.
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The Game Night

Apr 27, 2009 Season 1 Episode 9

During Game Night at the apartment, Mark finally gets what he has been looking for.
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The Green People

Apr 27, 2009 Season 1 Episode 8

After Katie steals Hope's business idea, she enlists Mark's help to make Hope think she has a job with David Schick.
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The Uninvited Thom

Apr 27, 2009 Season 1 Episode 7

Mark tries to help Hope get a job with his new boss, but things go awry when the boss meets Katie.
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The Mark-a-Like

Apr 27, 2009 Season 1 Episode 6

Katie attempts to move on by dating a guy who looks just like Mark.
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The Set-Up

Apr 20, 2009 Season 1 Episode 5

Katie and Hope channel their inner match-maker when they set Mark up with their friend Jenny.
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The Break-In

Apr 13, 2009 Season 1 Episode 4

When Hope's father comes for a visit she ropes Mark into pretending to be her boyfriend.
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The Lie

Apr 06, 2009 Season 1 Episode 3

Hope's lies come back to haunt her when Katie decides to interview for a job at her old company.
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The Tarot

Mar 30, 2009 Season 1 Episode 2

Katie visits a Tarot card reader who tells her she has already met the man she is going to marry.
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The Roommate

Mar 23, 2009 Season 1 Episode 1

Mark gets the chance of a lifetime to share an apartment with his high school crush.
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