The Roman Empire's rise gets a royal treatment in this sprawling drama, which begins in 52 B.C., when Julius Caesar finally conquers Gaul, after years of war. Back in Rome, however, the Senate seeks to undermine Caesar's power, setting the stage for inevitable civil war. The HBO-BBC co-production took more than a year to make on acres of sets at Italy's legendary Cinecitta studios.


Former Cast

Guest Stars

Lindsay Duncan
Servilia, Servilia of the Julii, Servilia of the Junii
13 Episodes (2005-2007)
Coral Amiga
Vorena the Elder
9 Episodes (2005-2007)
Allen Leech
Marcus Agrippa
7 Episodes (2007-2007)
Zuleikha Robinson
7 Episodes (2007-2007)
Simon Woods
Gaius Octavian (older)
7 Episodes (2007-2007)
Guy Henry
6 Episodes (2005-2007)
Alex Wyndham
Gaius Maecenas
6 Episodes (2007-2007)
Ian McNeice
5 Episodes (2005-2007)
Cosimo Fusco
Hannibal Cotta
4 Episodes (2007-2007)
Rick Warden
Quintus Pompey
3 Episodes (2005-2005)
Max Baldry
2 Episodes (2007-2007)
Richard Briers
Rev. Phillip Lambe
1 Episode (2015)


Co-Creator (2 Credits)
Screenwriter (1 Credit)
Co-Executive Producer (1 Credit)
Consulting Producer (1 Credit)
Composer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)