Close Victory
14:12 — Duke in the virtual space is unimaginably strong. After losing connection with Selly, Kay, Alf and Duck are completely exhausted, fighting against Duk (more…)
Kay and Alf
14:11 — When the avalanche starts to fall, Alf, Jeffrey, Selly and Duck quickly search for ways to protect the Mountain Area. Kay regains consciousness and he (more…)
To the New World
14:11 — All the trains evacuate to Area V, and the Robot Trains block the tunnel that connects to the Fountain Plaza. But Duke's duplicates penetrate and come (more…)
All for One and One for All
14:12 — Everyone safely makes it to Victor's Base. There, Selly connects Victor's engine with Kay's while repairing Victor. Meanwhile, Duck is skating on a fr (more…)
Janne and Kay
14:12 — Kay decides to train harder after finding out that he needs more experience points to earn higher level upgrades and starts working on his traction te (more…)
Lost Memories
14:11 — After a long rest, Kay wakes up, clueless to who or where he is. Confused, Kay leaves his base and arrives at the Fountain Plaza. There, everyone welc (more…)
Selly's Special Training
14:12 — Kay loses control over his units because his units received upgrades after special training. He needs extra training to tame them and quickly upgrade (more…)
Hang in There, Kay!
14:11 — Kay and his friends battle against Duke. Even after Alf ties Duke up, Duck shoots his water guns at him and Selly uses the G-force Nanobombs to help K (more…)
Go, Robot Trains!
14:12 — The Train World is downgraded from Kay's setback and the Area V, which requires a large amount of energy to be opened, remains unlocked. Hence the tra (more…)
Victor The Venerated Train
14:11 — As the tunnel to Area V reopens, Victor is back. Victor visits the gatekeepers of each area who are his old students. Watching everyone welcoming Vict (more…)
Victor Arrives
14:11 — To make matters worse after all his friends have fallen, Kay's vision sensor is broken. Jeffrey tries to fight off Duke but he's no match for Duke. No (more…)
Kay and Duke
14:12 — While Kay and his friends are searching for the virus inside Duke's memories, they find Duke's memory of the day before the opening ceremony of the In (more…)
Duke is a Liar
14:11 — Duke returns to the Train World and lies to everyone that Kay is lost due to an unfortunate accident. But Kay also makes it back, and Duke's lie is re (more…)
The Festival Day
14:12 — Kay and Alf tie with eleven cargos each, which they have received from helping other trains. With Kay's Base as the last section of the race, Kay and (more…)
Faltering Friendship
14:13 — One morning, a train is found thrown off the track, all out energy. While everyone watches him worriedly, the train wakes up, pointing the finger at D (more…)
Victor is in Danger
14:12 — Due to the prolonged isolation period, Area V's energy level is unstable, and the snow starts melting, causing the Ice Cave to collapse on Victor whil (more…)
Runaway Virus Train
14:11 — As the power of the Train World becomes weaker, viruses spring up and begin to infect the inhabitants. If infected, the trains lose control of their e (more…)
Repairing the Clock Tower
14:13 — After using all his energy while opening the tunnel to the Mountain Area, Kay collapses as he barely makes it there. Alf finds Kay in need of assistan (more…)
Alf Speaks His Mind
14:12 — Kay finds out that Alf has been training hard in the early mornings. He follows Alf to the Mountain Area and sees him running too fast on the rugged m (more…)
Here Comes Alf
14:13 — After Kay gets his upgrade with Experience Points from completing the Area D restoration task, he decides to reopen the railroad tunnel to the Mountai (more…)
A Recovered Friendship
14:11 — Through various experiences, Kay successfully continues to receive upgrades. Feeling good and confident, he goes to the Fountain Plaza and finds out t (more…)
Duke Awakens
14:09 — It's the day of the opening ceremony for Kay to finally open the tunnel to Area V. Everyone is in the festive mood, but Kay seems nervous because he w (more…)
The Attack of the Virus
14:12 — Duke's duplicates show up in the Fountain Plaza. It turns out the virus has duplicated Duke while it was invading Duke's system. Victor, Alf, Duck and (more…)
The Adventure Begins
14:11 — The Train World is having a busy period, building railroads between continents. The Intercontinental Railroad construction is to revitalize the isolat (more…)
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  • Premiered: February 1, 2017
  • Rating: None

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