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Aug 17, 2014 Season 7 Episode 19 watch on (Paid)

The Robot Chicken writers imagine where the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park learned to be so cleaver, the Bop It toy has a mind of its own, Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man have a ghostly encounter, and as the season comes to an end will we see the cancellation of Robot Chicken...again?

The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's

Aug 10, 2014 Season 7 Episode 18

The creators of Robot Chicken wonder what happens when Dumbledore breaks bad, we see a documentary on the war of the Kitchen Commandos, where sheep go when people are done counting them, and G.I. Joe Extreme!
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Batman Forever 21

Aug 03, 2014 Season 7 Episode 17

From the minds of the writers we see how Bear Grylls deals with some Wild Things, Dr. Ryan Stone calls a radio station, Brainy Smurf manipulates events in House of Smurfs, and Baloo discovers he hasn't always just been a bear in the jungle.
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The Robot Chicken Bitch Pudding Special

Jul 27, 2014 Season 7 Episode 16

Robot Chicken fan-favorite character Bitch Pudding gets her time to shine in a brand-new solo special! When her fellow citizens in Pastryville get tired of suffering Bitch Pudding's abuse, they hatch a plot to eliminate her once and for all! Now Bitch Pudding will blaze a trail of raging revenge, and the world better learn how to duck and cover!
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Walking Dead Lobster

Jul 13, 2014 Season 7 Episode 14

The Robot Chicken dreamers send Kim Possible on a mission to North Korea, worthless Beanie Babies end up turning a man's life around, and the Robot Chicken Nerd has his greatest adventure yet...with Doctor Who!
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Stone Cold Steve Stone Cold

Jul 06, 2014 Season 7 Episode 13

The Robot Chicken writers expose the real reason why no one plays the piano in Wayne Manor. We find out what James Potter and his friends did while in animal form, and the Disney Princesses get into a little scuffle.
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Noidstrom Rack

Jun 29, 2014 Season 7 Episode 12

The minds behind Robot Chicken reveal what happens when the Zybots try to join the Autobots, Man-E-Faces gets a shot at stardom, the Enterprise night crew has a wild adventure, and we get a look at what goes on behind the scenes of Medieval Times when the costumes come off.
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Super Guitario Center

Jun 22, 2014 Season 7 Episode 11

Have you heard of The Boglins? The RC writers have. And they make a splash with a swamp song, we see what it's like to live the exciting life of a Lemming, Sleeping Beauty has a dream... and no one cares and a forbidden love blossoms between Shredder and April O'Neil.
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Catdog On a Stick

Jun 15, 2014 Season 7 Episode 10

The Robot Chicken crew lets you know if Santa Claus is a racist, Tiger Woods gets his own Space Jam type of movie and we find out what The Bratz girls did last summer.
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Jun 08, 2014 Season 7 Episode 9

The zany writers of the show put Master Chief and Cortana in an uncomfortable conversation, Drones are put into action on the G.I. Joe team, we see a few more animal totems from the Visionaries cartoon, and the little Lego folks take on some scary stuff in World War B.
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Snarfer Image

May 25, 2014 Season 7 Episode 7

The Robot Chicken gang thought the drift in Pacific Rim could use little reworking, the future is revealed to kinda suck for Looney Tunes characters in Looper, Voltron gets a new member, and Skeletor takes a trip back through time to rid himself of He-Man once and for all.
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El Skeletorito

May 18, 2014 Season 7 Episode 6

Our writers unearth The Cryptkeeper to bring you three tales of terror that will haunt you for the rest of your life, the Iron Sheik makes an appearance, the Robot Chicken crew tries to come up with a Candy Crush movie, and Woody Woodpecker gets an unwanted phone call.
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Legion of Super-Gyros

May 11, 2014 Season 7 Episode 5

No one knows what disease Gerry injected himself with in World War Z...until the Robot Chicken writers take a crack at it! See Benjamin Franklin's greatest invention, Hannah from Girls gets a new boyfriend and we see the prequel to The Parent Trap.
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Rebel Appliance

May 04, 2014 Season 7 Episode 4

A dad has an uncomfortable talk with his daughter about the birds and the bees, the origin of the bagpipes is revealed and the Robot Chicken writers let the Robot Chicken Nerd take a trip into The Game of Thrones.
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Secret of the Booze

Apr 27, 2014 Season 7 Episode 3

The RC writers wonder what would happen if the alien from Alien was a different alien? Bert from Sesame Street gets a new roommate, we see what The Terminator would have been like as a step-dad and Papa Smurf sees what goes on behind the scenes in Undercover Smurf.
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