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Robot and Monster Season 1 episodes

Baconmas Part II Season 1, Episode 47

Conclusion. Robot's and Monster's families celebrate Baconmas together, which leads to a stressful holiday. read more

Baconmas Part I Season 1, Episode 46

Part 1 of 2. Robot's and Monster's families celebrate Baconmas together, which leads to a stressful holiday. read more

Monster Hit Season 1, Episode 45

The guys form a band and achieve success when Robot's new invention churns out a catchy song, but soon their band and their friendship wind up on shaky ground. read more

Misery Date Season 1, Episode 44

Robot is forced to escort Globitha to a school dance, and Monster chaperones the event. read more

J.D. Loves Gart Season 1, Episode 43

J.D. becomes enamored with Gart, provoking opposite reactions from Robot and Monster. read more

Boomerang Season 1, Episode 42

Monster believes in karma, and he goes to great lengths to prove it. read more

Super Pole Season 1, Episode 41

The guys support rival teams at the Super Pole party. read more

Ogo's Cool Season 1, Episode 40

Robot tests his new invention on Ogo and finds that it works a little too well. read more

The Package Season 1, Episode 39

The guys deliver a mysterious package to some shady folks. read more

The Bacon Tree Season 1, Episode 37

The guys plant a bacon tree in order to stockpile bacon, but Monster nurtures the tree too well and it comes alive. read more

Family Business Season 1, Episode 36

Robot quits his job, so Monster helps his former coworkers learn to appreciate him and convince him to return. read more

Anger Management Season 1, Episode 35

Monster tries to control his rage issues by taking an anger-management class. read more

Bad News Baconeers Season 1, Episode 34

Robot becomes the coach of a polo team. read more

Game On Season 1, Episode 33

Robot and Monster appear on a game show, where they face off against J.D. and Spitfire. read more

First Impressions Season 1, Episode 32

Robot's idol visits, and he's seeking an apprentice. read more

The Party Season 1, Episode 31

Robot has an elegant family party to attend, but he can't tell his eccentric cousin about it. read more

Letterology Season 1, Episode 30

Monster fears a disaster awaits Robot if Robot falls asleep. read more

Li'l Lugnuts Season 1, Episode 29

Robot discovers that Monster's childhood idol is really a criminal. read more

Don't Walk! Season 1, Episode 28

Monster's walking license is revoked, forcing him to take a test on pedestrian rules. read more

Apartment 3 1/2 Season 1, Episode 27

Monster has an imaginary friend, which makes Robot question Monster's sanity. read more

Grandma's Day Out Season 1, Episode 25

Robot tries to find his grandmother before his mother realizes she's missing. read more

Litterbug Season 1, Episode 23

Robot gets accused of littering, and Monster wants to argue the case in court. read more

Doctor? No! Season 1, Episode 21

Robot gets bitten by Marf and tries to hide his fear of doctors. read more

Security and Risk Season 1, Episode 19

The guys' apartment gets robbed, so Robot designs a hazardous security system. read more

Pinball Wizard Season 1, Episode 17

Monster's new hobby of pinball involves throwing spiked balls at a helper, putting Robot in an uncomfortable role as his target. read more

Biker Girls Season 1, Episode 15

J.D. needs a place to stay after a fight with Spitfire, and Robot and Monster are happy to oblige, until they see how messy she is and realize they must get these two to reconcile. read more

Cheer Up Mr. Wheelie Season 1, Episode 13

Robot and Monster seek to lower their rent by befriending their grouchy landlord and helping him to look on the bright side. read more

Speeding Ticket Season 1, Episode 11

Monster's uncle, a police officer, loses his will to fight crime, so Monster and Robot play fast and loose with the law to help him get it back. read more

Adventures in Babysitting Season 1, Episode 10

Monster's little sister visits the guys and accidentally wrecks Robot's plans for the Big Blimp Race. read more

Come On, Get Happy Season 1, Episode 8

Monster meets an extremely cheerful coworker, who may be happier than Monster. read more

The Blimp Season 1, Episode 7

Monster and Robot's plans to buy a blimp get sidelined by their fixation on bacon. read more

How to Train Your Marf Season 1, Episode 5

Marf's bad behavior gets out of control, so Robot and Monster resort to pet training. read more

Between Brothers Season 1, Episode 4

Robot's brother becomes his landlord. read more

Safety First Season 1, Episode 3

Robot and Monster make a video about safety at work. read more

Game Boys Season 1, Episode 2

Monster helps Robot participate in a "Pole-O" game. read more

Monster's Great Escape Season 1, Episode 1

Monster wants to get revenge on Robot for playing a practical joke on him years ago. read more

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