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Latest Episode: Something Worth Fighting For - Part 2 [HD]

Jun 27, 2009 Season 3 Episode 13 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

War breaks out in Nottingham as the Sheriff attacks with everything he has. Robin and the gang fight to defend the castle, but are forced to retreat. Finally it comes down to the feared few: Robin, Gisborne, Isabella and the Sheriff. Who, if anyone, will survive the bloodiest of battles?

Something Worth Fighting For - Part 1

Jun 20, 2009 Season 3 Episode 12

The battle begins as Isabella rounds up men to send to Prince John, and the gang does everything they can to stop her. Archer joins forces with his sister, and sends a trap to snare Robin and Gisborne. But who is really pulling the strings behind the evil that is coming to Nottingham?
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The King is Dead, Long Live the King [HD]

May 23, 2009 Season 3 Episode 8

Isabella will go to any lengths to prove her loyalty to the Prince, and to win the Sheriff's job for herself. Meanwhile, suspicious news arrives from the Holy Land that King Richard is dead, and Robin squares up against his former mentor, Lord Sheridan, in an attempt to stop Prince John's hasty coronation.
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