Butt Buddies | Sneak Peek
02:30 — Rob pledges to be by Big Black's side in his hour of need. Episode airs Thursday at 11/10c.
Two Robs
00:40 — Rob and Big hang out with Rob's body double.
"Black and White" Trailer
02:28 — "Black and White" features two undercover cops who are the worst at being the best. Coming soon!
Don't Break The Fourth Wall
01:06 — Rob teaches the guys of Dude Perfect about the art of television.
Heart Of A Lion
02:51 — Big Cat channels his inner King of the Jungle with Rob and Big Black. Episode airs Thursday at 11/10c.
Drama's Torture Week | Sneak Peek
02:27 — The Fantasy Factory crew gives Drama the torture week he never had. Episode airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Episode 10 | Zorbing Around
01:21 — Chanel West Coast takes a ride in a Zorb ball.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Episode 9 | Big Cat's Big Date
01:10 — Big Cat is out on a date - and Rob and Big Black are there to help him out.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Episode 10 | Super Sketchy
02:29 — Rob and the gang test out a sketchy carnival classic for their big finale.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 9 | Chanel's Phrases
02:37 — Chanel and Rob revisit some of the funny things she has said over the past few episodes.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 8 | TTFL Women's Tournament
01:23 — The TTFL invites women toe wrestlers to battle for the Tough Toe Champion belt.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 7 | Bucket Brainstorm
02:27 — Rob brainstorms bucket list ideas with his mom Patty.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 8 | Toe Exercises
01:54 — Big does some toe exercises.
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Season 6
The insanity continues for skateboarding legend and business mogul, Rob Dyrdek, inside the walls of his continually evolving canvas of creativity know (more…)
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 7 | Sneak Peek
03:54 — Fantasy Factory airs Thursdays at 10/9c on MTV.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 6 | Ostrich Egg
01:54 — Rob and the boys prepare to ride an ostrich. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
Fantasy Factory (Season 7) | Ep. 5 | Sub'er Heroes
02:24 — Rob and Big transform themselves into Sub'er Heroes!
Animated Dude Wipes | Bonus Clip
01:12 — Rob creates a short animation to help his team realize his dream of creating a PSA for Dude Wipes.
LA's Finest | Sneak Peek
03:30 — Rob and Big Black go on a crime-fighting spree in downtown LA.
00:32 — Rob is serious about bowling.
Cannonball | Sneak Peek
02:57 — Rob helps Drama become more reckless. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
Spares and Strikes | Sneak Peek
02:29 — Drama and Steelo tease Rob over his bowling skills. Episode airs Thursday at 10/9c.
Big Stunt
00:33 — Jagger Eaton impresses Chanel with a crazy skateboarding stunt.
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