Underwater Nest of Horrors Home to a Killer?
01:50 — Jeremy Wade stumbles into a creepy, murky, underwater nest of a giant, monstrous beast. What could live here and could this be a killer?
Bride Killer Discovered Deep in Colombian Amazon
03:24 — Jeremy comes face-to-face with the likely killer of a bride in Colombia - a monstrous stingray. But, reeling it to shore to prove his theory is a chal (more…)
Man's Face Ripped Off, Eaten by Black Piranhas?
02:28 — As Jeremy Wade's hunt for a face-eating fish continues, he makes a disturbing discovery.
WARNING! Tigerfish and Croc-Infested Waters Ahead
03:14 — Jeremy Wade is hunting the watery predator, the tigerfish, in Africa which leads him to crocodile-infested waters. He's about to dive deep into one of (more…)
Face-to-Face With One MONSTER Croc
02:00 — Jeremy Wade dives deep in search of one mega beast. He comes face-to-face with the greatest monster yet!
Hunting a Face Ripper, Freshwater Stingray Caught
03:07 — While on the hunt for a face-eating fish, Jeremy Wade captures a dangerous river stingray.
Reel Talk With Jeremy Wade
02:08 — Jeremy Wade gets *reel* and answers your fan questions! Find out why he always wears blue shirts ... and, how he feels to 'be so sexy'.
Massive Turtles Not As Slow As You Think
02:35 — Though turtles get a slow rap, they can haul it faster than you think when they sense they may be in danger. See Jeremy Wade meet one of these giant r (more…)
Alaskan Cold Water Killer - How to Catch a Halibut
02:56 — Jeremy Wade's hunt for a cold water killer in Alaska reveals the massive halibut as his predator. Find out what it takes to catch one of these enormou (more…)
Mekong Mutilator: How to Catch a Pufferfish
02:19 — The freshwater pufferfish proved to be quite a challenging catch given the unique river conditions. Find out how Jeremy Wade navigated the murky water (more…)
Whale Shark, a Descendent of the Greatest River Monster to Ever Live?
03:56 — The whale shark is the largest fish on the planet today, and Jeremy Wade swims alongside one of these beautiful behemoths. Could the whale shark be de (more…)
Hunting Down an Ancient 'Buzzsaw Killer': The Helicoprion
03:13 — After examining 3-D printed models of fossil specimens, Jeremy Wade gets a look at an ancient 'Buzzsaw Killer'. With a sinister saw-like jaw and maxim (more…)
Monster Journeys: It's Not So Glamorous
01:51 — Jeremy talks about the not-so-glamorous life of being part of a film crew and recounts a few vehicle-related mishaps they've had along the way.
Huge Marbled Eel Is Monster of Fijian Lore
03:04 — After an intense fight in the dark of night, Jeremy Wade reels in an almost five-foot-long marbled eel! Locals confirm it is their mythic beast that h (more…)
Enormous Creatures Lurking in Fresh Waters
02:59 — Adventurer Jeremy Wade has discovered some true River Monsters. While many of these animals pose no immediate danger to humans, their sheer size would (more…)
Strangest Catches Found Living in Inland Waters
03:34 — Biologist and Extreme angler Jeremy Wade has encountered a diverse array of water-dwelling creatures on his globe-hopping adventures. Check out some o (more…)
Prehistoric Terror: How to Hunt Monster Fossils
01:55 — Hunting fossils can be a lot like hunting river monsters. You need the right tools and a lot of patience - find out from Jeremy Wade how else it compa (more…)
Canadian Horrors: How to Catch a Muskie
03:21 — Jeremy Wade is in Canada, in pursuit of the elusive fish, the muskie. His confidence as an expert angler takes a hit as this daunting search proves to (more…)
Ancient, Beastly 'Rhizadont,' Greatest River Monster of All Time
03:33 — Jeremy Wade crowns the prehistoric beast of all beasts, the 'Rhizadont,' the most monstrous river monster of all time! Bow to your Prehistoric Terror (more…)
The Pint-Sized Pufferfish Packs a Nasty Bite
03:39 — Jeremy's investigation along the Mekong River leads him to the pint-sized pufferfish. They may look small and harmless - but don't be fooled! Beware (more…)
Holy Halibut! Jeremy Reels in Monster Alaskan Killer
02:18 — A massive hunter, weighing in at about 120 lbs., the halibut is Jeremy Wade's Alaskan cold water killer. This monster with two eyes on one side of its (more…)
Reel Talk With Jeremy Wade: Traveling
01:16 — Traveling on different ferry sizes, some with no facilies for the women directors in the crew.
Jeremy Wade Dreams of Canadian Muskie Catches
02:56 — After 13,000 attempts and many failures to catch the elusive muskie, Jeremy casts a final line in hopes of catching anything--anything at all. The bea (more…)
Never Catch an Anaconda With Your Bare Hands
01:40 — Jeremy Wade may make catching anacondas look pretty easy - but watch him here, in this video, and learn what you should NEVER attempt to do on your ow (more…)
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  • Premiered: April 5, 2009
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A biologist explores the world's rivers and lakes for freshwater fish that may prey on humans. (more)

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