Rita Rocks 2008 | TV Show Watchlist

The Jealous Kind
13:57 — Pregnant Rita's self-esteem takes a nosedive when she meets Jay's new gorgeous co-worker, Stephanie. Jay assures Rita that he only has eyes for his wi (more…)
Get Off of My Cloud
In "Rita Rocks," Nicole Sullivan stars as Rita Clemens, an overworked wife and mother who decides to rediscover her youth by forming a garage rock ban (more…)
Killer Queen
In "Rita Rocks," Nicole Sullivan stars as Rita Clemens, an overworked wife and mother who decides to rediscover her youth by forming a garage rock ban (more…)
Anchors Aweigh
01:13 — Jay and Rita's mother just can't seem to get along, but when their bickering makes Rita think twice about going on her business trip, the two promise (more…)
Mother and Child Reunion
A stressed out Rita scrubs down the house and hides all the junk food to prepare for a visit from Marilyn, Rita's overly judgmental mother. Even thoug (more…)
I Can't Make You Love Me Trailer
01:47 — When Jay's (Richard Ruccolo) worldly Aunt Mavis (special guest, Mimi Kennedy) comes for a visit, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) learns that Mavis doesn’t like (more…)
Get Off Of My Cloud Trailer
01:39 — After Rita (Nicole Sullivan) and Jay (Richard Ruccolo) dine with Jay's big new client Sam "The Storage King" Bowman (special guest, Stephen Tobolowsky (more…)
The Crying Game Trailer
01:59 — Rita (Nicole Sullivan) reveals to Jay’s (Richard Ruccolo) poker buddies that he cried at the end of "Charlotte's Web." Jay becomes the butt of jokes s (more…)
Take This Job And Shove It Trailer
01:34 — Rita (Nicole Sullivan) and Jay’s (Richard Ruccolo) plan to teach Hallie (Natalie Dreyfuss) the value of money backfires when she gets a job. With her (more…)
It's My Party Trailer
01:50 — Jay (Richard Ruccolo) and Rita (Nicole Sullivan) find themselves suffering much more than Hallie (Natalie Dreyfuss), who they grounded for sneaking ba (more…)
I Write The Songs Trailer
01:48 — When Rita (Nicole Sullivan) and Patty (Tisha Campbell-Martin) suspect Kip (Raviv Ullman) is cheating on Hallie (Natalie Dreyfuss), they learn that Kip (more…)
Pilot Trailer
01:42 — Rita (Nicole Sullivan), an overworked wife and mother is in the middle of a full blown identity crisis. After a meltdown with her husband, Jay (Richar (more…)
Love On The Rocks Trailer
01:51 — The band finally books a real gig, but Owen's (Ian Gomez) wife Audrey (Lauren Bowles) forbids him from playing in the band because she feels it distra (more…)
Nobody Does It Better Trailer
01:28 — Tired of her daily contributions to the household going unnoticed, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) gets upset when her girls compliment Jay (Richard Ruccolo) o (more…)
Season 1: Rita Rocks: Season 1 Trailer
01:01 — Nicole Sullivan (MADtv) stars as Rita Clemens, an overworked wife, mother, and former lead singer of a Bangles cover band who has traded in a life of (more…)
Under Pressure Trailer
01:27 — When Hallie (Natalie Dreyfuss) becomes increasingly withdrawn, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) learns that she is being pressured by her friends to have sex. R (more…)
You Gotta Have Friends Trailer
00:56 — Trying to help nudge Patty’s (Tisha Campbell-Martin) new relationship with the UPS guy along, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) ends up complicating it instead. (more…)
Mother's Little Helper Trailer
00:48 — When Rita (Nicole Sullivan) and Jay (Richard Ruccolo) lose their sitter for a weekend getaway to Chicago, Hallie (Natalie Dreyfus) tries to prove to h (more…)
What's Love Got To Do With It Trailer
01:54 — While everyone around her is making special plans for Valentine’s Day, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) questions whether her marriage has lost some of its roma (more…)
Flirting With Disaster Trailer
01:41 — When her guitar string breaks, Rita (Nicole Sullivan) and Patty (Tisha Martin-Campbell) end up at a guitar shop where they meet two young musicians wh (more…)
Old Friends Trailer
01:34 — Rita is surprised when her old friend Cindy (Deborah Gibson) surfaces after finding Rita through a Facebook page Kip creates for the band. Cindy was t (more…)
Killer Queen Trailer
01:00 — Rita volunteers for a fundraising event at Shannon’s school and goes head to head with Jennifer (Melissa Peterman), another overachieving mother. Jenn (more…)
Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-Ah Trailer
01:04 — Rita (Nicole Sullivan) misses a big moment at Shannon’s (Kelly Gould) karate class because of band practice. Rita and Jay (Richard Ruccolo) try to cov (more…)
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