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Dec 07, 2009 Season 2 Episode 20 watch on (Paid)

In the second-season finale, the band lands its first regular paid gig, and a nine-month pregnant Rita is intent on performing. But her baby begs to differ. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Nov 30, 2009 Season 2 Episode 19

When Rita and Patty find out that Kip's music teacher thinks he should be applying to a performing arts high school, they secretly fill out an application for him. Kip is thrilled when they tell him he's been offered an audition at the school, but Hallie is less than thrilled when she realizes it's a boarding school many hours away. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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The Jealous Kind

Nov 30, 2009 Season 2 Episode 18

Pregnant Rita's self-esteem takes a nosedive when she meets Jay's new gorgeous co-worker, Stephanie. Jay assures Rita that he only has eyes for his wife. But when Rita bumps into Stephanie at Jay's office, Stephanie innocently reveals how often Jay comes to her with problems, including his recent concerns about having a third child. Meanwile, sparks fly between Hallie and Kip when they go on a double date with Mitchell and Allison. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Jingle All the Way

Nov 23, 2009 Season 2 Episode 17

Rita and Patty decide to enter a jingle contest for Glickman Family Chickens. Meanwhile, Patty reluctantly agrees to let Chuck escort her to her high school reunion to hopefully make her ex-husband jealous. When Patty and Chuck actually have a good time together, Rita becomes concerned that it might have a negative impact on the band. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Sympathy for the Devil

Nov 23, 2009 Season 2 Episode 16

When Rita's PTA nemesis, Jennifer shows up at Bed and Bath Max blubbering about being broke and her husband running off with their maid, Rita helps her get a job at the store. Jennifer is somewhat useless so Rita finds herself picking up much of her slack. Rita's frustration mounts when she finds out Jennifer has been manipulating other employees to do her work and has also volunteered to take over for Rita during her maternity leave. When Rita confronts her, Jennifer berates the other employees, admits she is after Rita's job and evenutally, Mr. Abir's, too! Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Nov 16, 2009 Season 2 Episode 15

Marilyn offers to look after the girls while Rita and Jay go away for a relaxing weekend. While picking up some last minute munchies for the trip, Jay catches Marilyn holding hands and flirting with a man that isn't her husband. Marilyn insists it isn't a big deal, but begs Jay not to say anything to Rita because she would overact. Not wanting to ruin the weekend, Jay tries to keep mum but eventually Rita gets the truth out of him. Rita confronts Marilyn who admits she was spending time with her old boyfriend because he made her feel special--something Rita's father hasn't done in a long time. Ultimately, Rita encourages her mother to go home and share these feeling with her husband of 40 years. Meanwhile, Kip plans on saving some money for college by teaching Jasper, Rita's adolescent nemesis and neighbor, how to play drums. Kip puts a stop to the lessons when Shannon helps him realize that Jasper is only taking lessons to try to score a date with Hallie. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Shower the People

Nov 16, 2009 Season 2 Episode 14

Marilyn guilt trips her way into helping Patty plan Rita's baby shower. When it comes time to make arrangements, Marilyn and Patty can't seem to agree on a single idea. In order to keep the peace, Rita secretly takes on party planning duties along with the other responsibilities she's already juggling. But the bickering continues and eventually a feed up Rita decides to cancel the baby shower all together. On the day of what would have been the baby shower, Jay invites a disappointed Rita to the boys' poker night he had planned. Rita is floored when Patty and Marilyn show up to poker night with Rita's friends in tow for a surprise baby shower. Meanwhile, Hallie gets jealous when Kip starts dating Allison, a super smart girl from school, even though Hallie encouraged him to open himself up to new people. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Anchors Aweigh

Nov 09, 2009 Season 2 Episode 13

Jay and Rita's mother just can't seem to get along, but when their bickering makes Rita think twice about going on her business trip, the two promise they can be friends for a few days. Trying to avoid each other all weekend, they end up in a fight when they find out that Rita's guitar has been stolen. Everyone struggles to find Rita's guitar before she comes home, but Rita arrives back a day early. After hearing the news, Rita is outraged at both her mother and husband, but later that evening, she finally discovers what actually happened to her guitar. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Mother and Child Reunion

Nov 09, 2009 Season 2 Episode 12

A stressed out Rita scrubs down the house and hides all the junk food to prepare for a visit from Marilyn, Rita's overly judgmental mother. Even though Marilyn surprises everyone with her new mellow attitude, Rita isn't buying it. Despite their differences, Marilyn decides to stay a couple weeks longer to spend more quality time with Rita and the family. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Why Can't We Be Friends?

Nov 02, 2009 Season 2 Episode 11

Rita and Jay begrudgingly attend a fundraiser for Shannon's school where they become fast friends with Rob and Mindy Boone, parents of Shannon's classmate, Brianna. Rita and Jay invite all of the Boones over for a barbeque and just as they begin to envision family vacations together, Shannon bursts their bubble and reveals that she never wants to see Brianna again. Meanwhile, Hallie and Kip decide that they are ready to be friends again. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Bad Company

Nov 02, 2009 Season 2 Episode 10

Patty's studious son visits from The University of Michigan and persuades Hallie to consider college. Due to tension between Rita and Patty, the band has a disastrous audition for a gig at a bowling alley. But when Hallie goes to a college party without permission, Rita and Patty put their differences aside to track her down. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Oct 26, 2009 Season 2 Episode 9

Inspired by Hallie's burgeoning fashion design talents, Rita plans a runway fashion show fundraiser for Hallie's school. But when Rita sees the highly unusual dress Hallie has designed for her runway walk, Rita regrets her decision. Meanwhile, Jay gets carried away as Shannon's cup stacking coach. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 pm et/pt.
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Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

Oct 26, 2009 Season 2 Episode 8

Rita and Jay meet with Shannon's teacher Miss Ricker, who informs them that their daughter is gifted and encourages them to move her to a school that caters to gifted children. Meanwhile, Hallie mopes around the house feeling sorry for herself until Rita suggests she volunteer somewhere to take her mind off not having a boyfriend. Hallie signs up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and finds it surprisingly rewarding. Mondays at 10:00 and 10:30 et/pt.
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Mr. Bassman

Oct 20, 2009 Season 2 Episode 7

Rita and Jay's new neighbor Chuck is keeping them up late with loud music. Armed with cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood, Rita politely requests that he turn the music down to which he is unreceptive. When Patty discovers Chuck plays bass and she invites him to join the band, things go from bad to worse. Tuesdays at 10:30 pm et/pt.
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The Shape of Things to Come

Oct 13, 2009 Season 2 Episode 6

When Hallie decides to move to the attic so she doesn't have to share a room with the new baby, the family throws a garage sale to help clear out their excess stuff. Jay inadvertently finds out the sex of their baby when a nurse calls to reschedule an appointment. Tuesdays at 10:30 pm et/pt.
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