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2000, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Peace For A Princess

Jul 18, 2001 Season 2 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

When Rip's former girlfriend, Dr. Anderson, steals an Egyptian sarcophagus, hoping to clone an Egyptian Princess inside, the team must fly to Iceland to get it back.

The Evil Eye

Apr 25, 2001 Season 2 Episode 11

A trip to New Orleans to buy The Evil Eye, a rare voodoo artifact, results in the curator of the Voodoo Museum being turned into a zombie by a High Priestess trying to prevent the sale from going though.
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The Sweet Taste Of Revenge

Apr 18, 2001 Season 2 Episode 10

When convicted fraud artist, Howard Hawkins is released on parole, he swears revenge on the men who put him in prison - Rip and Cyril!
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A Helping Hand

Apr 03, 2001 Season 2 Episode 8

Rip has just bought the Hand of Fatima, a legendary good luck totem, from a gypsy, when it's stolen by a young carny who believes its power can save his family's New Jersey amusement park.
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Can?t See The Forest For The Trees

Feb 28, 2001 Season 2 Episode 7

When Cyril insists on being included in a strenuous weekend hike deep into bush of Northern Quebec, using only Samuel de Champlain's Astrolabe to guide them, he ends up being chased by a ravenously hungry bear and getting lost.
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In His Uncle?s Footsteps

May 16, 2001 Season 2 Episode 6

Rip finds one of his uncle's journals detailing a failed trip to Tibet in search of proof of the Yeti.
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With The Strength Of Ten

May 09, 2001 Season 2 Episode 5

The BION team travel to London to bid on the Winged Warrior Helmet, said to give the wearer the strength of ten.
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