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Peace For A Princess Season 2, Episode 13 Paid

When Rip's former girlfriend, Dr. Anderson, steals an Egyptian sarcophagus, hoping to clone an Egyptian Princess inside, the team must fly to Iceland to get it back. But before they can, a British curator feels compelled to reveal his museum has been keeping for over eighty years. The mummy was removed from the sarcophagus and smuggled aboard the Titanic.

In His Uncle's Footsteps Season 2, Episode 6 Paid

Rip finds one of his uncle's journals detailing a failed trip to Tibet in search of proof of the Yeti. Determined to do what his uncle couldn't, Rip leads the BION team to the Himalayas. Despite Cyril collapsing from exhaustion and a brush with death from an avalanche, Rip refuses to give up.

The First Artifact Season 1, Episode 13 Paid

Diving in mini-subs off the coast of North Carolina with famed treasure hunter Bill Robinson, the BION team digs up a shield belonging to the ancient order of the Knights of the Crusades. A rival group of treasure hunters plots to take the Knight's treasure for themselves, and a planted chest of fake gold coins causes the BION team to be accused of fraud.

And Now The Weather Season 1, Episode 11 Paid

When the statue of the Toltec Raingod is stolen from a Global Warming conference in Mexico City, the BION team gives chase in the ARV, only to be side-swiped by the sudden appearance of a tornado! Legend has it, the Raingod causes weird weather when it's moved. Battling a hurricane, the BION team tracks the statue to the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.