Tyler Is Dead
01:18 — Daniel is framed for Tyler's death.
Emily Outsmarts Margaux
01:32 — "Is that the best you can do?"
Jack & Amanda Make Love
01:54 — Amanda and Jack recall their past and how things got so complicated between them. It never stopped the way they felt about each other though. Neither (more…)
Foster Hell
02:19 — Emily looks to cross out another target on her revengenda.
Margaux's Horrible Accident
01:21 — Wanting to end the vicious cycle of revenge, Emily proposes a truce. Margaux wants Emily to tell the world the truth about what happened to Daniel. Tr (more…)
Exploding Evidence
03:25 — A plane explodes with Victoria, Lydia & valuable evidence inside.
Fireworks & Forgiveness
00:49 — David thanks Victoria for saving him from Natalie's vicious plan.
David's Shocking News
00:49 — David shares some shocking news with Stevie.
Conrad stops at nothing!
01:39 — Conrad Grayson will stop at nothing to win. When he fears Pascal is going to get in the way of that, he puts a permanent end to him.
Charlotte Receives a Mysterious Letter
01:43 — Charlotte shows Jack a letter she thinks is from her father. She wants to see old letters of Amanda's to compare handwriting. Though hesitant at first (more…)
Jack & Amanda Get Married
02:31 — Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke renew the vows they took on the beach as kids. This time it's official. This time they become husband and wife. Watch th (more…)
Long Live David Clarke
01:26 — An explosion at the Grayson Global building rocks the city.
"This Isn't SoulCycle?"
01:19 — Louise helps with mission “Em-Possible.”
Victoria Contests the Will
01:48 — Revenge is best served cold...and with a martini.
Emily Remembers David
01:03 — Music: "For You" by Angus & Julia Stone
The End of Revenge
02:19 — A young man approaches Nolan. Amanda Clarke said that he could help get his innocent mother out of a jam. He'll have to help this young man without th (more…)
Can Amanda Stop Jack?
00:25 — Amanda/Emily rushes to the airport to stop Jack from leaving.
Jack Is Arrested for Drunk Driving
00:55 — Margaux has Jack arrested and Carl taken away.
Margaux Blackmails Ben
00:46 — Margaux finds Ben's ex-wife April & threatens to expose her whereabouts.
Conrad vs. Victoria
01:31 — Conrad learns of Victoria's engagement and confronts his ex. He tells her that Pascal isn't all that he seems and reveals that her new fiance just com (more…)
Undercover Emily Thorne
01:12 — Emily finds Halstead dead in the bathtub in what's made to look like a suicide. As it turns out, Halstead didn't write the incriminating note. The rea (more…)
True Love's Kiss
01:27 — A kiss on the forehead from Jack brings back Emily's memory.
"Have Mercy"
01:15 — Nolan channels his inner Uncle Jesse.
Victoria's Shocking Announcement
03:48 — "I shot that bitch in cold blood."
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