A young woman returns to the Hamptons to make those responsible for ruining her family pay.

Long Live David Clarke
01:26 — An explosion at the Grayson Global building rocks the city.
Jack & Amanda Make Love
01:54 — Amanda and Jack recall their past and how things got so complicated between them. It never stopped the way they felt about each other though. Neither (more…)
David Clarke Passes Away
01:55 — David Clarke takes one last breath. His daughter, Amanda, is there by his side. She knows that after embarking on her path of revenge, she was ultimat (more…)
Foster Hell
02:19 — Emily looks to cross out another target on her revengenda.
Tyler Is Dead
01:18 — Daniel is framed for Tyler's death.
The End of Revenge
02:19 — A young man approaches Nolan. Amanda Clarke said that he could help get his innocent mother out of a jam. He'll have to help this young man without th (more…)
Jack & Amanda Get Married
02:31 — Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke renew the vows they took on the beach as kids. This time it's official. This time they become husband and wife. Watch th (more…)
Victoria's Long Lost Son
01:08 — Victoria's long lost son RSVPs to the Ball.
White Gold Stabs Jack
01:15 — Jack returns to the house to find White Gold waiting for him. A brutal fight takes place. It ends when White Gold (Courtney Love) stabs Jack in the st (more…)
Jack Proposes to Amanda
01:28 — Amanda accepts Jack's marriage proposal.
"I'm Amanda Clarke"
00:41 — Emily tells Jack she's the real Amanda Clarke.
True Love's Kiss
01:27 — A kiss on the forehead from Jack brings back Emily's memory.
Undercover Emily Thorne
01:12 — Emily finds Halstead dead in the bathtub in what's made to look like a suicide. As it turns out, Halstead didn't write the incriminating note. The rea (more…)
Nolan Takes Down White Gold
01:34 — Nolan takes a stab wound to the hand before quickly immobilizing White Gold (Courtney Love). He turns over a flash drive to Margaux. It contains a det (more…)
Best Revenge Brawl Ever!
03:47 — Victoria starts the brawl of the season.
Bad Girl
01:35 — Mason Treadwell is the bestselling author of book detailing the life of David Clarke. The good news is that he made millions due to the success of thi (more…)
Louise Changes Sides
01:00 — Nolan sits by an unconscious Jack at the hospital. Amanda risks capture to be by his side as well. She tearfully begs Jack not leave her. Then she dec (more…)
Aiden Saves Emily's Life
00:41 — Aiden shoots the white-haired man.
Aiden's Proposal
01:28 — Aiden slips an engagement ring on Emily's finger.
Victoria & Amanda Are Shot
01:35 — Victoria is shot, but not by the person standing before her. Amanda turns to see her father holding a smoking gun. BANG! Another gunshot rings out. Am (more…)
Exploding Evidence
03:25 — A plane explodes with Victoria, Lydia & valuable evidence inside.
"Have Mercy"
01:15 — Nolan channels his inner Uncle Jesse.
Amanda Is Pregnant
01:33 — Emily is stunned when she finds out that Amanda is pregnant with Jack's baby.
Amanda's Deadly Honeymoon
02:24 — Amanda loses her life after a terrible explosion at sea.
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