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Las Vegas Poor Monica. OK, not...

Las VegasPoor Monica. OK, not really, but I thought I would try and muster up some sympathy for the girl since no one else on the show really did. At least her last act was to land on top of a Manolo Blahnik one-day sample sale. It was so Carrie Bradshaw of her, but I couldn't relate. Somehow I missed getting the shoe gene. And the shopping gene. But Delinda sure got plenty of both. After she gave two seconds of her time to thinking about Monica's death, she went and took advantage of the sale. On any other show, this would be seen as cold and callous, but on Las Vegas, it's what passes for depth. By the end of the hour, Ed and the gang flushed Monica's ashes down the toilet. There's a joke in there about someone's career but I'm not going there. That would be in poor taste. Crime ca read more


On the heels of reports that CBS' Threshold, pulled for the remainder of November sweeps, has halted production, comes word that Fox's Reunion and ABC's Hot Properties each have had the plug pulled after 13 episodes. Thus far, there is no word on whether Reunion will wrap up its central murder mystery before vanishing; Hot Properties will air through December. read more

With the cancellation ax swinging...

With the cancellation ax swinging left and right this week, let's accentuate the positive, shall we?

As in: Prison Break announcing, at the end of its "fall finale" episode Monday night, that it would return sometime in March, not in May as previously rumored. The addicted among us will still chafe at the wait, no matter how long (or short) it might be. But I'm cool with the show waiting out the first rush of mid-season madness in January and sweeps (complicated by Winter Olympics) in February. When it comes back, in whatever time period Fox chooses, we'll be there.

The episode itself was relatively intense, with Michael & Co. hitting a wall — or, rather, a pipe — in their escape effort, while Veronica finds herself back in the crosshairs of that ridiculous psycho-agent, who murdered his partner in the night's biggest nonsurprise, though not before we learned that Lincoln's so-called "victim" is read more

How do you feel about ...

Question: How do you feel about watching a favorite show that, due to low ratings, probably won't be returning? I find myself wondering if time invested in Reunion, Threshold and Arrested Development could be spent elsewhere, since I really don't believe show-resurrection campaigns work and I can ultimately find out what happened in the aforementioned shows when the shows' DVDs are released. Answer: This comes up a lot, and the phrase "self-fulfilling prophecy" comes to mind. If you don't watch, the chances are even greater that these shows will vanish permanently, and all you'll have is a DVD boasting "never-before-seen episodes" as if that's something to celebrate. The way I look at it, a half hour, hour or even a minute spent with a show I enjoy is worth it, regardless of whether it's endangered and will eventually break my heart when it's prematurely axed. And a half hour, hour or even a minute spent watching mediocrities like E-Ring, Criminal Minds, Freddie, Joey, Related (the lis ... read more

Fox took a chance in ...

Question: Fox took a chance in starting its fall season earlier than the other networks' in order to gain more attention for its new shows. For my husband and I, it worked: We got hooked on Prison Break and Reunion, two shows we probably wouldn't have bothered to watch later due to their crowded time slots. But now it appears that gamble hasn't paid off for Fox, and these shows are at risk of cancellation without having given viewers the big payoffs for the mysteries they've started. Am I justified in feeling ripped off by the network, or is this just par for the course in television programming these days? Are the executives at all concerned that I, and other like-minded viewers, might not consider taking such a risk on new programs again? Answer: I don't know where people are getting the idea that Prison Break is in any danger of cancellation just because it's going on an indefinite hiatus. It will come back, and viewers will be ready for it whenever that may occur. (The real fear, as ... read more

With Desperate Housewives ...

Question: With Desperate Housewives muddling through its sophomore slump, do you think the American audience is ready to take a tip from the telenovelas? Spanish soap operas have a hard beginning and a definitive ending, telling a whole story in about six months. I think American audiences are ready to see a 24-hour miniseries that doesn't struggle to come up with a new hook just to keep the characters around for another adventure and then fade into mediocrity. How great would it have been to bask in the afterglow of that first season of Housewives? Will Michael Scofield be asked to break out of another prison? Answer: At first I thought your final line was a non sequitur, then I got your point. (Although it's still unclear to me what the future of Prison Break holds post-break.) It's a provocative idea, to start over from scratch after a successful season-long soap wraps up its initial big story. But to be blunt, neither the American audience nor the TV networks are built this way. ... read more

What are the chances of the ...

Question: What are the chances of the survival of Reunion after the annoying monthlong break on Fox?
Answer: Judging from the ratings from Reunion's first week back in November, pretty slim. But keep in mind, because of unexpected early preemptions plus the baseball hiatus, only five episodes of Reunion have aired through this week. Not much chance of the show gaining momentum or even showing a pulse given those adverse circumstances. We still don't know if Fox will air an element of American Idol on Thursdays at mid-season, but if so, that (or a move to Fridays) could seal the show's doom. I only hope for the sake of whoever's still watching that Fox and the producers can work together to at least take the story far along enough to reveal the identity of the killer before time runs out ... read more

Reunion 1990 Soundtrack: Skid...

Reunion1990 Soundtrack: Skid Row: "I Remember You"; Social Distortion: "Ball and Chain"; The Smiths: “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” You tried to trick me, Reunion folks. Last week I was confident that Sam was the victim. And then all of a sudden we see her in 2005? Very clever to make it her reunion remembrance video, although why she would talk in such detail about 1990 is beyond me. So in this new decade, Will goes from snitch to soldier; Carla is sleeping with the enemy; Jenna's mom is dying of AIDS; Craig and Sam are married and Aaron is still in Prague. The ugh! moments: Jenna's present-day wig, anyone? French woman saying "How do you say?" is such a pet peeve of mine. Picture my head exploding at that very moment. W read more

1989 soundtrack: The Cure "Love...

1989 soundtrack: The Cure "Love Song"; Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy"; Roxette "Listen to Your Heart" How great is that Cure song, by the way? It never gets old. But what does get old on this show are those lines that are absolutely cringe-inducing. Like the textbook-sleazy agent trying to convince Jenna to audition for a movie that "is going to be huge! Hudson Hawk!" Please, please stop. While the beginning of the episode seemed like more of the same soft drama, the show really (and finally!) started to pick up some steam. After all, it's been a month since we've seen ya. You're really gonna have to capture our attention in order to ensure that we stick around, Reunion people! Captain MajorHottie continues to investigate the murder of one of the six friends. He's coming under some fire because his big suspect is Father Whataw read more

Did We Talk To Reunion's Corpse?

Amanda Righetti

Tonight at 9 pm/ET, Fox hopes to reunite Reunion viewers with the relationship drama they sampled before MLB play-offs knocked it off the air for several weeks. To recap: Reunion follows the investigation of the murder of one of six friends whose past is recalled in flashbacks covering one year per episode. Although the victim has yet to be ID'd for the audience, based on those we have seen alive and kicking in the present-day scenes, Amanda Righetti's Jenna Moretti has a one-in-three chance of being the deceased. made sure to chat up the O.C. alumna before she possibly went (gulp) 6 feet under. Was it a tease to have Reunion debut and get some good notices, only to be plucked off the air?Amanda Righetti: Yeah, it's a pain to deal with that wh read more

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Premise: An unusual drama following six high-school friends over the course of 20 years (with each year a separate episode), told in flashbacks as a detective investigates the recent murder of one of the group.



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