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I have to know — is One Tree ...

Question: I have to know — is One Tree Hill going to make it to the new CW network? I can't lose both that and Reunion!

Answer: According to exec producer Mark Schwahn, "I don’t think we'll get word until right before the upfronts [in May]. I think we’re certainly on the bubble. We'd like to be included." If it does come back, Schwahn says next season will take place during the second half of senior year.

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When I was posted overseas, I ...

Question: When I was posted overseas, I found myself an avid watcher of a Brazilian telenovela called Terra Nostra. Luckily, I know some Spanish and was able to get the gist of the dialogue using Spanish and English cognates. It was a great story and made me realize that I'd like to see a series that had a beginning and an end. My question: Don't you think the telenovela format would be a welcome change from TV shows that you start to get invested in, such as Threshold or Love Monkey, just as they're prematurely canceled? Or do you think it would be more like a longer miniseries, such as Roots or North and South? Of course, Centennial doesn't count because they switched that around so much I lost track of when it was on. Maybe it was too long? Answer: If the networks' experiments with the telenovela format means a sideways return to the old-style miniseries, I'm all for it. (Actually, I've been saying for a long time that many of HBO's acclaimed dramas, most notably The Wire and Rome, ... read more


In other pilot news, Skeet Ulrich will star in Jericho, CBS' drama about a small town isolated from the world after a nuclear disaster.... Gail O'Grady has joined Kevin Williamson's CW sudser about a teen whose family moves to Palm Springs, while Hot Properties costar Sofia Vergara has been cast on ABC's new comedy from Donal Logue.... John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise) and Owain Yeoman (Kitchen Confidential) have been added to ABC's Nine Lives, about strangers who bond during a bank robbery.... John L. Adams (The Dead Zone) will play newscaster Angie Harmon's cameraman in Secrets of a Small Town, from Charles Pratt Jr. (Desperate Housewives).... And, in short order, Mark Feuerstein (Good Morning, Miami read more

Have you heard any news about ...

Question: Have you heard any news about Reunion? Are they going to finish this season to reveal who the killer is?

Answer: I'm guessing no, since Peter Liguori pretty much ID'd Sam's daughter as the culprit in the middle of Tuesday's exec session. He added that it was "regrettable" that Reunion ended "before its time… I do wish there was a way to wrap it up, [but] Reunion was particularly cumbersome to try and provide an ending for the audience. To gap those additional 14, 15, 16 years was an incredibly complex path. And there was just no way to accelerate that time."

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OK, I get that shows get ...

Question: OK, I get that shows get canceled. I understand why other networks don't pick them up and I understand that money drives the whole DVD-release decision. What I don't get is why Fox, in the case of Reunion, but other networks, too (CBS and Threshold come to mind), can't give fans a little morsel of relief and post answers/scripts/show outlines on their websites. I mean, could this really cost that much money? Even if they had to pay a couple of writers to smooth out the outline, how much money could that be? And wouldn't it be worth it to satisfy those loyal fans who watched the show? I get that this is TV and that most everyone would rather watch than read, but I, for one, would still like to know how and why Sam was killed. Fox's handling of this show and of Wonderfalls (and of Arrested Development) makes me wonder why I invest any time in watching shows on that network. Answer: It's at this point that I would like to offer at least a feeble defense of Fox. Yes, the network ... read more

Your Dec. 2 Dispatch on the ...

Question: Your Dec. 2 Dispatch on the winter-spring TV season was very informative. However, then I read in Entertainment News that the American Idol results show will be moving to Thursdays for a while. How will that work? What will happen to The O.C.? Answer: The problem with ever trying to do a comprehensive analysis of network schedules is that they never stay that way for long. Fox has shaken up Thursdays again since I filed that column, putting Reunion out of its misery earlier than expected and, starting next week, moving back-to-back episodes of That '70s Show to the old O.C. time period of 8 pm/ET. The O.C. now moves to 9 pm/ET with this dreary lead-in, except for a few weeks in February when Idol's semifinal-round results show airs at 8 pm/ET. Even so, with CSI and the Winter Olympics as competition, The O.C. isn't likely to gain much ratings momentum on that night. But if its core audience stays loyal, that will probably be enough ... read more

I am still annoyed at the ...

Question: I am still annoyed at the network and also at the writers for canceling and not wrapping up the murder mystery on Reunion. I seem to remember a quirky show that was on ABC on Thursday nights back when NBC ruled the night. The show was about an IRS agent sent to investigate a murder in a desert town. It was odd, like Twin Peaks, but was canceled mid-season. The writers gave the audience a quick conclusion to the story. Yes, it was not developed and it was thrown together as the IRS agent was being chased from this crazy town, but at least it was closure for the audience who invested time in watching. What are your thoughts, and do you remember the show on ABC? Thanks. Answer: You're thinking of Push, Nevada, which aired for eight self-indulgently unwatchable weeks in 2002. I didn't care much for it — for my taste, this was a case of a show way too in love with its own quirkiness— but at least when the boom was lowered, the writers rushed an ending into place, no matter how ... read more

I have heard rumors that the ...

Question: I have heard rumors that the WB may pick up Reunion. Is this true? 

Answer: No. The show is dead, the final episode having aired last week. On the bright side, at least now we know who killed Sam: Fox president Peter Liguori.

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As we first reported yesterday, Fox's Reunion, which was canceled a few weeks ago but wasn't to actually bow out until Feb. 2, aired its final episode on Dec. 15. "Yes, it was [the last episode], unfortunately," a rep for the series tells Reunion execs recently issued a statement saying that the central murder mystery could not possibly be wrapped up on a truncated timetable. read more

[Quoting from my Dec. 12 ...

Question: [Quoting from my Dec. 12 column]: "Pasadena's quick fade means that it probably had little to do with the genesis of Housewives, but watching it now, it clearly was ahead of its time. If it were being pitched and produced today, chances are it might actually have succeeded." So why not recast it (or keep as much as the original cast as possible — I bet Dana Delany needs the work) and put it back on the air? Fox could start with a shot-for-shot remake of the original 13 scripts, or a "reimagining" of the original scripts, or completely new scripts that keep the same premise, the same characters and the same tone. Networks pour millions into new shows, most of which fail, so why not bring back Pasadena, which failed before but would likely succeed now? I don't understand why networks only try ideas once. Memo to Fox: Resurrect Pasadena! Answer: First off, Dana Delany (one of my all-time faves, dating back to the China Beach glory days) is back at work already, cast in the ... read more

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