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2004, TV Show

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Sep 07, 2011 Season 7 Episode 9 watch on (Subscription)

After the fire, the members of 62 Truck struggle to pick up the pieces, while the new probies hear a familiar speech and stand before a new leader.


Sep 13, 2005 Season 2 Episode 13

In the wake of his son's funeral, things for Tommy are made even more difficult when Janet holds him personally responsible for Connor being killed by a hit-and-run driver. As friends and family try to snap Tommy out of his depression, Katy's claim that she doesn't believe in God has Sean looking for a way to restore her faith. And as Jerry is told that it would be best to put his wife into the hospital, and Franco continues pressing Laura about resuming a relationship, Candy calls to tell Lou that her pimp has agreed to release her. As Tommy fights the temptation to start drinking as a way to deal with the pain, Johnny reveals that the man who killed Connor is being returned to New York from Baltimore. After asking Johnny to alert him to when and where he will be arriving, Tommy hurries to help when Sheila calls to say that Debbie is beating her again. However, rather than seeking revenge, Tommy stands by as Debbie beats him senseless, too. Meanwhile, Sean thinks he's witnessed a miracle when a leaky church ceiling makes it look like a statue of the Virgin Mary is crying. Following his daring rescue of a girl from the ledge of a burning building, Tommy learns that Chief Perrolli has been having Mickey secretly monitor his rehab. While Katy remains unmoved by Sean's claim of a miracle, Tommy's dad and Uncle Teddy insist on being the ones to seek revenge against Connor's killer. So, as Franco tries in vain to see Laura, and Jerry leaves his frightened wife at the hospital, Tommy agrees to let his dad and uncle shoot the hit-and-run driver when he arrives at Grand Central Station. Finally, as Lou arrives at Candy's apartment to learn that he isn't the only one who's lost a lot of money in her cleverly engineered con game, Franco finds that Laura has moved without telling him where. And after a disturbing vision of Jesus, Tommy hurries to the train station to try and stop his dad and Uncle Teddy from becoming murderers, too.
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Sep 06, 2005 Season 2 Episode 12

As they begin to realize that Mrs. Ng's death is going to make their father very wealthy, the Gavin family begins looking forward to a not-too-distant future where they will all be well off. As Janet solicits his reluctant participation in a ceremony to renew their wedding vows, Tommy decides to share his newfound fortune with his friends at work. However, as they are discussing how to redecorate their Park Avenue apartment, the Gavins are all surprised by the appearance of the family's estranged black sheep daughter, Maggie. And though their father is none too happy to see her, Maggie claims that she had no idea about the inheritance and warns Tommy against assuming that the money is a sure thing as she seeks his support in becoming one of the family again. While a series of untimely miscues gives his fellow firefighters reason to suspect that Mike is gay, Sean works to help the love-struck Franco get over his failed romance as Laura struggles to put her feelings for him behind her. So, with his friends starting to outfit the station with new gym equipment and Janet pressing ahead with her plans for a lavish party to renew their vows, Tommy begins to question the sense of happiness he's been feeling. Meanwhile, as a practical joke plays on the suspicions that Mike is gay, Jerry is called home to attend to his ailing wife and is stunned to find that she's tried to commit suicide. With Sheila finding herself on the receiving end of another vicious beating at the hands of her girlfriend, Debbie, Tommy convinces his dad to accept Maggie back into the Gavin fold. However, after a reading of the will reveals that Mrs. Ng left virtually all of her money to her beloved cats, the elder Gavin's suspicions are confirmed when Maggie suddenly bolts. Finally, as a beating from her pimp has Lou more committed than ever to save Candy from having to work as a prostitute, Tommy and Janet's world is turned upside down when their son, Connor, is killed by a hit-and-run driver.
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Aug 30, 2005 Season 2 Episode 11

Tommy's nephew wants to be a firefighter.
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Aug 23, 2005 Season 2 Episode 10

Tommy and Mickey uncover proof that their half-brother is a child molester.
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Aug 16, 2005 Season 2 Episode 9

Although he and Janet have agreed to try and reconcile their differences, Tommy is still surprised at her sexually playful attitude. So, after Lou suggests that Janet may be on antidepressants, Tommy sneaks a look inside her purse during a family dinner at his dad's apartment and finds the pills that are responsible for her improved attitude. Although he wants to undo the damage his loose talk has caused, Sean's efforts to patch things up between Laura and Franco only make matters worse. So, desperate to regain Laura's trust, Franco asks Lou to help him out by writing a poem. Meanwhile, in the wake of Steven Reilly's birthday party, the suspicion at 62 Truck is that Mike is gay. And after Lou defends her when she's accosted on the street by a former customer, Candy invites him up to her apartment, only to have him balk at staying overnight. As the police start turning up the heat in advance of their annual hockey game against the fire department, Tommy learns that Janet has started looking for an apartment where they live together as a family again. However, when Tommy looks to get some of the same medication Janet is taking, his doctor refuses to help him out. As Mike admits that he has started hanging around gay men as a way to meet women, Tommy fails miserably to use the church confessional to repent, so he turns his energies towards trying to make things right by helping out at the firehouse. After it's found that the poems to Laura that Franco thought were written by Lou were actually Tommy's work, everyone is stunned. When this new and improved Tommy Gavin miraculously survives a fall during a fire at an abandoned warehouse, Franco asks him to write another poem for Laura when Lou's efforts fall short. And when pressed by Lou about what's going on, Tommy admits that the drugs he's been stealing from Janet have transformed him into a new man. However, his teammates are less than pleased when, during their game against the cops, the medication dilutes Tommy's killer instinct.
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Aug 09, 2005 Season 2 Episode 8

While trying to keep his relationship with Shelia from engulfing his life, Tommy gains an edge in his competition with Johnny for their half-sister, Mariel's, attention. Although Mariel is eager to have sex, even the suggestion that they might not have the same father can't overcome Tommy's reservations. After criticizing Mickey for suspecting that their half-brother, Father Murphy, is a child molester, Tommy is at the hospital with the boy he saved when, during another hallucination, he's encouraged to pray for the restoration of his marriage to Janet. Meanwhile, as Franco asks Laura to move in with him, and Jerry learns that his wife and son are planning a birthday party for Peter's boyfriend, Steven, Lou's ruse to keep Sondra interested in sex gets harder to maintain when he becomes interested in Candy -- the prostitute he's hired to help with the deception. Though everyone but Laura balked at the invitation, even after Jerry orders them to attend Steven's party, Tommy and company refuse to mingle with the decidedly gay crowd. However, after Laura insists that she and Franco join in the fun, and then Mike and Sean are unable to resist, too, only Tommy and Lou are left outside. But as Lou gears up the deception when Sondra calls demanding to know where he is, Franco and Laura's plans to live together are derailed when Sean unwittingly tells her about the nurse Franco was dating to feed his drug addiction. Meanwhile, things come unglued at the elder Gavin's apartment when Janet arrives to see her kids. As Franco begs Laura not to leave him, and Sean and Mike pretend to be gay in order to impress two women at the party, a call from Uncle Teddy sends Tommy rushing to his dad's apartment. Now on his own, Lou calls on Candy to help him keep up appearances for Sondra. However, deciding that he can't keep it up any longer, he tells Sondra the truth so he can spend the evening with Candy. Finally, as Jerry's frustration with Peter's homosexuality wanes, and a suspicious Mickey stalks Father Murphy, Tommy's prayers are answered when Janet decides she wants to give their marriage a second chance and the badly burned boy awakes from his coma.
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Aug 02, 2005 Season 2 Episode 7

After stashing his kids with his father, Tommy looks for a place to live and a new drug supply.
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Jul 26, 2005 Season 2 Episode 6

Already suspicious that Sheila may not be pregnant, Tommy solicits some advice from Laura before setting out to find proof. Continuing to ignore his brother Johnny's warnings, he pushes ahead with his plan to kidnap his other two children. However, Tommy's plans are dashed when the FBI agent who is his sublet apartment's legal tenant orders him to move out because of the neighbors' complaints. Meanwhile Sean's colleagues warn him against dating a woman who is sleeping her way through the entire fire department. And as Jerry struggles to find a way to talk to his gay son, Peter, Lou attends a reception for bone marrow donors and survivors, only to find that Leon, the man whose life he saved, isn't especially grateful. After learning his name, Tommy calls on Sheila's obstetrician, who reveals the truth about the miscarriage. But before he can leave, Tommy is confronted by the ghost of his cousin - Sheila's late husband, Jimmy -- who dishes out a brutal beating as he insists that he do whatever it takes to get her pregnant again. Ignoring the demand, Tommy heads for Shelia's house instead and, with a frightened Colleen looking on, he angrily confronts Sheila with the truth. Meanwhile, as Lou decides to let Leon know how he feels about being snubbed, Jerry learns that Sean's new girlfriend, Heather, is a firebug. So, as Sean dumps Heather after confronting her about the fires she's started, Jerry finds the courage to ask Peter about what it's like to be gay. When he can't find his pain medication, Franco takes it out on his daughter, Keela, unaware that Tommy has been stealing his pills. However, the drug-addicted firefighter's rage turns to fear after he discovers Keela unconscious from an accidental overdose. Accused of being ungrateful for the bone marrow donation, Leon offers to make things right by taking Lou out for a drink. But when he then tries sticking Lou with the tab, things sour between them. Finally, with Colleen's help, Tommy kidnaps Katy and Conor from their school. But before long, they have him questioning whether he's made a mistake. And when the firefighters answer a call at her apartment, Sean is stunned to find that, as a result of their break up, Heather committed suicide.
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Jul 19, 2005 Season 2 Episode 5

With Chief Perrolli looking to make sure that Tommy stays clean, the Gavin brothers learn about their father's secret family.
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Jul 12, 2005 Season 2 Episode 4

As Laura files a formal complaint against Lou, Tommy returns to 62 Truck.
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Jul 05, 2005 Season 2 Episode 3

Chief Perrolli agrees to take Tommy back -- on the condition that all of 62 Truck's firefighters want him.
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Jun 28, 2005 Season 2 Episode 2

As Lou and Jerry find Chief Perroli vehemently opposed to bringing him back to 62 Truck, Tommy is hunkered down in his new Staten Island assignment waiting for some good news. When asked by his new colleagues to join their barbershop quartet for a national competition in Ohio, Tommy can barley disguise his contempt. Yet, after a phone call from Colleen reveals that she and the rest of the family are hiding out near Columbus, Tommy joins the quartet in hopes of being able to see them. As Tommy looks to curry Sheila's favor by telling her that he's stopped drinking, Uncle Teddy's gambling lands him in trouble with the mob. And after he's unable to convince Teresa to take him back, an angry and hurt Mike starts to stalk her and her new boyfriend. Soon after arriving in Ohio for the competition, Tommy borrows the SUV belonging to another one of the firefighters and heads off to track down Janet. Finding her dating a local firefighter, he insists that they are still legally married and demands that she and their kids return with him to New York or face kidnapping charges. However, when he gives her a few minutes to get their things together, Janet sneaks away with the children. Meanwhile, with Jerry doing everything he can to deal with his wife's Alzheimer's, and Franco developing an unhealthy reliance on his prescription painkillers, even though Sean convinces him to start dating again, Mike finds that he misses Teresa too much. Upon finding that Janet has given him the slip, Tommy ends up getting the worst end of an encounter with her boyfriend, Steve. Beaten and bloodied, he makes a futile attempt to find his family before going to a bar where, after resisting the temptation to take a drink, he makes his way back to the barbershop quartet contest to join his co-workers for the long drive back home. Finally, as Lou's efforts to blackmail Perroli into reinstating Tommy backfire, Mike sullenly looks for a way to get Teresa back.
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Jun 21, 2005 Season 2 Episode 1

Fighting nightmares about Franco's injury, Janet's selling the house and leaving with their kids, Sheila's pregnancy, and even premonitions of his own death, New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin is now living alone in an illegal East Village sublet after being transferred to Staten Island. Far from the action at his old Manhattan firehouse, 62 Truck, Tommy realizes that he is going to have to get his life back on track and calls Father Mickey to ask about returning to an AA meeting. With his parking tickets piling up, he then turns to his brother, Johnny, for help getting them dismissed before asking him and their lawyer-cousin, Eddie, to find Janet. But Johnny finally has enough of his out-of-control behavior and takes his brother to task after he's arrested for a drunken attack on some street vendors working at Ground Zero. Now that Lou finds being divorced and available has made him unattractive to his girlfriend, and Jerry struggles to cope with his wife's Alzheimer's, Sean is goaded into secretly taking a pornographic picture with Laura's camera. But after innocently trying to get the pictures developed nearly gets her arrested, Laura turns the tables and exacts revenge on Sean. As Franco nurses the wounds he sustained while rescuing Tommy, and Mike discovers that incompatibility has doomed his relationship with Teresa, the one person still willing to stand by Tommy's side, Sheila -- catches him drinking and bolts. While doing his best to try and cover it up, Tommy cannot disguise his unhappiness with his Staten Island assignment and tells Lou that he would love nothing more than to be back at 62 Truck. Although Lou wants to help, he insists that Tommy give up drinking and call to square things with Franco. So, after calling to arrange to meet Mickey at an AA meeting, Tommy places a call to Franco, only to have him refuse to talk. As a result, after a difficult phone call with his kids, a drunken Tommy comes within inches of killing himself before finally showing up at the AA meeting with Mickey.
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