Wed Jun 3 6:00am
Garage Door; TGI Tuesday TOON

The guys must fix a garage door; Margaret gets an internship, and the gang want to celebrate.

Wed Jun 3 6:30am
Skips' Story(Season 5, Episode 22) TOON

The guys find out how Skips became immortal.

Thu Jun 4 6:00am
Camping Can Be Cool; The Longest Weekend TOON

Mordecai argues the merits of camping with Margaret; Muscle Man tries not to contact Starla for an entire weekend.

Thu Jun 4 6:30am
Slam Dunk; A Bunch of Full Grown Geese TOON

The guys challenge Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to a basketball competition in order to win time to use the computer; the guys must get rid of geese at the park.

Fri Jun 5 6:00am
Cool Bikes; Sandwich of Death TOON

The guys hope new bikes will increase their popularity; Benson falls ill after eating a deadly sandwich.

Fri Jun 5 6:30am
House Rules; Ace Balthazar Lives TOON

The guys tire of Benson's rules for the house; the guys plan a band reunion.

Mon Jun 8 6:00am
Rap It Up; Do or Diaper TOON

Mordecai and Rigby join a rap battle to defend Pops' honor; Muscle Man and Mordecai make a bet on whether Mordecai can gather the courage to kiss Margaret, and the loser has to wear diapers for a week.

Mon Jun 8 6:30am
Really Real Wrestling; QuipsNew TOON

Mordecai and Rigby want to watch wrestling but must look after Pops instead; Skips intervenes to stop his cousin's bad jokes.

Tue Jun 9 6:00am
Fri Jun 12 6:00am