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A pair of best friends turn everyday events into strange adventures in this animated series.

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Mon Nov 27 7:00am
Muscle Woman; Temp Check TOON

The guys play matchmaker for Muscle Man and his estranged girlfriend, but the woman soon sets her sights on Mordecai instead; Rigby hires a temp who befriends Mordecai, making Rigby jealous.

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Mon Nov 27 7:30am
Jinx; See You There TOON

Rigby is jinxed, rendering him unable to talk, and must find a way out of his predicament; the guys aren't invited to a party for High Five Ghost, but they decide to go anyway.

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Tue Nov 28 7:00am
Do Me a Solid; Grave Sights TOON

Mordecai owes Rigby a favor after Rigby agrees to go on a double date with him; the guys battle zombies while trying to get a day off of work.

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Tue Nov 28 7:30am
Really Real Wrestling; Over the Top TOON

Mordecai and Rigby want to watch wrestling but must look after Pops instead; Skips must arm wrestle Death in order to save Rigby, whom he accidentally killed.

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Wed Nov 29 7:00am
The Night Owl; A Bunch of Baby Ducks TOON

The guys go to extremes in order to win a radio contest in which Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are also competing; Mordecai and Rigby become attached to a family of ducks living in a park fountain.

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Wed Nov 29 7:30am
More Smarter; First Day TOON

Rigby tries to become smarter by taking a special formula; Mordecai and Rigby compete for a chair by playing rock paper scissors.

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Thu Nov 30 7:00am
Go Viral; Skunked TOON

Mordecai and Rigby plan to create a viral video that'll become hugely popular; Rigby is sprayed by a skunk and struggles to freshen up.

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Thu Nov 30 7:30am
Karaoke Video; Stick Hockey TOON

The guys try to track down an embarrassing video from a karaoke bar; Benson helps the guys recover their stick-hockey table, which he threw away.

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Fri Dec 1 7:00am
Bet to Be Blonde; Skips Strikes TOON

Rigby and Mordecai make a bet, and the loser must dye his hair blond; Skips must bowl Death's team in a showdown on the lanes.

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Fri Dec 1 7:30am
Camping Can Be Cool; Slam Dunk TOON

Mordecai argues the merits of camping with Margaret; the guys challenge Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to a basketball competition in order to win time to use the computer.

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Sat Dec 2 3:00pm
The Christmas Special(Season 4, Episode 9) TOON

The guys must destroy a gift in order to save Christmas.

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Sun Dec 3 3:30pm
Christmas in Space(Season 8, Episode 23) TOON

The guys celebrate Christmas in space and tell Christmas stories, but Benson doesn't think the stories are Christmas-y enough.

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Mon Dec 4 7:00am
Cool Bikes; House Rules TOON

The guys hope new bikes will increase their popularity; the guys tire of Benson's rules for the house.

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Mon Dec 4 7:30am
Rap It Up; Cruisin TOON

Mordecai and Rigby join a rap battle to defend Pops' honor; the guys try to get a girl's phone number in order to win a bet with Margaret and Eileen.

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Tue Dec 5 7:00am
Under the Hood; Weekend at Benson's TOON

The guys must erase graffiti in the park. Later, they accidentally knock out Benson and must come up with a plan to ensure he's not angry with them when he wakes up.

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Tue Dec 5 7:30am
Fortune Cookie; Think Positive TOON

Rigby tries to improve his luck by swapping cookie fortunes with Benson; Pops bars Benson from yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, causing Benson to have a major meltdown.

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Wed Dec 6 7:00am
Skips vs. Technology; Eggscellent TOON

Skips lacks computer skills and can't help Mordecai and Rigby master technology; Mordecai tries to eat a large omelet in order to win a hat for Rigby.

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Wed Dec 6 7:30am
Gut Model; Video Game Wizard TOON

Muscle Man pursues gut modeling when he feels unappreciated at the park; Mordecai and Rigby compete in a video-game contest in hopes of winning a new game controller.

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Thu Dec 7 7:00am
The Best Burger in the World; Replaced TOON

The guys try to trick Benson with holograms in order to eat the world's best burgers. Later, they fight for their jobs after Benson replaces them with an ostrich and a possum.

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Thu Dec 7 7:30am
Butt Dial; Trash Boat TOON

Mordecai accidentally calls Margaret and must find a way to erase the embarrassing message he left on her voicemail; Rigby changes his name and quickly regrets his choice.

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Fri Dec 8 7:00am
Fists of Justice; Yes Dude Yes TOON

The guys do Skips' job for the day as a birthday gift; Mordecai looks for a girlfriend to help him get over Margaret, who he thinks is engaged.

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Fri Dec 8 7:30am
Busted Cart; Dead at Eight TOON

The duo take a road trip with Benson to a dealership after damaging a cart that's under warranty; Death needs a babysitter and recruits Mordecai and Rigby for the job.

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  • Premiered: September 6, 2010
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A pair of best friends turn everyday events into strange adventures in this animated series. (more)

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