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  • 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A pair of best friends turn everyday events into strange adventures in this animated series.

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Are You an Expert
00:28 — Rigby claims to be a gardening expert.
Lost in the Woods
00:42 — Eileen builds a fire due to Mordecai and Rigby misplacing the matches.
All the Burritos
00:38 — The local burrito place refuses to serve the guys because they're not in a real car.
Dodge Ball
00:32 — Mordecai and CJ face off in an intense dodge ball tournament.
Gary's Tunes
01:46 — Mordecai and Rigby witness amazing electronic music.
VIP Monsters
02:09 — Mordecai and Rigby need to defeat the monster is they want to be VIP.
A Large Canvas
00:30 — Mordecai and RIgby have to repaint the whole house.
Haunted RV
00:42 — Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost discover an RV that is haunted.
Skips Goes Home
00:30 — Skips is invited to a laser show but goes home instead.
Scary Roommate
00:41 — Eileen has the scariest roommate ever.
Tour of Dumptown
01:39 — Rigby checks out Mordecai's new life in Dumptown.
Real Food!
01:01 — Mordecai and Rigby imagine what its like to be in space after earth is blow up.
Broken Benson
00:42 — Mordecai and RIgby seek the help of Muscle Man to fix Benson's car.
Evil Taxi
00:43 — Rigby keeps having nightmares about an evil taxi chasing him.
Party Horse Planet
01:29 — Party Horse takes Mordecai and Rigby out for a night of partying.
Bucket List
00:57 — The gang helps Muscle Man complete his bucket list.
Secret Farm
00:40 — Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips visit a space farm.
Late Ace
00:42 — Mordecai and Rigby mistake a man for a rock star.
Returning the Favor
00:39 — Muscle Man is pranked in a cruel way so he returns the favor.
Pops Loves Astronomy
01:38 — Pops explains the universe to Mordecai and Rigby.
Christmas Present
00:30 — Muscle Man has given some terrible Christmas presents over the years.
The Chosen One
02:27 — Pops has to make a big decision.
Chopper Contest
00:36 — CJ's dad introduces Mordecai to his co-worker.
Lame Jokes
00:30 — Mordecai and Rigby are being supervised by Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, while Muscle Man keeps telling lame mom jokes.
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