Best Worst Movie Ever
02:38 — The guys have to return a VHS copy of their favorite terrible movie or else pay a huge late fee.
Space Duck
01:58 — The gang gets in a fight with the moon, and meet a space duck, which turns out to be a focus group.
Meeting the Parents
00:48 — Mordecai takes CJ to meet his parents.
Scary Roommate
00:41 — Eileen has the scariest roommate ever.
Game Show
00:44 — Muscle Man and his fiancee try to get on a game show.
Betrayal of Death
01:40 — Jerry double crosses Mordecai and Rigby during a quest to get a stomach.
Sad Sax Guy
00:51 — Sad Sax Guy vows to help Mordecai get back together with CJ.
Chopper Contest
00:36 — CJ's dad introduces Mordecai to his co-worker.
The Prophecy
00:30 — Mordecai and RIgby look at a format war prophecy.
We Must Survive!
00:37 — The gang is walking through a dark forest to Muscle Man's Mom's house while telling scary stories.
The Quest
00:34 — Mordecai and RIgby seeks Skips help in claiming the golden badge.
Origin Story
01:00 — High Five Ghost shares an embarassing video of Muscle Man.
01:22 — The gang stays up all night creating new uniforms, and are dissapointed when they finally arrive.
Test Time
01:59 — Mordecai and Rigby are given 1 hour to help the party horse study.
Stake Out
00:49 — The gang spies on Benson.
Minigolf Champ
01:00 — CJ helps the gang win a minigolf competition.
Snazzy Benson
00:34 — Benson finds a suit in the lost and found and thinks it will bring him respect.
The Bolt Keeper
02:09 — Moredai, Rigby, and Pops must complete trials, including sorting nuts and bolts.
Who Are You
00:41 — During a late night hunger crave, Rigby sees Thomas fighting a mysterious guy.
Real Food!
01:01 — Mordecai and Rigby imagine what its like to be in space after earth is blow up.
Muscle Wedding
01:42 — Muscle Man gets cold feet, until he gets letter from his father.
The Choice
00:29 — Mordecai must choose between Margaret and CJ.
Trapped Down Under
00:37 — Mordecai and Rigby sing in order to get a ride home.
Bucket List
00:57 — The gang helps Muscle Man complete his bucket list.
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