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Latest Episode: White Elephant Gift Exchange / Merry Christmas Mordecai

Dec 04, 2014 Season 9 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

White Elephant Gift Exchange: The park guys want revenge on Muscle Man for all his terrible gifts. / Merry Christmas Mordecai: Mordecai has to get through a Christmas party with CJ without messing everything up.

Dodge This / Portable Toilet [HD]

Jan 27, 2014 Season 7 Episode 9

Dodge This: The park guys want to win a dodge ball tournament. / Portable Toilet: Mordecai and Rigby have to get out of a portable toilet.
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The Heart of a Stuntman / New Year's Kiss

Dec 31, 2013 Season 7 Episode 8

The Heart of a Stuntman: Muscle Man, Rigby, Mordecai and High Fives want to get a stuntman license. / New Year's Kiss: Rigby has to stop Mordecai from kissing a girl on New Year's Eve.
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Bank Shot / Power Tower

Nov 18, 2013 Season 7 Episode 6

Bank Shot: Rigby has to win a bet by beating a guy at basketball bank shots. / Power Tower: Muscle Man wants to win the bodybuilding competition.
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Survival Skills / Tants

Nov 04, 2013 Season 7 Episode 5

Survival Skills: Mordecai and Rigby have to bring Benson some tortillas. / Tants: Mordecai and Rigby have to get back a gift that Pops gave them.
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Wall Buddy / A Skips in Time [HD]

Sep 30, 2013 Season 7 Episode 3

Wall Buddy: Mordecai and Rigby have to clean up their room. / A Skips in Time: Mordecai and Rigby have to help return Teenage Skips to the 1700s.
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Benson's Car / Every Meat Burritos

Sep 16, 2013 Season 7 Episode 2

Benson's Car: Mordecai and Rigby have to fix Benson's car. / Every Meat Burritos: Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Fives want Every Meat Burritos.
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Laundry Woes / Silver Dude

Sep 02, 2013 Season 7 Episode 1

Laundry Woes: Mordecai wants to return Margaret's sweater to her. / Silver Dude: Mordecai and Rigby want to make money for a video game.
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