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Reaper Season 1 episodes

"Cancun" Season 1, Episode 18

"Cancun. It’s where we took our first vacation. We called it heaven."How ironic that Reaper’s season finale would have as much to do with God as the Devil. The God factor has been like the white elephant in the room all season, quickly mentioned but not legitimizing itself. And now with the demon rebellion against Satan and his supposed spawn, a whole new bag of heavenly worms has been opened up. I really thought this finale was handled well. It wasn’t one big action-packed event after another, as I initially thought would be fitting for a demon rebellion. Instead, we learned more about Sam’s mysterious origins, some about his parents’ secret, and a bit about the relationship of hell to heaven, which was previously skimmed over. For all the information packed into it, I thought this finale progressed really beautifully and very gingerly tackled all its important matters. I know “gingerly” is a strange word to use to describe this show in general, b... read more

"The Leak" Season 1, Episode 17

"Sam is the son of the devil." — TonyHoly hell. We were right.I mean, I suppose there's some chance this is all one big misunderstanding, but then how do you explain "Someone very carefully went through this [contract] and removed every page that references who Sam’s father is"? And "The kid just got the DMV demon released. When was the last time you saw the devil show mercy?" WHAT? Is it really true? Is Sam even actually under contract? Is his mom his real mom? Would the Devil actually ever harm him?Does Sam have to keep reaping? Someone needs to slap me.This episode is undoubtedly the most important of the series so far and all melted into one big dun-dun-DUN in the end. We all had our suspicions about Sam's origins, but to have it spelled out like this is something I didn't expect. And who knew Gladys would play such a pivotal role in Sam's life? The DMV demon just helped to out Sam to Tony and what are probably his new footsoldiers. These kinds of things don't seem to ... read more

"Greg, Schmeg" Season 1, Episode 16

Sorry for the delay, everyone!Sometimes your first impressions of people are actually the right ones. The first time I saw Andi’s "boyfriend" Greg? Toolbox. The first time I saw Gladys? Evil. The first time I saw the Devil? Handsome. Erm, bad, bad man. The reality of first impressions on this show is that they're invalid — you never really know what you’re going to get. The Devil spins his webs in devious little ways and doesn’t ever seem to lose. It seems that as soon as Sam ever gets an inkling that the good guys might have a chance, he has to be cruelly reminded that the Devil’s the one calling the shots and, oh, yeah, he’s the man. Knowing that, I got to wondering. Should we even have hope left for Sam’s eternal soul? Or for that matter, for anyone he loves?Andi is someone Sam loves, and as we found out tonight, she still loves him too. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Greg also loves her, and the ensuing battle over Andi’s heart played ou... read more

"Coming to Grips" Season 1, Episode 15

Dear God, Were you watching Reaper tonight? Because this show about the Devil is about 1,000 times more awesome than 7th Heaven ever was. Sorry.<3SandyOkay, seriously. This episode may be my most favorite ever, after the pilot. Last week's episode turned a new corner in storytelling for the show, but this week's cranked it up to 11. It even came close to making me cry. There, I said it. I'm a big baby. WHO'S WITH ME?Did I say this show is awesome? Oh, I guess I did. Well, it is.Since the start we'd all been waiting to see how the storyline with Andi was going to pan out. Some of you had hoped that Andi and Josie would join the team and hunt Demons with the guys, but that seems to have quelled once we all realized that bringing anyone else into the fold would be really dangerous for them. Sam seems to have had no choice tonight in showing Andi how deeply involved he is with the underworld after she witnessed him killing a demon, and put himself on the line to both save his own b... read more

"Rebellion" Season 1, Episode 14

Plenty of shows on TV these days know how to balance their funny factor with drama. Scrubs and My Name is Earl particularly do a good job at being comedies that the audience takes seriously. Reaper isn’t quite in that category yet, probably because it deals with the Devil and a demon-catcher instead of folks we can empathize with like a young guy moving up in the ranks at his job or a poor guy trying to do some good in the world. When those shows have a serious message to convey, you quit your laughing and pay attention. Not so much with Reaper. Tonight’s episode did get closer to that than it ever has though, demon rebellion and all. I'm not certain this show even needs to be on that track to Serioustown, but tonight's episode lended this show a new kind of importance, and to me it felt good. Andi was still hanging out in a hospital bed when we revisited her tonight, on the verge of release after the car accident last episode. Whatever you were hoping she would keep in he... read more

"Acid Queen" Season 1, Episode 13

Tonight's episode of Reaper was immensely thrilling, the pinnacle of everything this show has aspired to be since it started. They fully executed romance, mortal danger, misunderstandings, even love triangles, revenge and demons in one hour. You know, that description disturbingly reminds me of the mornings I obsessively spent watching Days of Our Lives circa 1997 and its bizarre storylines (remember when Marlena was possessed by he Devil? Anyone? OK, don't hate me). But this was tender and surprising and thrilling. I couldn't ask for more.After some consternation, the guys figured out a way to break up with their new BFFs, neighbor-demons Steve (Michael Ian Black) and Tony (Ken Marino), only to find that they'd been hasty in doing so after the two prove they're harmless and misunderstood. Still, you have to know they're hiding something — Steve very obviously took an active interest in Sam's unique buddy-terms with the Devil. What could he want? He did save Sam's life (how awe... read more

"Unseen" Season 1, Episode 12

Oh, how I love a good (mild) cliffhanger. Did anyone else expect the Guys’ new neighbors Steve (Michael Ian Black) and Tony (Ken Marino) to be demons? I mean, I think we've all come to accept that anything on this show that appears to be great at first (dads, vacuums, girlfriends) rarely is. But demons? Adoptive parent demons? Badass, lovey chefs-who-discuss-crown-moulding demons? Oh, Well. Even if they are 28,000% evil, I still want their lobster macaroni and cheese recipe. Yum.I quite enjoyed seeing everyone's storylines flesh out in this episode. And though last week's demon was pretty gnarly, I found Herbert to be one of the scarier escaped souls I've personally seen — you can't see him coming at you! Though in a way, I've come to expect that sort of thing when I walk on New York City streets. At least in my case it's usually just the crazies and not the returned-dead to keep wary of.Sam started the episode out in confident form, backbone intact, hallelujah. Minus his ... read more

Hungry for Fame Season 1, Episode 11

Sam tries to stop an untalented musician (Jamie Kennedy) from selling his soul to the Devil to become a star. Meanwhile, Sock is shocked when his mom (Marilyn Norry) returns from a quickie marriage in Vegas, and he refuses to accept her new husband (Henry Mah), so he moves in with Sam. read more

Cash Out Season 1, Episode 10

Episode Recap: "Cash Out"This show makes me wonder what I would do if I were put in the same situations Sam gets shoved into, these tests of honor and morals that give the Devil a clue about what kind of a person he is. Like, would I keep $6 million I found in a closet? I probably wouldn't have bought a gold bling belt, but I probably would purchase a spa day. And a house. And a room full of candy. Sam, you're a better person than I.Okay, down to business. Aren't Sam and Cady great together? I mean now that he's her boyfriend and all. They seem to have nice chemistry, even though she's a weirdo who brings her dead pets to drinky-time. But there's still Andi. Not that I blame her for that forlorn look she had when the guys told her about Sam's new girl who they didn't trust. Andi: "So what's wrong with her?"Ben: "She's a huge fan of Lionel Richie."Not that that really helps when you like a guy who you maybe plan on asking out some time in the next century. Maybe.I was glad that the c... read more

"Ashes to Ashes" Season 1, Episode 9

Episode Recap: "Ashes to Ashes"Ben: "Does he still have a chance with you?"Andi: "Maybe."This may actually be indicative of how people confusingly act in real life, but if that's the case then I'm not used to these real "human emotions" in my TV. "Maybe"? If Andi hadn't lost a fan in me before, she certainly did then. I suppose the bigger point of her indecision was to put it up next to the Devil's purposeful indecision and to say that any way you slice it, you shouldn't treat people that way. Well, maybe it's actually Andi who's the Devil's daughter because, yes, that's mean, girl, even if that wasn't your intention. It was pretty great seeing Melinda Clarke as Mimi, acting outside her evil wench role on The O.C.. So the Devil's girlfriend is a sweetheart and the Devil likes to go by "Jerry" and vacay in Cabo? I love this show.One thing in this episode that kind of freaked me out was when Sam woke up in the coffin. When Sam slips into the Devil's example sequences before he goes g... read more

"The Cop" Season 1, Episode 8

Sock and Gladys made out. Sock and Gladys. Made. Out. Is nothing holy? I guess that's the wrong question to be asking of a show about the Devil's favorite minion. And though it was just a dream sequence, Gladys' red bra amidst the doilies and angel tchotchkes and the glint in Sock's eye when he agreed they should get it on will haunt me every time I watch this show. I wish I could escape it like they do in Wayne's World. Deedly-oot, deedly-oot, deedly-oot….Otherwise, and thankfully there is an otherwise, tonight's show actually had a few twists I wasn't expecting. Many of us have been wondering if things on this show are going to get shaken up a bit, if the formula is going to stray from its tried (and almost tired) path. I think tonight's crazy episode showed that it does. Though the plot still clung to the whole demon-of-the-week deal, we actually saw very little of him (Curtis Dean Mays, an executed felon), and spent more time on Sam and the Devil's twisted relationship. I r... read more

Love, Bullets and Blacktop Season 1, Episode 7

A song from the '70s on an eight-track tape holds the key to capturing the latest escaped soul, but there's a twist: It's actually two souls who have been involved in a series of muscle-car wrecks. Holly: Mercedes McNab. Kit: Craig Stanghetta. read more

Leon Season 1, Episode 6

Sam tries to return a soul at the DMV and discovers that Gladys the demon is on vacation for Halloween, an action the Devil disapproves of, so Old Scratch gives Sam an extra-tough assignment in order to make himself feel better. read more

What About Blob? Season 1, Episode 5

Sam finally sees the contract, but it's in Latin and thousands of pages long. Meanwhile, his latest escaped soul turns out to be a slippery character who was involved with toxic waste. Dad: Andrew Airlie. read more

Magic Season 1, Episode 4

Sam must capture an escaped soul who's taken the form of an evil magician. Meanwhile, he desperately tries to get a date with Andi and negotiates with the Devil to peek at his contract so he can see if he gets vacation time. read more

All Mine Season 1, Episode 3

The Devil has Sam collect the soul of an angry mistress (Julia Anderson) because she's causing the deaths of people who get too close to her former lover by sending bugs to attack them. Meanwhile, Sam frets that Andi will quit the Work Bench. Colby Johannson. read more

Charged Season 1, Episode 2

Sam's latest mission---should he choose to accept it---is to use a remote-control monster truck to capture the latest escaped soul: one who sucks energy from power lines for strength. Donavan Stinson, Andrew Airlie. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Sam becomes a reluctant bounty hunter for the Devil, and his first job involves capturing a pyromaniacal demon that escaped from hell and must be returned. read more

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Premise: A slacker becomes a reluctant bounty hunter for the Devil after his soul is accidentally sold to Satan by his parents, and he tracks down evil escapees to return them to hell.



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