Really Me

  • 2011
  • TV Show
  • None

Canadian sitcom about two best friends who star in their own reality TV show.

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U.F.O.-Ney Season 2, Episode 13 May 26, 2013 Subscription

With a Maddy – Brody prank war in full effect Maddy and Julia pull the ultimate practical joke on Brody convincing him that he's had an alien encounter.

Sauce Boss Season 2, Episode 12 May 22, 2013 Subscription

Julia dares Maddy to talk to a cute guy at the Beach Shack only when Maddy chickens out she pretends to be a waitress and takes his order instead. When Moondoggie finds out Maddy lands her first real job then promptly gets the Beach Shack shut down!

You're Really Me Season 2, Episode 11 May 19, 2013 Subscription

Really Me holds a Maddy Cooper Look-A-Like contest and Maddy discovers she has a doppelganger named Patti. When Charlene mistakes Patti for Maddy Maddy and Julia sneak away for a day off and let Patti do Maddy's charity work.

Cooper Collegiate Season 2, Episode 10 Apr 21, 2013 Subscription

When Maddy receives a failing grade on a science project she convinces Dad of Mr. Henshaw's "evil-ness" and ends up being home-schooled with Brody and Clarke. While home-school seems cool at first Maddy ends up missing her BFF Julia.

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