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Raines Episode: "Closure"

Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: As the first season ends, Raines helps his ex-wife (Cynthia Watros) investigate her current husband's death, which was ruled an accident; but she is convinced it was murder.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2007
Guest Cast Cynthia Watros
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Season 1, Episode 7
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Length: 22:16:03
Aired: 4/27/2007
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April 27, 2007: Closure Season 1, Episode 7

I think I'm going to have to start off with some of my favorite lines. The best exchange was Raines translating Boyer. Boyer: how hard the plane hits impact's force Boyer: water deepness ocean depth Hilarious! Other good stuff included: - "How many of the rest of you were sleeping with my wife? Very funny. Hands down." - "Do you have an appointment?" "No, I have a badge." - "Do I need to explain further?" "I wouldn't be much of a detective if you did." - "You calling me unprofessional?" "No, I'm calling you a guy." - "You're a friend whore." - "How's it being back at work without him [Charlie]?" "A little tough." - "It's tough to watch her leave, isn't it?" "Every time." - "A no-hitter isn't perfect but at least it's close. Your marriage was a disaster." I think I took way too many notes during this episode. I was feeling a little pressure, because it's the season finale and I wanted to make sure to get all the details. I accidentally almost wrote down Libby instead of Sarah in a few places, not that I think Cynthia Watros' performance was reminiscent of her time on Lost. I don't think that at all. She was great in this episode and Raines' interaction with her and with her husband Andrew concerning her was really powerful. Speaking of which, let's get to the mystery. A plane crash ruled an accident by the NTSB is investigated three months later by the LAPD. Why? Because Raines' ex-wife Sarah seems to think there was foul play. The captain is reluctant to let Raines take on this case because Raines was once married to the victim's wife. He soon gives in and Raines and Andrew are off to investigate. Raines' conversation with Andrew in the car was priceless. I love that Andrew was talking about how he couldn't satisfy Sarah in bed, then switched to berating Raines for making him say those words. I really do enjoy the inner workings of Raines' mind. When Raines learns Billings was planning a land grab for a football stadium, he thinks he might be able to prove motive if he can find someone who was willing to kill to keep their land. But at this point the investigation is still focused on Andrew. Since he doesn't seem to be getting very far very fast. Raines figures he'll stir up some trouble with the ex. I do think he was inappropriate with her, but it's hard to control your mouth when your heart is hurting. Wow, was that cheesy? I'm just saying that sometimes it's easy to say hurtful things to the ones you love to make yourself feel better (paging Mr. Baldwin. Mr. Alec Baldwin). I loved that Sarah smacked him, though. He was asking for it. Andrew swoops in as the voice of reason and reminds Raines that four other people died in that crash. Maybe it wasn't about Billings. How much does he know about the other victims? So the focus shifts from Andrew to all five of the plane's passengers. I loved that they all appeared in the car until Raines made all but Billings stay. And he couldn't seem to get rid of Andrew so he stuck around, too. Billing's wife Angelina, a former actress, inherited everything when he died. She was sunning herself and self-medicating when Raines dropped by for a visit. She wasn't very helpful but did manage to let him know her husband hired a cop to investigate the death threats he was getting. Cue the ex-cop, only he was investigating a mole in the company, not the threats. Billings knew someone was leaking information to the press about his plans and his whereabouts. If they knew where he was, they'd also know what Billings was traveling in. Raines visits Billings' mechanic Craig to ask about the plane and learns he's been cleared by the NTSB. But Craig took his affair with Billings' wife very seriously and killed him so he could be with Angelina. Raines' coaching Angelina through her lines was brutal. You could see him taking it so personally - like maybe Sarah said those exact same things to him when she left him. Craig didn't seem to care that he killed four other people in the process. I really liked it when Raines did brief little bios on the victims so they could go to that special place in the sky. But Andrew sticks around. Why? Because Raines has one more thing to do. He goes back to Sarah's nice suburban house - the house she would have shared with her family - to tell her what happened. It turns out Andrew was never really there to help solve the mystery of his murder. He was there to help Sarah find closure, in a way. She'll never really have closure, though, because she'll always know something was missing, always wonder what her life could have been. But as Raines said, you don't want to forget. It's that sadness that lets you know how much the people who are gone meant to you. Maybe we'll end on a happy note? I loved this episode and I love this show. I really hope it comes back next year. In the meantime, here are some fun facts we learned about Raines in this episode: - He may have started drinking when his wife left him. If he was already a drinker, his problem got worse when she left. - Raines thinks lawyers are insignificant. - Raines still owns the mattress he had when he was married, even though it's uncomfortable according to Andrew and Billings (so it's really according to him). How could I forget Boyer's little trip to Sacramento? I loved how Boyer tried to brush the highway patrol cop off when he got pulled over for speeding. He went all "official business" on him and still ended up with a ticket. It was that much funnier when the same cop pulled him over on his way back. Please feel free to share your favorite lines, moments, etc, if I've left anything out (which I have, because I didn't want this to be the longest post ever). OK, this is the last thing, I promise. Did anyone else feel like there was too much closure for Raines during this episode? It all felt very final, but maybe I was just imagining that. Hopefully, I'll see you here next year. show less
I think I’m going to have to start off with some of my favorite lines. The best exchange was Raines translating Boyer.Boyer: how hard the plane hitsRaines: impact’s forceBoyer: water deepnessRaines: ocean depthHilarious!Other good stuff included:— "How many of the rest of you were sleeping with my wife? Very funny. Hands down."— "Do you have an appointment?" "No, I have a badge."— "Do I need to explain further?" "I wouldn’t be much of a detective if you did."— "You calling me unprofessional?" "No, I’m calling you a guy."— "You’re a friend whore."— "How’s it being back at work without him [Charlie]?" "A little tough."— "It’s tough to watch her leave, isn’t it?" "Every time."— "A no-hitter isn’t perfect but at least it’s close. Your marriage was a disaster."I think I took way too many notes during this episode. I was feeling a little pressure, because it’s the season finale and I wanted to m... read more

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