Rabbids Invasion Episodes

2013, TV Show

Rabbids Invasion Season 1 episodes

Zombie Rabbid Season 1, Episode 75

The Rabbids mistake their pal for a zombie after he snacks on a bad doughnut. read more

Rabbid Halloween Season 1, Episode 74

The Rabbids go trick-or-treating. read more

Vampire Rabbid Season 1, Episode 73

A growth tonic is used by the Rabbids. read more

Sneezy Rabbid Season 1, Episode 72

The Rabbids pretend to sneeze when one of them gets ill. read more

Rabbid Undies Season 1, Episode 71

A scuffle breaks out over underwear. read more

Rabbid 2.0 Season 1, Episode 70

A futuristic rabbit arrives on Earth. read more

Dream On, Rabbids Season 1, Episode 69

A construction site becomes a playground for the Rabbids. read more

Why Did the Rabbid Cross the Road? Season 1, Episode 68

A Rabbid struggles to cross the street. read more

Safe Deposit Rabbids Season 1, Episode 67

The Rabbids get trapped in a bank vault. read more

Rabbid Snob Season 1, Episode 66

Manners are taught by a Rabbid. read more

Plunger Rabbids Season 1, Episode 65

Plungers intrigue the Rabbids. read more

Raving Chicken Season 1, Episode 64

A Rabbid has a head injury and mistakes itself for a chicken. read more

Rabbid's Rules of Order Season 1, Episode 63

The Rabbids disturb a lifeguard. read more

Rabbid Tummy Rumble Season 1, Episode 62

A Rabbid has a rumbling tummy. read more

Rabbid Parasol Season 1, Episode 61

The Rabbids use a beach umbrella to fly. read more

Raving Alien Season 1, Episode 60

An alien lands on Earth and encounters two Rabbids. read more

Rabbid Mozart Season 1, Episode 59

A Rabbid is injured in the head and acquires superb piano-playing skills. read more

Rabbid Like Me Season 1, Episode 58

A scientist poses as a Rabbid. read more

Raving Thirst Season 1, Episode 57

The Rabbids become parched in the desert. read more

Rabbid Test N°98006-c: The Chair Season 1, Episode 56

The Rabbids try to grasp a trap door. read more

Rabbid Doggies Season 1, Episode 55

The Rabbids bond with dogs. read more

Rabbid Test N°98005-c: The Blue Rabbid Season 1, Episode 54

A Rabbid is painted blue by scientists. read more

Rabbid Games Season 1, Episode 53

The Rabbids undertake physical challenges. read more

Rabbid Race to the Moon Season 1, Episode 52

The Rabbids compete to win a trip to space. read more

Snoring Rabbid Season 1, Episode 51

A heavy couch needs to be moved. read more

Rabbid Dreams Season 1, Episode 50

The Rabbids' dreams are observed. read more

Hypno Rabbid Season 1, Episode 49

The Rabbids' leader gets hypnotized. read more

Prisoner Rabbid Season 1, Episode 48

The Rabbids get hit with rubber balls. read more

Rabbidmobile Season 1, Episode 47

The Rabbids find an unlocked car. read more

Pecking Rabbid Season 1, Episode 46

A Rabbid gets chased by a chicken looking for a meal. read more

Holy Rabbid-Cow! Season 1, Episode 45

The Rabbids attempt to capture a winged insect. read more

The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth Season 1, Episode 44

A Rabbid dons a chicken costume and gets mistaken for an alien. read more

Flight of the Rabbids Season 1, Episode 43

The Rabbids try flying. read more

Rabbid Test N°98004-c: The Animals Season 1, Episode 42

The Rabbids' intelligence is measured. read more

Dueling Rabbids Season 1, Episode 41

A duel commences. read more

Super Rabbid Season 1, Episode 40

The Rabbids find a comic book, which leads them to think their leader is a superhero. read more

Rabbid Test N°98001-c: The Mirror Season 1, Episode 39

Two Rabbids are put in an empty room, and scientists observe their behavior. read more

Surprise Rabbid Season 1, Episode 38

One Rabbid hides in a box in an attempt to surprise its friends. read more

Rabbid Elevation Season 1, Episode 37

The Rabbids board an elevator, believing it will transport them to the moon. read more

Rabbids With Fleas Season 1, Episode 36

The Rabbids play with a flea. read more

Rabbid Test N°98003-c: The Cube Season 1, Episode 35

Two Rabbids vie for a toy block. read more

Rabbidocchio Season 1, Episode 34

A Rabbid puppet comes alive. read more

Rabbid Test N°98002-c: The Platform Season 1, Episode 33

Two Rabbids get involved in an experiment featuring pillars and trapdoors. read more

Sticky Rabbid Season 1, Episode 32

The Rabbids attempt to retrieve a sticker from a runner's shoe. read more

Get in Line, Rabbids! Season 1, Episode 31

The Rabbids stand in a long line at a tech store. read more

R.C. Rabbid Season 1, Episode 30

The Rabbids play with a remote-controlled car. read more

Wake Up, Rabbids! Season 1, Episode 29

The Rabbids want to sleep, so they fight with a disruptive alarm clock. read more

Music Rabbid Season 1, Episode 28

A record player intrigues the Rabbids. read more

Never Refreeze a Rabbid Season 1, Episode 27

The Rabbids wrestle with getting boxes of food out of a grocery-store icebox. read more

Kite Rabbids Season 1, Episode 26

The Rabbids have a run-in with a fan they meet by the side of a road. read more

Museum Rabbids Season 1, Episode 25

The Rabbids get rowdy at an art museum. read more

Schnoz Rabbid Season 1, Episode 24

The Rabbids quarrel over a coveted rubber nose. read more

Special Agent Rabbids Season 1, Episode 23

The Rabbids disrupt a spy who's on a rescue mission. read more

Keypad Rabbids Season 1, Episode 22

The Rabbids find an intercom and attempt to use it to enter an apartment building. read more

Moo Rabbids Season 1, Episode 21

A curious sound intrigues the Rabbids. read more

Jurassic Rabbid Season 1, Episode 20

The gang find an ancestor who's frozen. read more

Scout Rabbids Season 1, Episode 19

A scout recruits the Rabbids. read more

Escalator Rabbid Season 1, Episode 18

The Rabbids ride an escalator. read more

Fast Food Rabbid Season 1, Episode 17

An intercom at a drive-through proves to be much fun. read more

Rabbid Playa Season 1, Episode 16

The gang play with a toy on the beach and battle a seagull for food. read more

Radio Rabbid Season 1, Episode 15

The gang learn how to tune to different radio stations. read more

Ring! Bwaah! Season 1, Episode 14

An old cell phone is found. read more

Rabbids Against the Machine Season 1, Episode 13

Vending machines provide fun for the Rabbids. read more

Rabbid Radar Season 1, Episode 12

A rookie traffic cop tries to prove himself on the job, but the Rabbids will not make it easy for him. read more

Until Rabbids Do You Part Season 1, Episode 11

The Rabbids ruin a photographer's dream shot at a wedding. read more

Elevatorus Rabbidinus Season 1, Episode 10

The Rabbids discover mall elevators and proceed to cause havoc. read more

Rabbid Market Season 1, Episode 9

The Rabbids seek out Pepper Cola in a grocery store. read more

Raving Lifeguard Season 1, Episode 8

A lifeguard's day turns chaotic. read more

Rabbids Say Cheese Season 1, Episode 7

A photo booth is invaded by the Rabbids. read more

Runway Rabbids Season 1, Episode 6

The Rabbids run loose in an airport. read more

Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner Season 1, Episode 5

A janitor's relaxing night gets disturbed. read more

Stop! No More! Season 1, Episode 4

The Rabbids annoy a hitchhiker with their laughter. read more

Rabbid, Are You There? Season 1, Episode 3

The Rabbids observe a thief in action. read more

Rabbid Mollusk Season 1, Episode 2

The Rabbids interrupt a man cleaning windows. read more

Omelet Party Season 1, Episode 1

The Rabbids become fascinated with chickens laying eggs in the series premiere of this animated comedy about a group of curious and mysterious creatures cause chaos while exploring the human world. read more

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Premiered: August 03, 2013, on Nickelodeon
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: A group of curious and mysterious creatures cause chaos while exploring the human world.


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