Quincy 1976 | TV Show Watchlist


A strong-willed L.A. coroner often clashes with his boss and the police by investigating crimes. Before `Crossing Jordan,' and `CSI' and its clones, there was this first-rate medical-examiner drama, which premiered as part of NBC's `Mystery Movie' anthology. Jack Klugman received four Emmy nominations for the role of the doctor whose first name was never mentioned, and later appeared on `Jordan' as a retired ME, though not as Dr. Quincy.

Guest Stars

A Martinez
Dr. Antonio Carbo, Marty
Jonathan Segal
Dr. Gage, Jeff, Jeff Sellers, Talbot
Carolyn Jones
Nurse Grayson, Sybil, Victoria
Charles Aidman
Colella, Dr. Colella, Kenneth Watson
Ina Balin
Dr. Pinaera, Irene, Stella
Jo Ann Pflug
Leslie, Maggie, Marsha
John Karlen
Brice, Sergeant Adams
Joseph Sirola
Lt. Drasso, Ron Henner, Silva
Lonny Chapman
Dr. Craigen, Ernie Spruill, Paul Davis
Allan Miller
Barry Clark, Dr. Sanders, Harry Collier
Irene Tedrow
Mrs. Estes, Mrs. Osborne, Ruth Thaler
Sarah Rush
Harriet, Lauren, Trish Granby
Don Keefer
Doc Watson, Terence Morgan
Frank Marth
Marty O'Banion, Stanton
Frank Maxwell
Dr. Reynolds, Ross Bricker
Harry Townes
Dr. Gilbert Moore, Dr. Reisman
Henry Beckman
Sheriff Brady, Sheriff Hartman
James Karen
Dr. Chet Rawlins, Dr. Lench
Paul Lambert
Congressman Peters, Jerry
Robert Webber
Dr. Chase, Dr. Franklin
Ron Masak
Dick Wilcox, Ed Shannon
Sam Groom
David Carson, Hillyard
Val Avery
Avram Zakarian, Dinehart
Walter Brooke
Councilman Becker, Dr. Gilliam
William Prince
Gov. Daniel Kanin, Prosecutor
Bill Beyers
Jeff Cavanaugh, Tony Moore
Bobbi Jordan
Georgette, Mrs. Newlands
Duncan Gamble
Dr. Carl Jessup, Dr. Michael Sloan
Garnett Smith
Dr. Emile Green, Roger Taylor
Wallace Rooney
Dr. Albert Winters, Professor
John Ireland
Packard, Sheriff Evers
Jane Wyatt
Mrs. Bridges
Joan Van Ark
Bert Phillips
Joe E. Tata
Frank DeMarco