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Oct 30, 2007 Season 5 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

Adam, a 32-year-old Executive Director and Founder of a non-profit called Rocking the Boat, works tirelessly to raise money to keep the organization alive. Needless to say, his social life is nonexistent and his apartment looks like a Frat house. The Fab Five come to his rescue to help him develop a long-term fundraising strategy and throw the ultimate boat launching party to honor the underprivileged kids who built a 16 ft sailboat and to attract some top notch corporate sponsors. Will Adam walk the plank or will the Fab Five help his event set sail?

Jeff Lubie

Oct 23, 2007 Season 5 Episode 8

Jeff Lubie is an unromantic "Average Joe" who has fallen in love with a girl way out of his league, and now he is ready to ask her to marry him. In order to get his true love Faith to put her faith in him, Jeff has to make some serious changes and fast. His family and friends all agree that he's very charming and funny, but he has a problem with responsibility and focus. The Fab Five help step up his look as Jeff undergoes a yes-worthy makeover that he hopes is good enough to seal the deal with Faith. In a "Queer Eye" first, the Fab Five literally evacuate their straight guy from his completely inappropriate apartment and find him a new one! Can they miraculously carry out the ultimate ruse-make over the man, find the couple a new home and plan the ultimate surprise proposal? Tune-in to see if our heroine will be swept off her feet!
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Wayne Sforza

Oct 23, 2007 Season 5 Episode 7

Between juggling a career as a NYC Fire Marshall, being a divorced and devoted father of two and boyfriend to his "uptown" girlfriend Catherine, Wayne Sforza is starting to feel a little overwhelmed. And not to forget, he also spends his free time - or what's left of it - biking with the Fire Riders, a group who ride in their spare time to raise money for the families of firefighters. Wayne and his tattoo-ed buddies are about to participate in a Charity Bachelor Auction for the Fire Riders and are in dire need of help from the Fab Five. They definitely have their work cut out for them as they transform the burly guys into polished hunks, and get Wayne ready for his life with his girls-his daughters and Catherine.
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Ronnie Bencosme

Oct 16, 2007 Season 5 Episode 6

The Fab Five go back to high school. Sporty 18 year-old, Ronnie is a high school senior at Sleepy Hollow High and with football, lacrosse, wrestling and dance to worry about, taking care of himself hasn't been a huge priority. The Fab Five come to the rescue just in time, on the day of his Senior Prom and right before he heads off to college. In order to make prom night perfect for his girlfriend, Liz, and to go to college a polished athlete, Ronnie needs to make some big changes. Will the Fab Five be able to take this scruffy teen to the next level?
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Julie & Phil

Oct 09, 2007 Season 5 Episode 3

Straight guy Phil Dickler is a school teacher trapped in the past, as evidenced by his monster trucks, long hair, animal skulls, field and stream ties, and alien creature collection. His students just can't relate, and his family is frozen in time too, with his son sporting a David Cassidy mullet and his wife's hair that hasn't lost a bit of its 80's frizz. This family's style is enough to make anyone cringe...especially the Fab Five. Not to mention Phil's endless collections of useless junk that's causing a midlife crisis and a serious rift in his marriage. His wife, Julie, has had it with the clutter and it's time for the Fab Five to work their magic and bring this clutter bug back to the future with a "Monster" surprise to the make-better.
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Tracie & Eric

Oct 02, 2007 Season 5 Episode 2

Eric is a small town boy from Denver, who grew tired of trying to meet women in the Denver bar scene and turned to online dating. He met Tracie, a city girl from New York on match.com. After six months of emails and phone calls the two are finally going to unite in person. Eric flies to New York City to meet the Fab Five and get ready for his big date with Tracie. With his tired look and small town attitude, Eric is in desperate need of an updated look and a little added confidence. The Fab Five come to the rescue and get these two ready for their big night. Will sparks fly or will this date be a dud?
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Straight Guy Pageant (100th Episode)

Oct 02, 2007 Season 5 Episode 1

The Emmy Award-winning reality series "Queer Eye" kicks off the final season with a "Straight Guy Pageant" hosted by the legendary Susan Lucci. The pageant will reunite the Fab Five - Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley and Jai Rodriguez - with former cast members of "Queer Eye" to see who has kept up, slacked off and who has gone beyond the Fabbers wildest expectations. Tune-in to find out who can throw together an outfit, shave with no blood, style a room and decorate a cake all while being gracious, funny and hot...and who will win the "Ultimate Straight Guy" crown.
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