Queer as Folk

1999, TV Show

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Aug 07, 2005 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on Showtime Anytime (Subscription)

Brian and Justin prepare to marry; Lindsay and Melanie move to Canada; Michael's asked to represent the Committee for Human Rights; Ted sees his relationship with Tad for what it really is. The beat of Babylon continues...

Episode #314

Jun 22, 2003 Season 3 Episode 14

Brian risks everything to bring down Stockwell on the eve of the election; Ted finally hits rock bottom; Hunter's mother arrives to take him away from Ben and Michael; Lindsay learns of Melanie's superstitions about getting through her first trimester.
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Queer As Folk: Episode 12

Jun 03, 2014 Season 3 Episode 12

Brian investigates the death of Dumpster Boy based on a tip from Hunter. Emmett is furious when Melanie and Lindsay insist Ted's an addict. Ted asks Emmett to share his experience.
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Episode #311

May 25, 2003 Season 3 Episode 11

Brian is fired when he's caught undermining Stockwell's campaign; Ben and Michael tell Hunter he's positive; Ted's tempted to go to his first White Party with his new "friends."
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Queer As Folk (Episode #310)

May 18, 2003 Season 3 Episode 10

Brian and Justin clash over Stockwell; Ted takes a dangerous detour on his way to a weekend getaway; Melanie finds Michael's "doting dad" routine annoying; Hunter the street hustler calls in a favor from Ben.
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Episode 9

Jan 01, 2003 Season 3 Episode 9

Woody's is closed down after an amateur strip contest. Stockwell discovers Brian's gay. Ted's humiliated when he tends bar at one of Emmett's soirees.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #308)

Apr 27, 2003 Season 3 Episode 8

Michael and Ben help out a young hustler. Justin begins an internship at Vanguard and a quest to win Brian back. Lindsay is blossoming in her new job at the gallery. Ted reacts to a sudden role-reversal with Emmett.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #307)

Apr 20, 2003 Season 3 Episode 7

Ted is out on bail and begs Brian to talk to Stockwell on his behalf. Justin confronts Ethan. Melanie is pregnant, much to everyone's delight. Ben promises to stop using steroids.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #305)

Apr 06, 2003 Season 3 Episode 5

Brian wins Police Chief Stockwell's mayoral race account much to his friends' dismay; Ethan is offered representation after the Heifetz competition; Melanie and Lindsay try for a second child thanks to Michael's donation.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #304)

Mar 30, 2003 Season 3 Episode 4

Lindsay and Melanie ask Michael to father their second child; Brian's accused of molesting his nephew; Ted loves having Emmett in his heart - but his condo's another story.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #303)

Mar 16, 2003 Season 3 Episode 3

Brian lends his expertise to the Center's "Carnivale" fundraiser and considers Lindsay and Melanie's sperm-donation request; Ted and Emmett divulge priceless gay-man secrets to Deb, who's nervous about intimacy with Carl; Ben's former partner dies.
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Queer As Folk (Episode #301)

Mar 02, 2003 Season 3 Episode 1

Season three begins as Michael and Justin face uncertainty over the future of their comic book, "Rage;" Brian doesn't seem to care that Justin chose Ethan over him - at least initially; Ted and Emmett explore the possibilities of a relationship.
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