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Pilot Season: Bent's David Walton Cast in CBS Comedy Pilot

David Walton

Bent star David Walton will star opposite JoAnna Garcia in CBS' untitled comedy from Greg Berlanti and Greg Malins, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

As first reported by Deadline, Walton replaces Bryan Greenberg, who exited the project Wednesday after the pilot's table read. Walton will play... read more

Quarterlife: The Bravo Marathon Recap

Well, the Bravo marathon allowed us to see the content of the webisode that will drop tonight online a few hours early, and demonstrated that the Bravo bugs and banners are even more annoyingly distracting than the NBC or even Fox onscreen ads. While the season, one gathers (at least on the linear video side), ends with an apparently successful attempt by the landlord of most of the characters to get court permission to shut down their apartment house, we are reassured that the web series will continue (though if it will take a seasonal break is unclear to me). Dylan notes that perhaps they are all now adults, something of a breakthrough for her in the series, and the emotional strains on the various friendships seem to be at least mostly on the way to healing...and Debra makes her reappearance at the end of "Home Sweet Home," the final installment of the Bravo group...something that has a little more impact, probably, for those who've missed her in webisodes for weeks rather than... read more

I must've been one of the ...

Question: I must've been one of the only ones who watched Quarterlife and enjoyed it. I can't believe NBC didn't give it more of a chance. I heard it was yanking the series after only one episode. What did you think of it, and don't you think the network pulled the trigger just a tad too soon? Answer: I guess you missed my review, in which I suggest the biggest mistake was moving it from the Internet to network TV in the first place. As a media CEO told Television Week earlier this week, "NBC has proven that content that no one watched online can also be watched by no one on TV." An exaggeration, but not by much. The numbers were so pitiful for Quarterlife's Tuesday tryout, even in the target demo, that NBC had no choice but to yank it before it moved to Sundays. I hated the fact that I hated this show (and I didn't like it much when I sampled it online either, but at least there it felt appropriate), because I admire the show's creators (Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick) so much. Back ... read more

Quarterlife's 3rd Life

quarterlife, as you might've read by now, scored Very low ratings for NBC in its first (and now apparently only scheduled) broadcast airing, and an announced schedule for the longform version so far as I know includes only a single stunt marathon, on NBC's cable sibling Bravo, Sunday, March 9 from 8a-2p ET. And, of course, the webisodes continue. read more

NBC Cancels Quarterlife

Bitsie Tulloch in Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Photo

Just two days after Quarterlife's creator said that moving the Internet program to TV was a bad idea, NBC has agreed with him, yanking it from its lineup after only one episode.The twentysomethings-who-blog drama debuted on Tuesday night at 10, scoring the network's lowest ratings for that time period in 17 years. The show was co-created by TV vet Marshall Herskovitz as 28 eight-minute mini-sodes for MySpace TV, which were then repackaged to create six one-hour episodes.NBC's Ben Silverman said that moving the show to TV was "so worth a try," but that he had hoped for higher ratings. An NBC rep said that it may move the series to Bravo later in the year. — Mickey O'ConnorRelated:• Quarterlife Creator Calls Move to Network a Mistake read more

Quarterlife Creator Calls Move to Network a Mistake

Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Photo

After seeing the abysmal ratings for NBC's Web-to-prime-time experiment with Quarterlife, it's obvious viewers thought the show's network turn was a mistake. Those viewers will get no argument from the show's co-creator Marshall Herskovitz.According to the Hollywood Reporter, in a speech at the Harvard Business School's Entertainment & Media conference, Herskovitz told a group that the drama about a blogger and her group of twentysomething friends "never should have been a network show. It's too specific." The show's premiere was the network's worst performance in the 10 pm time slot in at least 17 years, averaging 3.1 million viewers overall. No official cancellation has been announced, but sources believe it's likely the show's second episode — set for this Sunday — will never make it to NBC's air. Herskovitz suggested that the show will probably end up on cable.— Adam Bryant read more


Well, as one who's been watching the series, as I mentioned in the first post on this blog, in the webisode format, the most surprising thing to me about the longer form version of the pilot is that instead of giving scenes more space, if anything the transitions are just as abrupt and the pace is actually quicker, and I'd suggest more satisfying, than as seen in five to ten minute dollops. The plot is pretty straightforward: the series begins as a study of six post-collegiate young people who are trying to find their way in the world, in terms of business, artistic and related forms of achievement, and personal relationships. Three women, Dylan (Bitsie Tulloch, who had a recurring role in that other web drama, Lonelygirl15), Debra (Michelle Lombardo), and Lisa (Maite Schwartz), share a large apartment in Chicago; Dylan and Debra have been friends since before high school. Across the way, in the same apartment complex, Debra's boyfriend Danny (David Walton) lives in a smaller ap... read more

Is Cappie (aka Scott M. ...

Question: Is Cappie (aka Scott M. Foster) going to be on the new season of Greek now that he's also doing Quarterlife for NBC?

Answer: Greek creator Sean Smith insists Cappie is staying put. "Scott's involvement on Quarterlife was always supposed to be short-term because of his commitment to Greek," he says. "Needless to say, though, he's been a very, very busy man."

read more

My Instant Message to Quarterlife: Shut Up!

OMG! TMI! And can someone please tell me if there's an abbreviation for "Put a sock in it"? Not that any amount of shushing would matter to the self-absorbed brats in Quarterlife as they blab and blog their way through a show that attempts to be a thirtysomething for Web-savvy twentysomethings. What it amounts to is an obsessively introspective scripted soap opera for an audience weaned on cheesy unscripted serials like The Real World and The Hills. For this crowd, Quarterlife is bound to feel laughably phony in its phoned-in angst. For the rest of us, it's an endlessly tiresome pity party attended by horny pretty-young-things who quickly wear out their welcome. An instant front-runner for most annoying TV character of 2008: Dylan Krieger (Bitsie Tulloch), a magazine gofer who whines into her webcam about life, work, love and her so-called friends, who seem alternately amused and annoyed at having their lives exposed in her online vid read more

NBC Takes on Twentysomethings with Quarterlife

Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know NBC’s newest drama was developed for the web? It does make sense, after all, since the series follows one of the main characters as she video blogs and spills secrets about her buds on the net (those crazy kids and their internet!). We have our fingers crossed that Quarterlife and its twentysomething pals will prove to be My So-Called Life for the new millennium. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

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