A time-travel experiment that went wrong sends physicist Sam Beckett back in time, where he assumes other people's identities and helps to resolve the crises of his new hosts. He's assisted in his adventures by Al Calavicci, also known as `The Observer,' who has the ability to appear in holographic form. The imaginative, Emmy-nominated series spawned a reunion TV-movie, `Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward.'


Guest Stars

Dr. Burger, Stanton
Gooshie, Gushie
Miss Stoltz, Zoey
Willie Garson
Lee Harvey Oswald, Seymour
Maj. Kosenko
Laura Fuller
Frank, Tonchi
Bruce McGill
Bartender, Weird Ernie
Jake, Mutta
Abigail, Sammy Jo
Melora Hardin
Abigail Fuller
Lionel, Sheriff
Miner Ziggy, Moe
Will, Will Kinman
Judge Bowers
Dr. Scanlan
Peter Tipton
Chubby Checker
Danny Nucci
Tony Pronti
Neil Walters
Lonnie Jordan
Sheriff Hoyt
John Finn
Adm. Spencer
Nurse Chatham
Col. Wojohowitz
Sister Sarah
Toney Beche
Edward St. John
Bert Glasserman
Father John McRoberts
Stephen Root
John Tremaine Jr.
John Huston
Mrs. Tatkins
Lt. Montgomery
Denton Waters
Mrs. Thailer
Bearded Gushie
John Walters
Off. Shumway
Pater Lawford
Sheriff Michaels
Mrs. Little
Capt. Vincent
Capt. Cotter
Suzanne Whitehorse
Off. Milardi
Nurse Kidman
Cpl. McBride
Cdr. Hartig
Capt. Cooper
Stage Manager
Marilyn Monroe
Lt. Obrigowitz

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