Director Michael Mann's historical crime drama follows the efforts of top FBI agent Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) in capturing notorious bank robber John Dillinger (Johnny Depp). A folk hero to the American public, Dillinger was virtually unstoppable at the height of his criminal career. J. Edgar Hoover's FBI was just being formed, and in order to turn his fledgling agency into a national police force, Hoover recruits Purvis to catch the most-elusive criminal in the country.


Johnny Depp John Dillinger
Christian Bale Melvin Purvis
Marion Cotillard Billie Frechette
Billy Crudup J. Edgar Hoover
Channing Tatum "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Stephen Graham "Baby Face" Nelson
Giovanni Ribisi Alvin Karpis
Jason Clarke John "Red" Hamilton
Stephen Lang Charles Winstead
David Wenham Harry "Pete" Pierpont
Rory Cochrane Agent Carter Baum
Emilie de Ravin Barbara Patzke
Shawn Hatosy Agent John Madala
Matt Craven Gerry Campbell
Don Frye Clarence Hurt
John Ortiz Phil D'Andrea
Carey Mulligan Carol Slayman
James Russo Water Dietrich
Lili Taylor Sheriff Lillian Holley
Madison Dirks Agent Warren Barton
Len Bajenski Police Chief Fultz
Brian Connelly Officer Chester Boyard
Ed Bruce Senator McKellar
Randy Ryan Agent Julius Rice
Kurt Naeberg Agent William Rorer
Adam Mucci Agent Harold Reinecke
Michael Bentt Herbert Youngblood
Gareth Saxe Agent Ray Suran
Jeff Still Jimmy Probasco
Lance Baker Freddie Barker
Leelee Sobieski Polly Hamilton
Gerald Goff Captain O'Neill
Duane A. Sharp Doorman at Gold Coast