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Psych Episode: "Viagra Falls"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Shawn and Gus work with two retired police officers to solve the murder of a police chief.
Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2010
Guest Cast Carl Weathers: Boone William Devane: Peters
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Season 5, Episode 6
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Length: 41:56
Aired: 8/18/2010
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Psych Episode Recap: "Viagra Falls" Season 5, Episode 6

Carl Weathers, a dead ex-SBPD chief, and Gus' penchant for spotting nice watches lead off this fun-filled episode where the Dynamic Duo gets a glimpse of their future selves. I would love to discuss the meaning of the term palholes at length, but I can't do this with you right now. I have an episode to recap!

1990. It's retro SBPD! Henry hits the old chief's office for a good old-fashioned bawling out. Well, it's more of a "I'm really disappointed in you" type talk, but the point is the case is being reassigned to a pair named Peters and Boone.

Present day. An old man is running, running, running around what I think is a warehouse on the docks. He eventually stops and confronts his attacker — or both his attackers as his speech suggests. A gunshot sounds as we shift to black.

The docks. I was right! Oh, wait. The running old man was the old chief from 1990 SBPD. That's why he looked familiar. Right.

A neon green classic car — please don't make me guess the make and model — pulls up to the crime scene tape and two older gents disembark looking awfully cool. Oh, that's because it's the aforementioned Boone and Peters played by the fantastic Carl Weathers and William Devane respectively. Henry is in awe of the pair's crime-solving ability.

The Chief is pumping the troops up and giving out all the facts she has. Everyone seems pretty convinced that Herb Wilkins, the old chief, committed suicide — everyone except for Shawn that is. Of course. He tries to psychic hand his way through an explanation of his homicide theory, but Peters and Boone keep interrupting with hilarious tidbits like "Psychic? Son, we don't mess with the devil. Now you better ride that goat with someone else."

The retired cops quickly zero in on every one of Shawn's clues and announce them to the force before the beleaguered investigator even has a chance to squint. Upon picking up Herb's supposed Berretta, the old-timers reveal that the weapon couldn't have belonged to Herb; his gun of choice was an old six shooter he called Darla Saidman."His gun was Jewish?" Gus questions.

Just as Shawn starts to get defensive, Peters shows him up with the information that they are looking for two killers. Shawn just looks perplexed as we run right into the...


At SBPDHQ, Shawn shows a grave misunderstanding of the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. Shawn gets territorial all over his father about the presence of the old-timers on his case, which only succeeds in hurting Henry's feelings. Just as his dad stomps away, Shawn overhears Peters mention Herb's old bait shop. A few steps away Boone exits the chief's office calling Juliet "Sweetie" and telling her she should have a "pot of joe and a bakers of glazed" ready for them when they get back. None of Juliet's protests seem to convince Boone that she is — in actual fact — a detective. 

Down at the docks, the Dynamic Duo is more than a little embarrassed that both old-timers beat them to the bait shop. Peters and Boone are too busy brow-beating a man who had a beef with Herb to notice our heroes.  Bested and shameful, Shawn and Gus wander the dock talking about throwing something juicy at the old-timers, then throwing rotten peaches, then eating fresh peaches in front of their nemeses. I have to pause my DVR for a full three minutes in order to regain all cognitive energy. After their peaches plan is laid out, Shawn notices that the bait shop's door is unlocked and decides to question the local churro wench. He makes up the word "palholes" — a synonym for frenemies — and I'm forced to pause my DVR once more. I love this show.

The Churro Wench lets the Dynamic Duo know that Herb was spending a lot of time with a twentysomething redhead just before his death, and said redhead hasn't opened her shop in a couple of days. The pair makes their way towards the other end of the dock, stopping in front of Boone and Peters who are pulling a little good cop/bad cop on the same brow-beaten guy as before. Boone is holding a gun that looks suspiciously like a six-shooter. I'm suspicious because I'm not sure if he simply has the same gun as Herb, knew where Herb kept his gun, or if he's really the killer. Dun-dun.

Shawn and Gus share their info about the redhead, but Peters and Boone are unimpressed; they have their own suspect. Just as they're being dismissed, the Dynamic Duo receives a text from Jules telling them the SBPD has a warrant to search Herb's house and will be there in an hour. See ya old-timers!

As expected, Shawn and Gus decide to search the house before the rest of the department arrives but find Peters and Boone already at work when enter. There's banter, there's Boone reminiscing about that time Herb caught a fish, and then there's Shawn noticing a ton of clues that lead him to conclude that someone recently searched the house for something. Yes, he really is that vague. Peters and Boone scoff and then whisper — loudly — to one another about a special locker that Herb had. Shawn spots a plaque on Herb's wall from the aquatic center and races out the door with Gus in tow. Just after Jules and Lassie finally show up to perform their search of the house, Boone throws his shoe at Gus in frustration. Peters: "I think you're gonna need your shoe."

Aquatic Center. The Dynamic Duo and their nemeses are all gathered around a locker. Boone and Peters bicker over favorite numbers and lucky numbers as Shawn and Gus continue to realize that they're watching themselves in 30 or 40 years. After Boone and Peters search comes up short, Shawn figures out that Herb's locker was number 22. Gus cracks the safe and finds a drug-filled duffel bag inside.

SBPD. "I can't do this with you right now" is quickly becoming this season's "I've heard it both ways." Everyone is worried about the new image of Herb being built by the appearance of the drugs and by the sudden withdrawal of $50,000 from Herb's account only days before he died. As the old-timers exit to continue their investigation, Peters swipes a piece of evidence — a book of matches -- from the table. The move does not go unnoticed by Shawn. As he passes her at the door, Boone continues to spew sexism all over Juliet.

Shawn and Gus are following their nemeses on the streets of Santa Barbara when the neon green classic makes a sudden stop and the old-timers get out. Shawn, through a cracked window, begs to be let in on the clue and eventually Peters relents. Turns out the name on the match book is a nightclub called "The Dollhouse." Everyone agrees to meet at 9 p.m.

Nighttime at the Dollhouse. The Dynamic Duo celebrates beating the old-timers to the club for a few minutes before realizing they've been bested once again. Peters and Boone have discovered that Herb was probably being hustled by a dancer at the club named Saralyn, who also turns out to be the young redhead mentioned by the churro wench. The four men are on the verge of bickering again, when Jules calls Shawn. Turns out the prints on Herb's boat match those of a suspected drug dealer named Otto Derzius who owns a nightclub called The Dollhouse. Hearing the thump thump in the background, Jules orders Shawn not to search Otto's office or talk to the crazy drug-dealing dude. Of course, that's exactly what all four men want to do.

The Dynamic Duo plus Peters and Boone enter Otto's office through an open window and soon discover the same type of bag first seen in Herb's secret locker. Thugs bust through the door at that moment, beating Peters and Boone to the floor and then running away. As the Dynamic Duo limps out of the club — both claim to have pulled their "hammies" — gunshots ring out. Otto has been shot dead.

SBPD. The chief is pretty peeved about Otto's murder and the fact that not one shred of evidence was found by the rule-breaking foursome. She fires all of them and calls Henry to her with a foreboding look.

Psych offices. Shawn wants to reunite with Peters and Boone; he's convinced they found something at the office that they're not sharing.

Peters and Boone are playing chess in the park when Shawn and Gus sprint up to their table. Boone hands over some files he found in the office but remains seated across from Peters. Both claim they're too old for the cop life. Glancing through the file, Shawn spots a glaring clue: Saralyn put Herb as an emergency contact meaning she probably didn't kill him. Shawn somehow uses his excellent skill for verbiage to convince the old-timers to get back on the case.

Saralyn's house. Saralyn's roommate tells the foursome that she got Saralyn a job working as a drug mule for Otto at a shop on the docks. Shawn puts all of the clues together and figures out that Saralyn reminded Herb of his daughter and that he took out the $50,000 to try to buy her freedom. He kept the drugs once he found out what she was doing so she wouldn't make the last drop. Above Otto, there is an even bigger drug lord who is bringing cocaine into the city via a boat called The Second Wind.  Noticing the fold in the sheet on one of the beds, Shawn realizes he saw the same fold at Herb's house the day before (and that Saralyn, a nursing student, would know how to make an identical fold).  Everyone high-tails it to Herb's.

Standing outside the front door of Herb's house, Peters and Boone and the Dynamic Duo try to alternately bash and charm their way into the humble abode. Saralyn refuses saying everyone who tries to help her gets hurt. Shawn, however, is too busy spying the key on the wall to hear her. He remembers having seen the same key on the belt loop of the brow-beaten man from earlier in the episode. The door slams and he announces he knows who the drug lord/killer is just as we see the brow-beaten man, hidden by the front door, holding a gun to Saralyn's head.

No one is convinced Saralyn is alone and safe so the foursome decides to pull a move known as the Bark-n-Mark. Shawn and Gus bark from a scraggly bush in the front yard and then argue with the gunman as a diversion. Lassie and Jules round the corner outside as the Dynamic Duo wonders where Peters and Boone could possibly be. Kicking butt, that's where! Boone launches himself and the gunman through the glass front door and onto the front lawn where Jules kicks him down and points her gun in his face. "Nice job, Detective." Boone says. To Juliet. I know! The gunman head butts Lassie in the gut in an attempt to escape, but Peters and Boone exercise some serious teamwork and knock him out cold.

Back at SBPD. The Chief is pleased! Yeah!  Snaps all around to everyone. Boone offers to take Gus in as a ward, but Gus reminds him that he already has parents. And he's in his thirties. Buzz peeks around the corner to let everyone know a new case is afoot and the old-timers head towards the door. Henry reminds them that their employment was a one- time deal. They seem to agree, but we all know they're headed out to solve the case.  Sure enough, Shawn spots them only moments later peeling out in their neon green classic.

I really loved this episode. So much happened in so little time, and I had to limit my coverage of the jokes as a result, but there were some fantastic bits tonight. My favorite gag I couldn't include here was Shawn and Gus' impressions of Peters and Boone; they were spot on and absolutely brilliant!

How about you? What were your favorite lines from this episode? Do you think we'll be seeing Peters and Boone again this season? Where does this episode rank for you in this season's first round of stories?

Let us know and I'll see you back here next week. Until then, I'm going to go play with my new clickey pen. Click-click.

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Carl Weathers, a dead ex-SBPD chief, and Gus' penchant for spotting nice watches lead off this fun-filled episode where the Dynamic Duo gets a glimpse of their future selves. I would love to discuss the meaning of the term palholes at length, but I can't do this with you right now. I have an episode to recap!

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