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Psych Episode: "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out"

Season 5, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: A government spy seeks the guys' help proving her innocence after she's implicated in a crime.
Original Air Date: Sep 8, 2010
Guest Cast Nestor Carbonell: Declan Rand Franka Potente
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Season 5, Episode 9
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Length: 42:54
Aired: 9/8/2010
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Psych Episode Recap: "One, Maybe Two Ways Out" Season 5, Episode 9

Nestor Carbonell is back and Franka Potente is guest starring, but none of that matters because this summer season finale is amazing for a completely different reason. This episode is crammed full of goodies so jump on Bourne (Sorry, I couldn't help myself) and follow the link to the good stuff.

Present Day. Franka Potente struts through the streets as ominous music plays. No, really. Eerie flashbacks with a screaming woman, a burning Mexican flag, and Franka Potente looking very capable, flicker across the screen for a moment and then we're back to the strutting.

In some sort of green space, Shawn and Gus eat ice cream as the words "Santa Barbara 0837 Hrs" appear. Apparently, Shawn copes with his Juliet issues by talking about opening up an Ice Cream Shoppe — pronounced "Shop-ee."

More Franka Potente. More flashbacks.

More Shawn and Gus eating ice cream. Shawn is predictably frustrated with the whole Declan and Juliet thing. To be fair, sweetie, you really only have yourself to blame for not being with Juliet. How many times have I told you to just make out already?

And then Shawn spots Franka Potente. And she spots the boys. The Dynamic Duo argues over who is the subject of her gaze. After Shawn accuses him of having cankles, Gus fires back, "Please, I have the ankles of a stallion. And that woman wants them."

Eventually, Franka trots over towards the Dynamic Duo and Shawn realizes she has a gun stuffed in her pant waist. Our heroes run for the hills, but Franka has already locked onto them for some reason. She tears off after them, following the boys to the Santa Barbara Pier.

At the end of the pier, Franka finally catches up. She isn't there to hurt our precious boys, though. No, she needs their help. Her (real) name is Nadia and she was Juliet's brother's partner. Take your time with that one.

Nadia needs Shawn to help her find a man named Strabinsky, who can teach her how to disappear completely. He agrees to help, of course.  Nadia is pretty agitated and Shawn tells her to lighten up. "This is a beach community."  Unfortunately for Shawn, a helicopter zooms in over head containing two very suspicious men in suits as well as snipers who waste no time spraying the pier with bullets. Nadia pushes the Dynamic Duo out of the way and into the water. 


Shawn and Gus have landed in a row boat without a paddle. Nadia has hidden herself underneath the pier and calls to the Dynamic Duo to join her. The head suit guy in the chopper seems to think they can only get to Nadia from the ground so he tells his crew to land the bird.

Nadia and the boys are climbing up from underneath the pier when Shawn gets a call from Lassie.

Lassie's heard about their shenanigans and the helicopter. Shawn plays all of it off until Nadia pulls him into a Woman's bathroom on the pier. Once inside, Nadia explains what's going on. As it turns out she and Strabinsky were in Kiev a couple years ago when he disappeared off the grid. He'd "erased" himself. The only thing he left Nadia was a blank card with indents and impressions, which she hands to Shawn.

Gus examines the card and tells Shawn he believes the impressions might have to do with celestial patterns. Shawn psychics about stars being a clue and tells Nadia they need to go back to the Psych offices.

"Psych HDQ 0915 Hrs." Nadia warns the boys that they have six minutes before the enemy enters with the objective to torture and kill. Finally, our psychic stumbles upon the symbol; it's the phoenix constellation.  Gus puts two and two together and explains to Nadia that it must be a clue. What the symbol really points to is the Fenix Valley Path. Unfortunately, this path is in the middle of the Los Padres Forest and that area is too big to just walk in and find a missing spy. Nadia says they need a chopper and Shawn begrudgingly admits to knowing someone. His grimace leads us into...A shot of Declan's house.

"Declan Rand Residence 0957 Hours." Declan is not really open to helping our Dynamic Duo. He promised Juliet he wouldn't help on any police cases and — Oh! Wouldn't you know it? Juliet just happens to come out of the shower at that moment. After a few jealous interjections from Shawn and a quick introduction to Nadia, Juliet decides she doesn't really care what's going on and exits the room. Finally, Declan agrees to let Shawn use the chopper, but he has to have it back tonight for a date with Juliet.  Since he's the chopper's pilot, that shouldn't be too hard.

"Los Padres National Forest 1132 Hrs." Nadia once again brings the happy by telling everyone they have to find Strabinsky soon or they'll get shot down. Shawn sees a shelter of some kind and tells Declan to get them down.

The next thing we see is Nadia leading the boys to a cabin where they find Strabinsky. The former spy seems pretty reasonable until he gets ticked off at Nadia for leading the enemy to his doorstep. Strabinsky eventually agrees to "erase" Nadia.

Apparently, the term "erase" is very literal. Strabinsky is on his computer deleting every mission file available on Nadia. When he gets to a file labeled "Operation Mitlu," Nadia stops him and demands he opens it. Strabinsky says he can't, but Nadia pulls a gun telling him she knows he's able to open the file. Suddenly, Strabinsky remembers hearing about "Operation Mitlu. Basically, Nadia went to Bolivia where she set the embassy on fire and stole a bunch of Global Currency Certificates — also known as a ton of moo-lah. After this revelation, Nadia bolts and disappears into the forest. 

"Santa Barbara Police Headquarters 1228 Hrs." Henry is not happy about being dragged in on his day off. It turns out Declan told Henry and Juliet everything.  A bunch of guys in suits — including the shady guys from the helicopter at the top of the show — walk into the room at that moment. I guess they aren't so much shady as they are special military intelligence. Their names are Camden Driggs and Tom Fong. Henry and the agents demand Shawn tell them everything about Nadia and Strabinsky, but Shawn balks at giving up the location of the former spy in the woods. Declan has no qualms about it though and offers up his flight log immediately.

The whole team busts through the door of Strabinsky's cabin and find a charred corpse on the floor. Agent Driggs blames Shawn and dismisses our Dynamic Duo from his sight. Agent Driggs makes Lassie point on the case just as Shawn remembers that Nadia needs a level three computer in a government building to gain access to the Operation Mitlu file.

"Santa Barbara Federal Building 1549 Hrs." Nadia sneaks her way into the building as the task force enters. The Dynamic Duo predictably sneaks off from the main group to find Nadia. The super spy has found herself a computer terminal and is downloading the Operation Mitlu file when Shawn and Gus confront her.

Nadia claims she was set up and was forced by someone on the inside to take the certificates. The special agents enter the area at that moment startling Nadia, who sticks a device on the underside of the desk and runs for the window. The device goes off shooting sparks everywhere.

"Santa Barbara Federal Building 1603 Hrs." It looks like that device fried the computer Nadia was working on. Lassie threatens to question everyone in the building separately "one at a time." Agent Driggs takes over and rips Lassie a new one. Jerk. According to Jules' face, she agrees with him.

Shawn spots a flash drive that we last saw Nadia using to download the file. He tells Gus that he suspects Strabinsky is still alive and that he could probably get information off of the half-melted flash drive.

Of course, in order to find Strabinsky, the Dynamic Duo needs to use Declan's access to the Santa Barbara Power Grid. While feeding the boys crème brulee, Declan helps the boys locate a hot spot that could be Strabinsky. Before they leave, Shawn begs Declan to wait 30 minutes to tell Juliet they were there.

"1357 Mariposa Santa Barbara 1649 Hrs." The Dynamic Duo knocks on Strabinsky's door and they are let in by a surprisingly friendly Strabinsky. That doesn't last long, though, and he demands to know why they're in his apartment. After a little pleading from our boys, he agrees to take a look at the flash drive Shawn found. On the drive is a picture of Nadia leaving a building with a suitcase that Strabinsky says would hold the certificates. Shawn is not happy he fell for that again.

SBPD. Shawn is psychic-ing all of this new information to the rest of the task force. In the middle of his performance, Nadia calls Shawn and tells him she wants to meet him later that night. 

"Santa Barbara Alameda Park 2134 Hrs." Nadia meets Shawn — who is wearing a wire under his trench coat in the park while the task force listens in from a van in the trees. Nadia tries to seduce Shawn and Jules looks annoyed. Luckily, Shawn accidentally gets the woman to confess to killing the Bolivians and stealing the certificates.

After Nadia is carted away by the authorities, Gus comes over to confront Shawn about not falling for the Nadia seduction. Shawn admits that when Nadia tried to kiss him, all he could think about was Jules. He admits that it isn't fair to stand in the way of Juliet's happiness, but he wants to be happy too and he can only see that happening with Jules. The boys seem to have forgotten that Shawn is wearing a wire and Jules — only Jules — hears the whole thing from the van. Clearly moved, she stands alone taking in all of this new information.

SBPD. Shawn is reveling in his victory g when his phone vibrates in his pocket. Well, it isn't his phone so much as Nadia's phone that she slipped into his pocket. A photo has downloaded showing Nadia being held up at gunpoint the day she took the currency certificates. Shawn spots the two watches on the gun man's arm and realizes the gunman is Agent Tom. Henry gets on the phone and calls Lassie to assemble the team and find Tom Fong.

"Santa Barbara Warehouse District 0112 Hrs." Tom Fong has Nadia hanging upside down in a warehouse. He threatens to torture her to give up the location of the currency certificates and comes towards her with a taser when the task force crashes his little party.

Declan's house. The Dynamic Duo has dropped by to thank Declan, who is in the middle of a 30 million Euro phone bid. Gus can't miss this so he follows Declan upstairs.  Jules has apparently not broken up with Declan as I'd hoped because she's in his house. I'm just going to jump to the good part.

Here's his speech: "Have an amazing trip. Okay? Promise me. 'Cause you know they say these kind of trips are one-in-a-lifetime experiences and they're even better when you have someone you care about to share them with do. Take lots of pictures — not of sights. Don't take pictures of buildings. Take pictures of moments. 'Cause that's what matters. Capture them here (holds his hand to his head) and hold onto them here (puts his hand to his heart). At least, that's what I would do."

Guys, "Wild Horses" is playing and Jules is tearing up and I know what's going to happen, but I can't help but tear up with her. Then, Juliet O'Hara kisses Shawn Spencer and I squeal on my couch. I know this isn't really the only time this has happened, but it's the first time they both sort of seem on the same page. Of course, as they pull apart Declan interrupts and announces he bought the hotel in Amalfi where they will be staying. Shawn announces his exit and shares one last longing look with Jules as he and Gus leave.

And that's the end of the first half of the season. All I can say is finally.

I love this episode. Not only do I love the ending, but the way we got to the ending was fun and exciting. There weren't quite as many jokes though there were plenty I couldn't fit in this recap. I cannot wait to see what happens in November!

How did all of you feel about this development? How do you think the dumping of Declan will go down? Will Declan get dumped or will Jules deny the kiss happened?

Sound off about the previous episodes this season and this possible turning point of the series below. Let us know what you think will happen in November. Until then, try not to pull out too much of your hair waiting for this show to come back.

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Nestor Carbonell is back and Franka Potente is guest starring, but none of that matters because this summer season finale is amazing for a completely different reason. This episode is crammed full of goodies so jump on Bourne (Sorry, I couldn't help myself) and follow the link to the good stuff.

Present Day. Franka Potente struts through the streets as ominous music plays. No, really. Eerie flashbacks with a screaming woman, a burning Mexican flag, and Franka Potente looking very capable, flicker across the screen for a moment and then we're back to the strutting.

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