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Psych Episode: "Ferry Tale"

Season 5, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The guys help a guard round up escaped inmates on a ferryboat en route to the Channel Islands.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2010
Guest Cast Chi McBride
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Season 5, Episode 7
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Length: 42:16
Aired: 8/25/2010
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Psych Episode Recap: "Ferry Tale" Season 5, Episode 7

There's a new Little Shawn! Okay, there are a lot of other parts to this episode like Chi McBride, ferries, escaped convicts, and Jesus from True Blood, but I can't concentrate on anything else. Join the investigation in this recap of Wednesday's standard episode.

1990. Gus and Shawn prepare for a three-legged race in a non-descript field. Whoa! Whoa! That is not Little Shawn. Seriously? What happened to Little Shawn? Our Little Shawn? I love that kid. Shenanigans!

I'm so busy rewinding and re-watching the beginning of last week's episode — just to make sure I'm not going crazy — to notice that Shawn and Gus are pretty good at the tripod race. They celebrate their assured victory until they realize that only one of them can take home the grand prize of a bike. Ultimately the two settle on racing for the bike, but forget that their legs are still duct-taped together.

Present Day. Shawn's mad that Gus tricked him into coming aboard a ferry for the purposes of an environmental mission. Hippie spotting! Shawn bemoans Gus' environmental concern, but is thankful his old buddy isn't like these guys. Oh, Shawn. Of course Gus is like these guys. Two particularly nerdy dudes named Dan Carter and Carl Carter — aka D.C. and C.C. — make their way over to the Dynamic Duo. They arrive just as Shawn informs the Guster that his seasickness patch has fallen off. Cue the hurried run to the restroom below deck.

It's Emerson Cod! Well, you may know him as Chi McBride. Tonight, he's playing the part of Craig the disgruntled armed escort of several convicts on board the ferry.  He lets the boys know that the restroom will soon be occupied by said convicts and is therefore off limits. If Gus were to cut in line, the convicts would peel his head like a grape. Craig's words, not mine. "The head peel is my fourth greatest fear, Shawn. We can wait."

Neither Craig nor the convicts mind letting a little kid go ahead of them, though. It's that darn pee-pee dance, Gus. You better start tapping. Or you could just run off to the other bathroom. Yeah, do that.

While on their way back from the other restroom, our Dynamic Duo hears some muffled sounds coming from a storage room. They open the door and lo and behold they find Craig all tied up. Because this week's theme is "prison break."

Credits! Lots of fist bumps! Woo!

And we're back in the storage room. Ha! I love that Gus is wearing three seasickness patches. Craig is un-amused, however, as the convicts are loose on the ship with his gun. Shawn decides to call his dad, who tells him to stay in constant contact and to stay put — the cops will intercept the boat soon. Most importantly, Henry doesn't want little Spencer taking matters into his own hands. Not that it matters since little Spencer has been replaced this week with some foreign body.

Shawn, of course, tells Craig and Gus the exact opposite of what his father said. By the time the cops get to the boat, the prisoners will be "halfway from here to the Pacific Ocean." Oh, sweetie. It's okay. At least you're pretty.

Apparently Craig has already talked to the Captain as the first step in on-board prison break protocol has been executed — the boat is stopped.  The Dynamic Duo claims they can handle the now stranded prisoners. They aren't scared by the life-long hardened criminals. Nuh-uh.

Craig apologizes. "I just assumed y'all was just a couple of punk ass friends from grade school who like to get themselves in different situations and then riff off things at other people's expense."

Hippie groupies crowd around D.C. Gus distracts the hippie idol while Shawn grabs their equipment. Craig is pleased with the hippie equipment offering and he has a plan.

Shawn and Gus are above deck watching the convicts try to steal a lifeboat. Gus — in his radio voice — radios the situation to Craig. Unfortunately, Craig can't reach that part of the boat so the Dynamic Duo will have to tackle the situation from above.  The good news is that Shawn and Gus do stop the convicts from stealing the lifeboat. The bad news is that they, along with everyone else on the boat, are now being held captive at gun point by the convicts. Oh, and they make Shawn call Henry.

On the open seas. The Chief and the rest of the police force are on a boat in a stand-off with the convicts. The main convict, who I shall call Jesus (True Blood fans will understand why), informs the Chief that they will let everyone go if all the escaped prisoners are allowed to go free. Juliet defends Shawn. Aw.

Back in the hostage room, Gus outlines the myriad of other paths Shawn could have taken. Convict No. 2 comes in and demands everyone empty their pockets. Craig tells the Dynamic Duo that they need to create an unexpected emergency.  So, Shawn rips off Gus' seasickness patches. Hee.

Gus doubles over on the floor and Craig yells for the convicts to help.  Jesus is too quick, though; he knows Gus is just seasick and he orders two of the convicts to take him outside.

Back on the police boat, we learn that the police snipers are almost in position to take out the convicts. Unfortunately, Shawn and Craig are making plans of their own. Again. Craig wants Shawn to pretend to be hardcore by repeating everything the convicts say back at them. "Like an angry question."

Jesus interrupts, giving Shawn the perfect chance to practice his new "angry question" technique. Again, Jesus is too smart; He feigns surrender and then kicks Shawn in the face.  Just moments later, Shawn is being dragged by Jesus and Convict No. 2 to some undisclosed location when Convicts No. 3 and 4 arrive to inform their fearless leader that snipers are now visible on two of the police boats.

In the first evidence flash of the episode, Shawn notices identical tattoos on each of the men's necks. Oh, and we learn through Convict No. 2 that Jesus has a "dime piece" waiting for him. Shawn tries to talk the men into letting go the hostages. Jesus decides to use the hostages as human shields instead.

The Chief also tries to reason with Jesus, but eventually decides to send in her task force. Just as the SBPD suits up for action, Jesus and Convict No. 2 take D.C. and C.C. into a small room off deck.  In a few seconds, two gun shots are heard. Eeek. Chills. I'm sure they're not actually dead, but still.

As a silence descends among the hostage, smoke bombs from the swat team are shot onto the deck and the SBPD begins their assault of the vessel. All four convicts seem accounted for, but it isn't until the two "injured" men are taken off the ferry that Shawn realizes Jesus and Convict No. 2 dressed as D.C. and C.C.  in order to escape. The guys in the orange jumpsuit are D.C. and C.C. Yeah! They're not dead! Dirty hippies. Jesus and partner make their escape on one of the medic boats.

SBPD. Everyone is searching for the escaped convicts. Shawn remembers the tattoo and psychics about it during the meeting. The Chief assigns the Dynamic Duo the task of finding any other members of this supposed prison brotherhood. On their way out of the Chief's office, Shawn and Gus run into Craig who has been fired from his job as prison warden. Well, duh. Lassie says pretty the same thing. "You reek of failure."

Shawn and Gus try to convince Craig to get back on the horse by hiring him for this case.  Glad to be of use — and to be earning some money — Craig gladly agrees.

Psych offices. Through a phone call, Craig learns that the Jesus' prison gang was formed five years previously with his cell mate Percy Dunn. Percy is now dead, but his mother is still around and Jesus was one of her G.E.D. students when she taught at the prison. 

At Lorraine Dunn's house, Gus enjoys some homemade horchata while Shawn questions their hostess about her relationship with the man who I have called Jesus. Lorraine claims that Jesus hasn't tried to contact her but when Gus spills his drink, she accidentally reveals a bandana that Shawn last saw the escaped convict leader using.  Craig picks up on the signs as well and he sends Shawn in to confront the woman. She caves relatively quickly and tells the team that Jesus went into Percy's room to "pay his respects."

Once in Percy's room, Shawn notices a loose heating vent. He opens up the vent and discovers that Jesus took a key from Percy's vent.

Lassie is doing his thing at SBPD and briefing the Chief on what the convicts were supposedly driving while taking potshots at Craig. The Chief dismisses Lassie and sends the Dynamic Duo off to search for the missing key.

Craig accesses the prison database and the team learns that Percy Dunn was involved in a robbery where the missing money was never found. Craig notices Juliet's legs and tries to sweet talk her calling her a "dime piece." Apparently it means "a hot woman." Shawn flashes back to Convict No. 2 talking about Jesus' "dime piece." That's a weird sentence to write. The Dynamic Duo and Craig sprint off in search of Jesus' girlfriend.

Jesus' girlfriend's apartment. Jesus' girlfriend, Patty, is pleading the 5th, but Shawn sees her son playing with a toy car confiscated from one of the boat hostages. Patty admits that Jesus came around making promises about going straight. He even talked about going to church later that night. Shawn realizes, though, that Jesus only wants to go to this church to look for the hidden money.

The Dynamic Duo and Craig sneak into the boarded up church from Percy Dunn's childhood and immediately spot the convicts among the dust-covered pews. All three find one thing they can use as a weapon and move towards the convicts. Shawn chose poorly with his candle so Gus gives him a Bible to use as a blunt weapon against Convict No. 2's head. Jesus pulls a gun, but Craig seems to talk him out of shooting Shawn. Well, that seems to be his plan until he pulls a gun on Shawn himself. Dun-Dun-Dun!

 Shawn and Gus are once again being held hostage. Unfortunately, the convicts are duct-taped to a pillar a few feet away and they are mad. Both pairs get free around the same time, but the Dynamic Duo's three-legged race skills acquired back in 1990 (nice call back!) come in handy here. Shawn and Gus are able to reach a big cabinet just in time to drop it onto the escaped convicts rolling around on the floor.

More three-legged race action! Craig is getting away in the little blue car, so Shawn and Gus decide to cut through the woods to head him off. The three-legged race juice seems to still be with them...until they trip over a tree stump and go rolling down a hill onto the road. They land right in the path of Craig's get away. Lucky for them, Craig stops just in time. He isn't cold-hearted, after all, he just needs money to take care of himself and his family. And to start a wine bar in Bangkok. Gus talks Craig into doing the right thing, but Craig fires his gun anyway. Eeek! Oh. He was firing at Jesus and Convict No. 2 who had snuck up behind the Dynamic Duo during the heart to heart. Good for him then.

SBPD. Jesus and Convict No. 2 are now in police custody again.  Craig apologizes for turning on the Dynamic Duo, but Gus points out it's more important that he did the right thing in the end. "Sounds like the wrap-up to a Scooby-Doo episode," Shawn mumbles.

Shawn and Gus cover for Craig with the Chief, who informs the former prison guard that the warden is open to giving him back his old job. Also, there's a $100,000 reward for recovering the money from the old robbery. Despite the kindness of our boys, Craig walks away with all that money. Boo!

Psych offices. Craig really did start that wine bar. He sends the Dynamic Duo pictures, but no money. Gus decides to once again trick Shawn into helping the environment.

Well, this episode felt a little flat after last week's laugh-fest. I didn't feel like the lines were as funny and the story was a little predictable. Plus, despite my love of Chi McBride, I really didn't like Craig. Oh well. They can't all be hilarious.

What did everyone else think? Were you as distracted by the experience of new Little Shawn as I was? Were you just happy to see Emerson again? Maybe you were happy just to stare at the man who would be Jesus for one more hour of television?

Hop on down below and let us know what you think. As for me, I'm going to continue to obsess over the loss of Little Shawn until I have proof next week that he has been replaced. See you then!


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There's a new Little Shawn! Okay, there are a lot of other parts to this episode like Chi McBride, ferries, escaped convicts, and Jesus from True Blood, but I can't concentrate on anything else. Join the investigation in this recap of Wednesday's standard episode.

1990. Gus and Shawn prepare for a three-legged race in a non-descript field. Whoa! Whoa! That is not Little Shawn. Seriously? What happened to Little Shawn? Our Little Shawn? I love that kid. read more

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