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Psych Episode: "Chivalry Is Not Dead...But Someone Is"

Season 5, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: A rich widow's young beau is killed, and Shawn and Gus think someone trained the man to be a con artist. Jean Smart guest stars.
Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2010
Guest Cast John Michael Higgins Jean Smart
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Season 5, Episode 4
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Length: 43:02
Aired: 8/4/2010
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Psych Episode Recap: "Chivalry is Not Dead ... But Someone Is" Season 5, Episode 4

The Dynamic Duo faces off against Lassie and Jules in this week's odd episode about money, poison, and cougars. Gus joneses for an older woman, Shawn tries to seduce Jean Smart, and John Michael Higgins works his magic on all the ladies — yep, it's that kind of episode. Jump in and let's get started.

Tonight's episode starts with two chumps in tuxedos reveling in their new found status at the Opera/Theatre/Symphony. After obtaining drinks from the fancy bar, the pair returns to their cougars — I mean dates. Well, what I really mean is Jean Smart and her friend because that's who is playing Chump No. 1's date. A woman near the group starts coughing and suddenly Chump No. 1 begins coughing as well. Soon, he has literally coughed himself into a deadly fall off of the balcony.

No flashback tonight. Boo.

A few hours later, Shawn and Gus arrive hoping to impress the SBPD enough to get hired. Lassie is less than pleased with their presence and asks Buzz to escort the Dynamic Duo to the door. Before Buzz can even point his blank stare in Lassiter's direction, Shawn notices the lack of wrist and ankle fractures.  Why is this important? Because it means the victim, aka Chump No. 1, didn't brace his fall. Shawn doesn't reveal this information to the room, however. Instead, he leaves willingly with Gus and fills his partner in on the details on their way out the door.

SBPD. It's the Chief! I've missed you, ma'am. Apparently, Shawn must have eventually shared his observations with someone because the Chief is confirming that Chump No. 1was dead before he hit the ground. Lassie isn't feeling too low, though. He's just realized that Chump No. 1was dating Jean Smart, hereafter known as Gillian Tucker whose husband committed suicide five months ago. Now Carleton is convinced she killed her husband and was batting clean-up with Chump No. 1.

Henry chimes in from the corner suggesting the two pairs work together, but separately. Shawn doesn't seem too sure of this idea. "That lonely bald guy in the corner makes no sense." The Chief is willing to let the scheme fly, though.

Chump No. 1's house. Jules points out the hypocrisy of society's fear of cougars, but barely has time to answer Lassie's "it's gross" before the two stumble on Shawn hanging upside down on work-out equipment. It turns out Lance Tolkin, previously known as Chump No. 1, didn't have a job yet has somehow managed to acquire a lot of expensive items. While hanging in that position, Shawn notices a book called Killing with Class. Basically, it's a book on charming the ladies. He opens the book once he's upright, and sees an inscription from the author, Clive Prescott. Uh oh. Shawn flashes back to the crime scene, and we see Clive standing next to the body and speaking into his cell phone.

The Dynamic Duo enter Clive Prescott's "Charm" class, but quickly get pulled into an argument when Prescott insults both Shawn's fake profession and Gus' real one.  And then he goes on to question Shawn's track record with the ladies. Clive Prescott, by the way, is played here by John Michael Higgins. Trust me when I tell you no one delivers a line like "Have you ever been tested for idiocy?" like John Michael Higgins. Deciding to end this line of thought, Shawn tells Prescott that the Dynamic Duo only came to his class in order to question him about the death of one of his student's, Lance Tolkin.

SBPD. Lassie and Jules are waiting for Gillian Tucker in a conference room. She arrives soon enough, bathed in noir lighting and complaining that she just got out of bed despite her unflawed appearance. Lassie tries to faze her with the knowledge that he worked on her husband's case, but Gillian is unflappable, claiming she's late to a business meeting. Haha. There's a great parallel of the famous scene from The Graduate with a shot of Gillian through Lassie's perched leg.

"Ms. Tucker, are you trying to seduce me?" he asks.

"Not even a little."

Gillian admits she was in an unhappy marriage, but doesn't feel that her quick rebound is anything to be ashamed of. Jules suddenly pulls Lassie out of the interview and proposes a theory that Gillian is in fact late for a date, not a business meeting. The partners decide to tail the widow to see what else she's hiding.

Back with the Dynamic Duo, Clive Prescott tries to weasel out of their questions by playing the old "Can I"/"Will I" game. He also tries to claim he disliked Lance Tolkin, but Shawn calls him out on the book inscription where he called the victim "one of [his] most artful students." Prescott admits Lance was good, but still needed improvement. As the Dynamic Duo exits, he hands them an envelope which apparently contains a thank you note for their inquiries. Ha. It's the last draw for Shawn who decides he now must expose Prescott for the con man he is.

Stakeout! Lassie and Jules are tailing Gillian Tucker when the Dynamic Duo climbs into the backseat. Shawn is wearing a fake beard and has apparently adopted the name "Soup Can Sam" for this disguise.  It quickly becomes clear that Gillian Tucker is in fact meeting Clive Prescott for a date.  Dun-Dun.

Back at the Opera/Theatre/Symphony from the beginning of the episode. Lassie and Jules are interviewing the bartender who tells them that Gillian brought a private bottle of scotch behind the bar the night of the murder just for Tolkin.

In the blue car, Shawn is on the phone with his dad. Surprisingly, Henry seems to agree with Shawn on who the likeliest suspect is. Prescott's last known attachment was a wealthy widow named Lorraine Bell, who mysteriously died in a drowning accident. Henry is worried this guy might be dangerous and wants Shawn to be careful. Shawn just seems surprised by the affection. "I think my dad is starting to like me."

The Dynamic Duo spots Gillian and Prescott heading into the bank and decides to follow them inside. Shawn quickly turns on the charm while confronting Gillian about her sudden interest in men her own age. Gus correctly guesses that his partner is just out to prove he has more game than Prescott. To be fair, though, Gillian responds pretty quickly. She even falls for the psychic bit when Shawn tells her they were both born in February. In actuality, he noticed her purple ring earlier when arguing with Gus.

Prescott pulls Shawn to the side and orders him to stay out of the way. He really shouldn't have tried, though, as it only pushes Shawn to continue seducing Gillian. After pulling a few moves of his own, Shawn even gets Gillian to accept his offer of a date later that night. She does have one stipulation of her own, however; her friend Eugenia also needs a date. Poor Gus.

Later that night at a fancy restaurant, Shawn and Guster meet their dates. Gillian wastes no time and gives Shawn a pair of diamond cufflinks as a "get to know you" present.  Eugenia gives Gus a stick of gum. Well, half a stick of gum. The restaurant quickly becomes crowded with possible suspects as Gillian spots Gabe McKinley, otherwise known as Chump No. 2, at a table nearby just before Prescott sends over a bottle of wine from across the room. Unfortunately for Shawn, the smarmy older gentleman doesn't stay across the room for much longer and Gillian invites him to sit down at their table.

When Eugenia and Gillian leave the table, Gabe comes over to pay his respects to Prescott. Gillian, according to Gabe, was said to be off-limits to all of Prescott's students. The ladies return at that moment and it comes out that Gillian is leaving soon to go to Lima with Prescott for a "business trip." I think I can guess what kind of "business" they will be pursuing in Lima. Shawn has a different idea, though. He remembers what Henry said about Prescott's former love interest; it was on a trip to South America with Prescott that she mysteriously drowned. So, Shawn whisks Gillian — along with Gus and Eugenia — away to the Psych offices for pizza.

In his own adorable way, Shawn tries to get Gillian to stay away from Prescott. She interprets his concern as jealousy, but doesn't really answer his plea. Eugenia, meanwhile, continues to rebuff the Guster.  Suddenly, Lassie and Jules interrupt the evening to warn Shawn about Gillian. They tease him about going after older women and his objections to the contrary fall flat when all three spot Gus trying to plant one on Eugenia only to have her deny him once again. After a few more verbal jabs, Jules and Lassie reveal the info about Gillian and the private bottle of scotch to the Dynamic Duo. However, since the Gaberdine Hightail — Lance's favorite drink — was created by Prescott, the four are back to square one.

Shawn and Gus are cleaning up the Psych offices later that night and discussing their victory over Prescott when Shawn suddenly doubles over in pain.

Hospital. A doctor comes in to let the Dynamic Duo know that Shawn was definitely poisoned. Gus takes this opportunity to confess to sleeping with Shawn's crush from high school. Of course, he really should have kept quiet because Shawn was just barely poisoned and is now fine.

Henry rushes into the room, but not for the reason you'd think. He's less worried about Shawn's recovery than he is worried about Shawn solving the case. I understand that Shawn isn't really in any danger, but I'm on your kid's side on this one, Henry. No concern? Really?

Shawn joins Jules' interrogation of Prescott, who refuses to admit to any wrong doing or lack of game. Lassie interrupts after only a few minutes to let Prescott go. Unfortunately, he also had to let Gillian go as they don't have any evidence to hold her on. Henry just happens to be walking by the interrogation room at that moment and Shawn pulls him in for support. Almost immediately Prescott recognizes Henry as a former student; a former student who was "invited to leave." Shawn enjoys the moment a little and then listens as his father explains that there is another wealthy woman — Harriet Finestat -- who ended up dead while in a relationship with Prescott. Henry wants Shawn to wait to do anything, though, so he can substantiate any evidence.

Predictably, Shawn doesn't listen. He and Gus return to Prescott's charm class to accuse him of the murder of Harriet Finestat. Unfortunately for our Dynamic Duo, Harriet had cancer and her sons took all of her money. Shawn sheepishly backs down from his accusations, but only after Prescott tells him Lorraine Bell's death was the result of a sting ray. Gus just wants advice in how to seduce Eugenia. Oh, Gus, no.

Shawn isn't completely done; he demands to know why Gillian was off-limits to Prescott's students. "Because I love her!" Prescott shoots back. Shawn, that really was very obvious. Prescott retreats to his office where the Dynamic Duo gives him a fantastic note of apology. Shawn misspells his own name. No, really. Gus asks the heartbroken man what his next step will be and Prescott reveals that he's going to propose to Gillian. He's decided to seek the advice of Eugenia, Gillian's friend and Gus' would-be lover. When Gus' complains about Eugenia's stingy affections, Prescott warns him to take into account Eugenia's destitution. "Gillian practically takes care of her."

That's when it hits Shawn. Flash after flash, we see all of the signs of Eugenia's pennilessness. Gabe must have dumped Eugenia when he realized he'd chosen the wrong woman. He poisoned his Lance to get him out of the way so he could woo Gillian. Obviously, Gabe would have also poisoned Shawn if he thought he was horning in on his territory.

The Dynamic Duo warns Lassie and Jules who storm the gym looking for Gabe. In no time at all, the foursome find Gabe dead in the sauna. Lassie figures the gigolo was poisoned as a bottle of Vitamin Water was found on his lap. While going through the deceased's locker, Shawn spies diamond cufflinks on a dress shirt. He realizes that everyone who gets involved with Gillian ends up poisoned. Jules finishes her call and we learn that the same toxin was used in all three poisonings -- Naphthalene. Gus realizes that Eugenia smells like mothballs and Napthalene is the primary ingredient in mothballs. Eugenia has been poisoning anyone who gets close to Gillian. Shawn realizes that Prescott will be Eugenia's third dead body if they don't get to him in time.

Jules, Lassie, and the Dynamic Duo are stuck in traffic so Shawn and Gus duck out of the car and up to the country club. Lassie tries to drive around the traffic but only ends up stuck on a hill. Still, Jules and Lassie beat the Dynamic Duo inside the tea room and the foursome stop Prescott from drinking his tea just in time. Shawn explains that Eugenia is in love with Gillian. That's why she killed Gillian's husband and poisoned her other two suitors. Lassie cuffs the lovelorn murderess and leads her out of the restaurant.

Prescott's class. Prescott is telling his class that he will not be teaching them over the next few weeks as he will be on his honeymoon. In the interim, he has arranged for several guest speakers the first of which is Shawn. Of course. Shawn proclaims the virtue of his own seduction techniques.

Oh, Gus. The Guster is visiting Eugenia in prison to confirm that her disinterest in him was purely because of her love for a woman.  Yep, it was.

All in all, I didn't love this episode as much as the three previous outings. There weren't as many gut-busting lines and the storyline wasn't particularly interesting. I think there needs to be more movement in the Henry/Shawn storyline at some point. I thought we had gotten there in the last season's finale, but it feels like we're back to square one right now. Ah well. I'm sure next week will be better.

What did you think of this week's episode? Is it a new favorite or a standard filler episode? Feel free to discuss down below and I'll see you next week!

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The Dynamic Duo faces off against Lassie and Jules in this week's odd episode about money, poison, and cougars. Gus joneses for an older woman, Shawn tries to seduce Jean Smart, and John Michael Higgins works his magic on all the ladies — yep, it's that kind of episode. Jump in and let's get started.

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