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Psych Episode: "Feet Don't Kill Me Now"

Season 5, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Gus helps Lassiter loosen up by tap dancing while the pair are working together. Shawn and Juliet, meanwhile, team up to investigate a case involving a jealous girlfriend and murder.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2010

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Season 5, Episode 2
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Aired: 7/21/2010
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Psych Episode Recap: "Feet Don't Kill Me Now" Season 5, Episode 2

Gus tap dances and uses his knowledge of pharmaceuticals for the first time in three seasons! Plus, Jules is back on the force, Kurt Fuller returns, and the Dynamic Duo introduces the world to something called JapaDogs. Mmmm. It's a delicious episode full of call backs and classic quips so sidle on over for this week's Psych.

1990. Shawn catches Gus practicing his tap moves, despite Gus' protests that he's playing "board grass." Shawn is not surprisingly disapproving of Gus' love of dance. Maybe it's not the dance, Gus. Maybe Shawn's just protecting you from the disappointment of Mia Michaels.

Present Day. A car is being pulled out of some body of water. Is that supposed to be the Pacific or just a river? Who cares, Juliet is back! Yeah! And Lassie is back to being condescending! Woo...hoo? He gives Juliet a couple bills to go get him a coffee. Oh, and in the process reveals that it was a woman in the car and that she died a horrific death. Lass, you're such a softie.

Shawn and Gus arrive and Lassie tells them to shut their pie holes. "Nothing shuts my pie hole but pie," counters Shawn. Even Lassie can't help but agree with that one.

Just as the car is set down on the bank of the as-yet-unnamed body of water, Buzz and Lassie take us down Exposition Alley, pilfering the woman's wallet and revealing that the victim is named Desiree Blake.

Since we've all most likely done this before, I'll sum up the set-up. Lassie is convinced this whole thing was an accident, but Shawn notices a few things in the car and believes murder is to blame. Now Shawn must go through his father in order to score the case.

Gus would be willing to help if it weren't for his new tap class schedule. In the background, Lassie can be seen looking up just a little and, as Shawn stomps away disgusted, Carleton inquires about Gus' dance instruction.  "Is it court-ordered? ... Will it make you faster? ... Are you investigating some sort of dancing drug ring?" Don't give the Step Up people any more ideas.

Tap Class! Let's face it; this episode is just an excuse to make Dule Hill tap dance. The Guster is tapping away when Lassie shows up and asks to be placed in the class. Of course, Lassiter is terrible and the class breaks up soon after his introduction to the tap world. Gus won't let him quit, though, and proceeds to teach the awkwardly-footed detective a few moves. As the lesson continues, Lassie slowly begins to de-stress and reveals that something about the case doesn't add up.  In fact, he's waiting on test results and — d'oh! He forgot to call the lab.

Lassie pulls a bag of pills from his pocket and calls the lab, complaining when they claim ignorance as to the origin of the medication. Gus immediately recognizes the pills as being home made. Because he sells pharmaceuticals, remember? Lassie: "Since when?"

Outside in the parking lot, Shawn catches Lassie and Gus coming out of the studio. Predictably, Lassie leaves out the whole tap dancing part of his adventure and says he's at the studio because he needs the Guster's pharmaceutical expertise. And Shawn's not invited. The Dynamic Duo argues over who needs who the most and James Roday does a pretty great impersonation of Dule Hill's "I threw up a little in my mouth" face.

Gus proclaims "Like mascara on Prince, it is on." Then, he gets in Lassie's car, yanks on the locked seat belt, and finally gently glides the belt to its buckle. I may or may not have rewound that scene two or three times.


In a lab somewhere in Santa Barbara, Lassie flusters Gus by introducing him by his real name. The lovely research technician recognizes the pills as a phase three experimental fertility treatment to which very few people would have access. She claims she was the only administrator on the trials, but Gus tells Lassie in private that this information must be incorrect; phase three trials are double blind trials so a second administrator must have been involved. After this startling insight, Gus and Lassie bond over the flaws of their respective partners, making Shawn's sudden appearance all the more awkward.

Shawn spies a few clues that all point to there being a second research technician, but of course the other two already know that. Speaking of "the other two," I'm having the strange urge to combine their names into one word: Gassie. Okay, maybe I shouldn't. Or should I?

SBPD. Apparently Henry is under the impression that Shawn let Gus take the case on alone so the Psych agency can collect the fee while he — Shawn — sits around all day doing nothing. So, Henry puts him on the case. "So even when you do something I want, it still counts as punishment?"

To add to Shawn's "punishment," Juliet is made his partner for this case. Wow, Shawn is really having a terrible day.  After a little verbal sparring, Juliet gets Shawn to tell her about the lying research technician. Shawn goes for the fits bump and Juliet goes for the high-five, and then vice-versa. It's sweetly uncoordinated on both their parts.

Rounding the corner of the interrogation room, Jules and Shawn find Lassie and Gus seated across from the suspect.  Lassie and Jules use their sweet interrogation mojo and soon the research technician admits she lied about the number of administrators in order to protect her partner Ben. As it turns out, Desiree and Ben were dating and he was supplying her with the fertility treatments under the table. Both detective teams nearly trip over themselves while running out the door.

Inevitably, the four arrive at Ben's house at the same time and an argument ensues. Just as Lassie and Jules start to get into it, an SUV reverses through the garage door and takes off down the street.

SBPD. Ben got away and Henry is mad. The duo never-to-be-known-as-Gassie retreats into a conference room where Gus closes the blinds and suggests a little tap dancing to clear Lassie's head. It works and Lassiter realizes Ben and Desiree jointly owned the car in which Desiree's body was found. Therefore, the SUV that crashed through the garage might be a rental.

Unfortunately, Gus forgets to close one of the blinds and Jules and Shawn see the whole dance session. There's teasing, Juliet makes a terrible joke, Shawn does a poor job of finishing her sentences, and I terrify the cats that live under my house by yelling at the two of them to "make out already!"

Worried about being out-foxed by Team Not-Gassie, Shawn and Jules show up at a trial clinic. Shawn flirts with the lab assistant, he and Jules banter, and those cats are further traumatized by the noises coming from my living room. Once the girls are gone, Shawn investigates the work space in the office noting e-mails from Mission Road Flowers. One e-mail shows an apology note delivered with flowers to Desiree and another shows sympathy flowers being delivered to a "Ruth Blake."

Not-Gassie investigates their lead at the rental car company. It doesn't take long for them to get a tracking number for the LoJack on the car.

Shawn and Jules visit with Desiree's mother and discover that Ben had cheated on Desiree. The new partners leave the grieving mother's home and begin discussing the possibility of Ben's involvement in Desiree's death. Jules is pretty convinced Ben killed Desiree but Shawn isn't so sure.  She's also pretty convinced that graph paper and colored pencils are needed to solve the case.

While on his own, Shawn finds Gus — who has also broken away from Lassie — outside of Ben's motel room. Neither believes Ben killed Desiree, but Ben is oblivious to that information and so bolts on seeing the two of them hovering around his car. Somehow the Dynamic Duo drags Ben off of the metal gate and confronts him about what he might know. Here's the scoop: Ben and Desiree didn't have a common law marriage so Ben wouldn't have lost any money if the couple had split. Since Desiree's mother is convinced Ben caused her daughter's death, he assumed she had called the cops and decided to run away. Shawn guarantees he can convince the cops that Ben is innocent, but Lassie and Jules already have their guns drawn. "Guarantee-ish."

Back at SBPD again. Everyone is back with their true partner at last. The Dynamic Duo makes their way to the morgue. Kurt Fuller! Whee! As the lovely coroner, Kurt predicts the death of the Dynamic Duo: Shawn will die in a gangland style execution with his head never to be found and Gus will slip in a tub. Kurt Fuller tells them that Desiree seems to have drowned but her skin shows signs of freezer burn and her body shows an uncharacteristic lack of struggle for a drowning victim.

Upon exiting the morgue, Shawn and Gus encounter the lovely research technician who claims to have proof of Ben's innocence.

The Dynamic Duo triumphantly brings this information — a log of who entered Ben's lab on the day of the murder — to Lassie and Jules. Luckily this information clears Ben, but, as Henry reminds them, a killer is still on the loose.

Psych Offices. Shawn and Gus revel over JapaDogs. Gus mentions not wanting to cheat on Shawn by introducing Lassie to JapaDogs and a sparks a Shawn Spencer case-solving epiphany. We flashback to Desiree's mother telling Jules and Shawn that Ben cheated on Desiree. Clearly, the person Ben cheated with would have motive to kill Desiree.

The Dynamic Duo makes their way to Ben's house, but he's already dead.

Morgue. Kurt Fuller has found that Ben died the same way as Desiree. In a moment of inspiration, Gus realizes the couple must have been dry-drowned — a possible cause of which is an overdose of anesthesia. Shawn remembers that the flirty lab assistant, named Tanya, mentioned signing consent forms for anesthesia.

Down at the lab, the Dynamic Duo meets up with Lassie and Jules. All four enter the lab to confront Tanya, who readily admits to the affair with Ben. She also points out, however, that she is but a lowly assistant and doesn't have access to anesthesia.

Shawn immediately realizes it must have been Lilian, the lovely research technician from the beginning of the episode. Lassie hilariously tap-dances in the background while Shawn explains that Lillian was in love with Ben and was jealous of Desiree — that's why Lillian killed her. When Ben still didn't return her feelings, Lillian decided to kill him too.

Tag. Shawn and Juliet attend Gus' tap recital. Now, this is tapping. Dule Hill is quite simply awesome. Shawn: "That's my partner up there!" Next, Lassie comes out...with a cadre of children. And because tapping gives him clarity of mind, Lassie can't help but blurt out "I know who the Westside Rapist is."

"And that's my partner," Juliet sighs.

I loved this episode; it felt like classic Psych. Plus, Dule Hill tap danced and I gained a new favorite phrase: Charlotte the Harlot.

What were your favorite moments? Are you as excited about the return of Kurt Fuller as I am? Once again, I couldn't include even half of the side-splitting one-liners, so feel free to repeat those random spurts of dialogue that had you rolling on the floor.

See you next week!

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Gus tap dances and uses his knowledge of pharmaceuticals for the first time in three seasons! Plus, Jules is back on the force, Kurt Fuller returns, and the Dynamic Duo introduces the world to something called JapaDogs. Mmmm. It's a delicious episode full of call backs and classic quips so sidle on over for this week's Psych.

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