Promised Land 1996 | TV Show Watchlist


A `Touched by an Angel' spin-off about an out-of-work family crossing the U.S. in an old trailer, helping others while trying to realize their own American dream.


Guest Stars

Nurse, Patty Caston
Jimmy Taylor
Edward Fitzgerald, Foreman
Rebecca Cousins
Robert Gossett
Robert Ellis, Robert Ellis
Rich Buckner, Richard Buckner
Foreman, Mr. Reynolds
Martin Phelps
Jennifer Rydell, Pretty Girl
Nancy Taylor
Kay Borgstrom
George Laverne
Polly Wutherspoon
Sten Borgstrom
Laura Dunbar
Dr. Bea Goldman
Mark Gerhard
Jenny Lillienthal
Dan Hoagland
Helen Saunders
Matt Lillienthal
Sheriff Oakley
Cindy Jasper
Principal Groves
Gavin Notewirthy
Coop Lemley
Paula Notewirthy
Miles Montgomery
Teenage Girl No. 2
Marie Jasper
Teenage Girl No. 1
Manfred Dedrick
Det. Oliver Cruz
Female Board Member
Derek Lillienthal
Louise Gerhard
Mrs. Reynolds
Lloyd Knapp
Coach Porter
David Phillips
Alan Rawlings
Bridget Lillienthal
Maureen Parker
Miles Gunderson
Mayor Atkins
Dr. Roundtree
Car Wash Mananger
Security Guard
Doctor Edwards
Paul Bridger
Reverend Alverez