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Prison Break Episode: "The Price"

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: While Pad Man lays out the Company's next gambit to his underlings, Lincoln reaches into his past for a way to gain access to the final card, which is in Pad Man's possession, and Michael and Self have a meeting with their colleague-to-be: Gretchen. Meanwhile, Roland seethes at the treatment he has gotten from the gang since he lost the transcribing device in Las Vegas.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2008
Guest Cast Monti Sharp: Phil Stroger Shannon Lucio: Trishanne Stacy Haiduk: Lisa Tabak Dan Sachoff: Aide Shaun Duke: Griffen Oren Ron Yuan: Feng Huan
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Season 4, Episode 8
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Aired: 10/20/2008
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Prison Break Episode Recap: "Greatness Achieved" Season 4, Episode 8

This week on Prison Break, the road to Scylla nearly got washed away, Wyatt feared Mahone's wrath, a most unlikely couple kisses, and one of the series' original characters died a hero's death. Read on for the full recap.

"No. He's gone."

Abruzzi. Haywire. Tweener. And now Brad Bellick. Another colorful character who has been with Prison Break since Day 1 has bid us adieu. Bellick, though, gave his life in the name of the plan, the mission to access Scylla and bring down the Company. But what led the gang to this tough spot that would cost one of their own?

The General is on the move. He wants Scylla moved, and much quicker than the three days Lisa is suggesting. But all this could be avoided if Wyatt would "take care of" Scofield & Co. Where is the very big galoot, anyway?

Shackled in a cage, being stared at with daggers by Mahone, while Sara tries to get him talking (all the while shrugging off his attempts at Hippocratic Oath-themed psychobabble). Oh, he chats a bit. But not much. Yet still enough for Self to digitally cobble together a dummy "message" from Wyatt to his boss, claiming, "They're all dead." And the General buys it. Ha. Cue Mahone and his request for some quality time with the man who shot his son — not once, but twice, and with five torturous inhumane minutes in between. First, Alex physically taunts Wyatt. Then he makes him call Pam to say, "I'm sorry." (Amazing how much Callie Thorne does with so little each appearance.) And then Mahone takes his prey for a long walk off a short pier, plunging him into the drink in the midst of some "We are more alike than you know" nonsense.

And just like that, the outlook for Bailey's marriage on Grey's improves.

All along, Michael, Linc, Sucre and Bellick are spelunking in the catacombs between GATE and Scylla, knowing that according to the "bird map," something will get in their way. That obstacle turns out to be no less than a 36,000 gallon/second water main. As one of my sons' books goes, "We can't go over it. We can't go under it. We have to go through it." Through a water main?? But how? "Simply" power it down (accomplished with merely some cable snips, an aerosol can and a lighter). Then, blow-torch a hole through each side of the pipe, and thread a smaller pipe through.

"Easy," sure. But not when Michael starts getting wonky from his suspected tumor. Luckily, Sucre steps in. Even more luckily, he can eyeball and chalk-outline a perfect circle on the opposite side of the one Michael cut.

Meanwhile, Gretchen breaches the General's office and pulls a gun on him, clearing the room (even icy little Lisa). The Gen, however, has some sort of (icky) hold on Gretch, and pulls "my girl" into a smooch. Wha?! It is then inferred that Gretchen's daughter... is his? The net-net is that she wants in on his team, provided she sits at his right hand in Laos, not Lisa.

Lisa side note: Why do I get the feeling that every woman of that age we see this season, the actress probably tried out for the Prison Break spin-off? I digress.

Back underground, the pipe is almost fed through, affording the boys a "tunnel" through the water main. But when the interior brace snaps just as the water is turned back on, Bellick takes it upon himself to stay inside the main and hoist it up. Sure, his death was a bit telegraphed throughout the hour — with all the misty talk of his dad and what not — but it still was a big moment for the series, as he truly took one for the team. The significance was not lost, especially on Linc.

Best lines and more:
— Linc pummeling on Wyatt: "My hand's not gonna get tired."
— "Roland's been reconfigured."
— "We're going together like traffic and weather."
— "He might be dipping his trout into a different trough."
— Sucre: "I got shot, Brad." Bellick: "Oh yeah."
— "Our issues were thin as tissues."
— Wyatt or Cress has a cool chest tattoo!
— Things we learned about Gretchen: She was in the police academy, but failed her psych evaluation.
— Loved the "hero shot" of Mahone on the dock after Wyatt bought it.

Be sure to check Wade Williams' celebrity blog for his thoughts on leaving Prison Break.

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This week on Prison Break, the road to Scylla nearly got washed away, Wyatt feared Mahone's wrath, a most unlikely couple kisses, and one of the series' original characters died a hero's death. Read on for the full recap. read more

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