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Prison Break Episode: "Five the Hard Way"

Season 4, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: While Linc, Sara, Sucre and Roland track down the fifth card in Las Vegas, Michael and Bellick are unavoidably detained in L.A. by a gun-wielding T-Bag, who needs Michael to decipher the bird book. T-Bag, as it happens, is doing the bidding of Gretchen, who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Meanwhile, Wyatt shows up at Don Self's home; and Sara learns something disturbing about Michael. Scuderi: Jude Ciccolella.
Original Air Date: Oct 6, 2008
Guest Cast Amanda Tosch: Alexa Dameon Clarke: Andrew Blauner Hector Atreyu Ruiz: Bartender Jude Ciccolella: Howard Scuderi Dan Sachoff: Aide Shannon Lucio: Trishanne Charles Emmett: Casino Detective
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Season 4, Episode 7
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Length: 14:22:23
Aired: 10/6/2008
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Prison Break Episode Recap: "The Price" Season 4, Episode 7

At first I wanted to dismiss this week's episode as somewhat "meandering," but maybe that's too hasty. As far as Sara goes, it tried to be something more, so it certainly deserves credit for that. During her captivity, we learned, Sara was afforded the chance to escape by a guard named Katee Sackhoff Michelle Taylor, who slipped her a key. Sara then had to watch, from up close, as Gretchen shot Michelle dead.

In the present day, Sara is invited to "get her pound of flesh" back from Gretchen, in a motel-room face-off. But rather than catfight it out or "exchange gifts" (a la the end of the Civil War), Gretch surprises us by peeling off her shift, handing Sara a lamp cord and gifting her five minutes to whip her unchecked. This is Sara, though. So rather than scar her former captor to her hearts content, she brings up the Michelle incident, finds out what she needs to know about the woman who saved her life, then leaves, promising Gretchen that at the end of the day, she will get hers.

As for the scheme of the week, we got a flashback to a 2001 hit-and-run Lincoln pulled off with one of his goon pals. The plan was to execute the same plan on the General. Roland, though, tips off Wyatt, who detours the General's car. Right away, the boys realize who the snitch is, and come 10 pm, Roland has paid the biggest away anyone can pay for their poor judgment.

I'm a little torn, as is Michael, over letting Roland get what was coming to him. One could easily argue that the boys could have gotten a jump on Wyatt before he put that final slug into the snitch. Let's hope Scofield's Seven Six don't need much more high-caliber hacking. (Mikey seemed to have planted a keystroke recorder or something into the laptop, and then retrieved it as Ro drifted away.)

Wyatt is now in the team's custody, with a rabid Mahone anxious to exact his pound of flesh — and you have to think he'll get it!

Let's talk a bit about the Company, which over the years has gone from being a rather foreboding intragovernment cabal fronted by no less than the female vice president of the United States to... a room full of randomly-cast indistinct people in off-the-rack suits. Has it all boiled down to counterfeiting?? Really? That's endgame here? This mighty covert organization is pulling off what a handful of disgruntled theme-park security guards attempted in Beverly Hills Cop 3?

Nonetheless, the General now is wise to the plan to not snuff him but snatch Scylla, so he wants "it" moved and pronto — security measures be damned! So back off, Generic Redhead!! It would seem that tunneling over from GATE might not be the solution after all. That, or the relocation plan means the boys will have to faster-track the plan.

What do you think Gretchen meant when she scoffed at the belief that Scylla is "just the Company's little black book"? What else could it be? The arming device for nuclear missiles pointed at Iraq?

Memorable moments and quips:

• Self to Gretchen: "Listen to me, skank...." (I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't on closed captioning.) • Dr. Sara tending to a grateful Sucre: "Just wait 'til you get my bill."

• T-Bag politely warning receptionist gal before slapping her with the prosthetic. And people say chivalry is dead.

• Sara eyeballing that vial of morphine. Nice pick-up of a long-forgotten addiction thread.

• Gretchen to Sara, after her Civil War dissertation: "Now I don't expect us to exchange gifts...."

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At first I wanted to dismiss this week's episode as somewhat "meandering," but maybe that's too hasty. As far as Sara goes, it tried to be something more, so it certainly deserves credit for that. During her captivity, we learned, Sara was afforded the chance to ... read more

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Premise: An engineer gets himself incarcerated to engineer the escape of his death-row brother, who was framed for killing the vice president's brother. While the setup requires a leap of faith, the drama is consistently taut as Michael Scofield succeeds, only to find himself and his fellow escapees on the lam in Season 2---and back in prison, this time in Panama, in Season 3, giving Michael another escape to engineer. In Season 4, Michael and crew were back in the U.S., chasing the nefarious Company.



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