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Prison Break Episode: "Deal or No Deal"

Season 4, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: As Michael, Linc, Sara, Sucre and Mahone regroup, Gen. Krantz reasserts his control of the Company in no uncertain terms as he scrambles to regain Scylla. Later, T-Bag gets a new partner in crime, and Michael and Linc have a critical meeting with Sen. Conrad Dallow (David Clennon).
Original Air Date: Dec 1, 2008
Guest Cast Angela Martinez: Reporter Shannon Lucio: Trishanne Joe Basile: Agent Matthew Jones: Federal Agent Stacy Haiduk: Lisa Tabak Graham McTavish: Ferguson Jude Ciccolella: Howard Scuderi David Clennon: Sen. Conrad Dallow Michael O'Neill: Herb Stanton Mark Pellegrino: Patrick Vikan Kirk B.R. Woller: Richard Sooter Dan Sachoff: Aide Heather McComb: Rita
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Season 4, Episode 13
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Length: 07:18:23
Aired: 12/1/2008
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Prison Break Episode Recap: "Just Business" Season 4, Episode 13

This week on Prison Break, the game changed - yet again! - when something far more valuable than Scylla fell into the Company's possession, Mahone got caught in a trap, and the "good book" bit T-Bag on the ass. Read on for the full recap!

Michael dared Self to "come and get it," and so the rogue Homeland Security agent did, bombarding the warehouse with tear gas. After Linc got the drop on him - nice beat-down! - Self unspooled his sob story about 17 thankless years spent playing by the book, then made a pitch to Michael: Let's sell Scylla together, for nine figures (!). Righteous Michael said no, though Linc seemed a bit keen on the idea of all-expense-paid tropical getaways with nubile Sofia. Gretchen then showed to whisk her "cohort" away.

Michael is relying on Alex to come through on his plan, which involves beseeching FBI pal Felicia to hook him up with a fed he can trust. (Alex apparently hasn't been watching Prison Break very long.) Felicia brings a stuffed-shirt crony of Alex's to a meet, and Alex makes his pitch: If I bring you Scylla, can you get me an audience with the Attorney General? Said crony is skeptical about doing business with a druggie former agent, but Mahone insists he's got the goods.

Over at the Company's HQ, a ridiculous (in its hope for success) manhunt is going on for Michael, Lincoln and/or Self, using digital scanning of, like, every traffic and security camera in L.A. The General then adds Gretchen to the mix. Lisa turns in her resignation, prompting me to yell at the screen, "You fool! Like they will let you walk away." (My wife quickly admonishes me.)

At the home of Gretchen's sister, T-Bag is told by Self to snuff Rita and the rugrat if he doesn't hear from him within two hours. T-Bag delivers a rather fine speech about how the life of "Cole Pfeiffer" tempted him so, with legitimacy, but he seems forever doomed to live in the prison of his own name. There's a knock at the door, a bible salesman played by too recognizable a character actor to simply be a bible salesman. At least T-Bag thinks so, and he subdues the dude and ties him up. Later, instructed by Self to kill the interloper, T-Bag spouts some verse, and the "salesman" IDs it as being from Psalms. He is a bible salesman!

[Thwack!] No, he isn't. He's Company, and he ultimately gets the upper hand on T-Bag (after Rita and the girl have been set free).

Michael and the gang, with a little help from Captain Kirk and the "Arena" episode of Star Trek, ambush Self and Gretchen at their seedy hotel hideaway, forcing Gretchen into the stairwell and Self onto a booby-trapped fire escape. Self plummets to the ground, allowing Michael to grab Scylla, run away, deliver it to the feds and be done with this whole thing, run credits. But... Michael's disregard for his health catches up to him, and he collapses, letting A) Self reclaim Scylla and the chip, and B) the Company spirits away Scofield's body.

Now, lest you think I forgot, there was also a totally kick-ass fight scene between Gretchen and Sucre in the stairwell. I think it played out very fairly, because even though Gretchen is, like, a girl, she does have mad fighting/combat skills, and Sucre was shot just a few episodes ago - and that wound is where she seemed to focus blow after blow after blow. Thoroughly pummeled, Sucre was about to get capped when Sara pushed Gretch down some stairs, though to little effect - the baddie cashed in another of her nine lives and skirted away.

Self and Gretchen meet with the Viking, he vets Scylla as legit, and so Self blasts his brains out. Self really wants the whole payday. Seventy percent of nine figures simply won't do in this economy.

Back at the warehouse, things look extremely bleak. Sara breaks down, knowing that the Company has Michael and they have nothing to trade for him. Self has Scylla and the chip (thanks to some impressive piece of infra-red eavesdropping technology). And Mahone is left, hat in hand, in the clutches of his FBI pals (yes, once again Felicia screwed him).

Linc does all he can do - he shows up at the Company's doorstep and offers himself up for Michael. "This started with me, it should end with me." The General appreciates the thinking, then offers this deal: Steal Scylla back, and I'll use my team of beyond-cutting-edge doctors to save your brother.

Memorable lines and such:

  • "This wasn't personal, this was just business." And you're not a jerk, you're a tool, as well.
  • T-Bag: "What do you think I am, a monstah?"
  • "I was a respectable businessman, top seller in the northeast region. Now I'm a prisoner in my own identity."
  • Michael telling Linc, "I thought you killed Terrence Steadman," as we all flashback to a much simpler time in Prison Break lore.
  • "Put the mean man back on the phone."
  • "I wanted a son." Ouch!
  • "No urinating in the stairwell. That's the golden rule." (Hey, bit players can have quotables, too!) The Viking calling Self a "mook." Ha-ha!
  • Alex thanking Felicia for all she has ever done, multiple backstabbings included.

This is me playing dumb: "What was with the Company doc noting he has only seen a condition like Michael's once before? And might it have anything to do with the 'added incentive' in the mysterious 'Tombstone II' folder?"

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This week on Prison Break, the game changed - yet again! - when something far more valuable than Scylla fell into the Company's possession, Mahone got caught in a trap, and the "good book" bit T-Bag on the ass. Read on for the full recap! read more

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