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Prison Break Episode: "Selfless"

Season 4, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: As the hunt for Scylla concludes, Sarah takes a hostage, T-Bag and Gretchen have their last stand at GATE, and Michael and Lincoln encounter Gen. Krantz. They're also betrayed by one of their own.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2008
Guest Cast Michael Bryan French: Gregory White Ron Yuan: Feng Kevin Sizemore: Harlan Jamison Haase: Damani Stacy Haiduk: Lisa Tabak Shannon Lucio: Trishanne Michael O'Neill: Herb Stanton Dan Sachoff: Aide Graham McTavish: Ferguson Tom Choi: Feng's Driver
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Season 4, Episode 12
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Length: 09:35:27
Aired: 11/24/2008
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Prison Break Episode Recap: "Deal or No Deal" Season 4, Episode 12

This week on Prison Break, while Self scrambled to find a buyer for Scylla, Michael and the gang struggled to claim the freedom which had been promised them. Alas, more than ever, it was impossible to know who to trust....

Perhaps Lincoln expressed it best, slamming a desk chair against the blackboard. Having realized that Self had set them up (no, Fernando, the vans aren't simply "late"), the remnants of the Scofield Seven were at a loss. The Company was gunning for them, Self had framed them for new murders and it was anyone's guess who to trust at Homeland Security. Oh, and Michael still desperately needs surgery. Dying and all, he is.

Over at DHS, Herb Stanton meets with Senator Miles Drentell who was involved in the black-op Scylla snatch. After falling for Self's "Michael betrayed us" ploy, they get a visit from Sutter, a rep for the U.S. Marshall's office. People want answers about the supposed "super-max" imprisonment of the brothers.

Self, meanwhile, scrambles to find a buyer for Scylla, seeing as Feng is dead. T-Bag leads him to Gretchen, who was in the midst of aligning with Michael. T-Bag, though, also led Self to Gretchen's sister — and her daughter — thus forcing the villainess' hand. Gretchen is forced to lead Michael & Co. into a trap.

Lincoln is caught by Stanton and his men, and brought to the warehouse. Stanton and the senator negotiate for Michael and the rest to testify against Self, whom everyone now realizes was the bad seed here. More than once bitten and thoroughly shy now, Michael urges Sara and Sucre to head for the border while he alone turns himself in.

Michael guessed right — anxious to cover their butts politically, Stanton and the senator decide to 86 the team. That plan is waylaid first by the absence of Sara, Sucre and Mahone, and further by the arrival of Sutter, who guns down Stanton and plans to take Michael and Linc to the General.

Sucre shows up and gets the drop on Sutter, and then Linc shoots the guy dead. That leaves us with the senator and only the senator to fight for the freedom originally promised to the team. Here is where I got a bit confused. The senator argues that "things are now different" with Stanton and Sutter dead, then points out that the folder on the table is the only evidence that this operation existed. He basically urges them to destroy it, and let him walk away — which he does.

So, he was saying that they are "free" to run off? Even though, realistically, the Company and the U.S. Government is looking for them? Someone help me here.

Whatever the case, Michael is determined to get Scylla back or at least sting Self. As we glimpsed/surmised at the start of this episode, Michael had snapped off a piece of Scylla before Self got his hands on it, enough that when "the Viking" (Gretchen's new buyer) goes to vet it, Scylla doesn't check out. Self calls Michael on his *coughpotkettlecough* duplicity, to which Michael says over the phone: "Come and get it."

Judging by the previews, Self comes armed for bear. And even after next week's episode, we have one more before the midseason break.

Favorite lines and such:

  • Mahone: "I'm not talk about running, I'm talking about surviving."
  • Card-holder Howard getting shot for challenging the General. Lisa winces. Will she "crack" and sell out her dad to Michael?
  • Holy crap, Lincoln mentions speaking to L.J., the magically disappearing son!
  • T-Bag's regard for Self's chicanery: "I gotta hand it to you, Don, if that ain't the Mona Lisa."
  • Sara to Michael: "You've been taking care of us; it's OK if we take care of you."
  • Linc to Gretchen: "If you're playing me, I'm gonna split you in half." OK, forget Sofia, I like these two for angry sex!
  • Dominic Purcell gets to act! "Why would we jeopardize our freedom?! It's the only thing we ever cared about!"
  • Rita slapping her sister Gretchen — not once, but twice!
  • Speaking of deserving a smack, how about smug Self and his "I'm just a bit smarter" line?!


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This week on Prison Break, while Self scrambled to find a buyer for Scylla, Michael and the gang struggled to claim the freedom which had been promised them. Alas, more than ever, it was impossible to know who to trust ... read more

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Premise: An engineer gets himself incarcerated to engineer the escape of his death-row brother, who was framed for killing the vice president's brother. While the setup requires a leap of faith, the drama is consistently taut as Michael Scofield succeeds, only to find himself and his fellow escapees on the lam in Season 2---and back in prison, this time in Panama, in Season 3, giving Michael another escape to engineer. In Season 4, Michael and crew were back in the U.S., chasing the nefarious Company.



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